Monday, December 01, 2008

Man City 0 - Man United 1: Rooney Score Ronaldo see red

What a super sunday again this season! If last season, we have Man Utd vs Liver & Chelsea vs Arsenal... This season we have Man Utd vs Man City & Chelsea vs Arsenal.

I dont want to toouch on Chelsea vs Arsenal coz... for the time being as long as they draw.. fine with me & MU.

In mid week, Rooney did comment that MU are the better side of Manchester compare to the blue side of Manchester. So as usual, he'd being booed everytime he touch the ball but on the 41st min he silent the stadium with his poacher goal...hehe..

Then on the sixty brape min, Ronaldo get his 2nd yellow card and being sent off by the ref.. Well he did mention he heard a 'beep' which he taught that the ref blow the whistle, thats y he raise his hand.. but not much that the ref can do but to give him the 2nd yellow card.... for me, he deserve that yellow card becoz he dont have to react like that..he is so damn good in the air, so there was no reason actually for him to handed the ball.

With ronaldo sending off, MU dont have any other way but to change their tactics to defendsive and nothing much that Man City can do even with Robinho & Wright Phillips.

So with MU away on FIFA Club Championship tourney, there is no other big game than vs Chelsea on Jan 10th for the Red Devils... Really hope that they will win the FIFA Club Championship in order to become the 1st british team to win that cup.

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Cutestamoi said...

Yay!! Arsenal menang lah..