Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year and resolution

Alo... i'm back to writing.. hehe

Its been 1 month or so that i have left my blog without any updates.... been bz, xder modem so xder mase nak update blog and so and so...

Sekarang udah 2009 and 1430. Hepi new year!! Normally bile dah new year, everyone ader jer diorg punye azam which they try to fulfill for the next 365 days before 2010 or 1431 come and gone... For me, I hope that I can perform better in my work and to save money for the future.. Skrg ni simpan duit gak.. but bile sesak jer, pakai ler duit simpanan tuh.... so this time around, I want to save and try to use my money WISELY...

For you guys and girls out there, let us try to fulfill our resolution and achieve our ambition for the better of us and the one we love

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