Monday, January 19, 2009

DUKE Open! Lesser Jam for Kepong, Selayang & Jln Ipoh folks!

Today when I went back from work using the NKVE exit Jln. Duta, I expected to stuck in jam from Jln Duta going down to Jln Kuching. To my surprise, right after paying for the toll. A digital signboard reads DUKE open to Jln Kuching turn right.... or something like that. So apa lagi, eden coba la jln baru!

I think a lots of ppl havent realize that the road is already open due to almost xder keta using that road. Memula risau gak. takut jln ni end up to a jln mati. But to my joy, I exit the DUKE at the old Jln Kuching toll plaza. Mmg save time and most important, I x kena jem! hehe...

X tau ler biler dah siap nanti kena tol ke x.

If u r coming from toll Jln Duta, just maintain ur vehicle on the middle lane and when the road turn left, maintain ur vehicle to the right side of the lane. The will be a signboard read Jln Kuching. Take it.

If ur coming from Jln Sri Hartamas, turn left on ur way to Jln Duta just like ur going to the NKVE toll. Then, turn left when u saw the Jln Kuching signboard.

Likewise if ur from Jln Duta.

Lets hope x ramai yg pakai jln ni...hehe so that I x kena jem...

If u wanna noe more details on DUKE, click

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