Thursday, January 15, 2009

Manchester United 1 Wigan 0: MU are 2nd in BPL!

With FIFA world player of the year officially become Ron's property for 2008. What else can possibly be better that that, right? Hm..There is, actually. Winning this year BPL. And this morning MU show the resilient to win...
I did not watch the match as i'm to tired to watch as I've been driving for more than 1k Km this few days. So once I wake up at 6am this morning and switch on my E66, Maxis sent me the EOM result. MU 1 Wigan 0. Its a good result since what has been going on with my life these few days.
The win mean that we are 2 point closer to Liver. With Liver will only play everton on monday noght & who noe Everton might nip a point from them, MU will go top. Provided that we win against Bolton on Saturday.
The win also mere with the news of casualties including Rooney who will be sideline at least 3 weeks, Rio still no sign of recuperating from his back pain, Tevez & Evans also limping for most of the game. But we did not merengek mcm Wenger complaint about the treatment he received for his boys. We act profesionally.
I hope with Rooney out injured, Carlos 'Argentina' Tevez can claim his place in the starting line-up.

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