Monday, December 01, 2008

Man City 0 - Man United 1: Rooney Score Ronaldo see red

What a super sunday again this season! If last season, we have Man Utd vs Liver & Chelsea vs Arsenal... This season we have Man Utd vs Man City & Chelsea vs Arsenal.

I dont want to toouch on Chelsea vs Arsenal coz... for the time being as long as they draw.. fine with me & MU.

In mid week, Rooney did comment that MU are the better side of Manchester compare to the blue side of Manchester. So as usual, he'd being booed everytime he touch the ball but on the 41st min he silent the stadium with his poacher goal...hehe..

Then on the sixty brape min, Ronaldo get his 2nd yellow card and being sent off by the ref.. Well he did mention he heard a 'beep' which he taught that the ref blow the whistle, thats y he raise his hand.. but not much that the ref can do but to give him the 2nd yellow card.... for me, he deserve that yellow card becoz he dont have to react like that..he is so damn good in the air, so there was no reason actually for him to handed the ball.

With ronaldo sending off, MU dont have any other way but to change their tactics to defendsive and nothing much that Man City can do even with Robinho & Wright Phillips.

So with MU away on FIFA Club Championship tourney, there is no other big game than vs Chelsea on Jan 10th for the Red Devils... Really hope that they will win the FIFA Club Championship in order to become the 1st british team to win that cup.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Congrats Sis!

Alhamdulillah.. my sis in law dah selamat melahirkan baby boy pkl 10pm 27.11.08. Walaupun awal 2 bln than expected, tp semuanye ok. Baby ok, mak nye pun ok.

Baru jer g tgk dia last weekend, x sangka dah deliver... Itulah kuasa tuhan.. kite ble merancang, tp semuanye telah di atur oleh Dia.

So im officially dah ade anak buah.. heheh.. Tg mine jer la bile rezeki kami sampai nanti..

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Politik & Rakyat Malaysia

Topik panas ni....

Well.. x ble tahan la.. kena tulis gak coz x puas ati.

When we go to work/school on every weekdays, we've met a lots of people... we socialize, berborak, lepak² & etc.. we are so nice to each other. We can get along very well..but not all of coz

But when it come to politics.. kite sanggup bermasam muka, berbalah sesama kite & even ader yg rumah tangga berpecah belah jadinye..

Ingatkan nak samakan dengan my obses with football, tp eventho mmg obses.. tp xder la sampai berpiket, vendalisme, berarak beramai² & byk lagi lah...

I admit.. Im supporting Umno. Not becoz Im from Johor, not becoz im a big fan of Pak Lah or KJ.. but I believe that Umno are far more better than any other party in Malaysia... Tell me why should I support PKR? maybe if I jadikan Anwar Ibrahim pemimpin yg paling dikagumi.. PAS? Except for Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, I dont see other candidate yg ble bwk Pas mcm die. DAP? Malaysian Malaysia??? enuf said.

I admit also that Umno skrg mmg teruk with all the politik wang la, kronisme la ape la.. tp x semua mcm tuh... Yg penting by Mac 09 Insya Allah, ader perubahan yg besat akan berlaku dlm Umno.

B4 Pak Lah announce that Najib will replace him, ingat lg yg Anwar & co beriya² nak jatuhkan Najib.. With the backing of RPK & other bloggers, mmg nmpk la yg dunia maya ni mcm berpihak pd Anwar jer.. Siap bgtau 1 dunia yg rancangan nak take over the government by bile agaknye date yg dia bgtau (asyik berubah jer.. itu yg x tau mane satu). tp bile that announcement being made & almost all bhgn perwakilan Umno nominated Najib as the next PM, semuanyer jd senyap... bg alasan bermacam²...

Mcm la pakatan rakyat tu betul sgt ape yg diorg buat semua...

Another thing.. Persidangan Dewan Rakyat....

X sangka rupanye dewan rakyat skrg ni bole kata hari² ader jer crite baru. bukan psl aper yg d bincangkan... tp perangai YBH² sewaktu bersidang.. mencarut la, panggil nama lah.. itu ini.. haish.. mcm ni rupanyer org yg kite vote masa pilihan raya. Dulu mane ader mcm ni? Ni blm memerintah lagi, dah memerintah x tau la per jadinyer.. Mmg ler kekadang tu bengang gak tgk bile najib or some of the senior YBH berucap jer, x ikut peraturan dewan, tp x perlu le kena jd biadap to stress our point. Bile x puas hati jer, kluar dewan... asyik² mcm tuh.. senang ati najib coz x der org nak tanyer dia memc coz pembangkang dah kluar dewan...

tgk jer la 5 negeri yg skrg diorg takbir and tgk resultnye after 5 or 4 years lagi.... nak judge skrg.. too early. tunggu jer la..

Well we will see whether the Pakatan Rakyat can deliver as what their manifesto pilihan raya says or not. If not, xder beza mcm the previous government la maknanyer.. If they can deliver, bagus la. x kecewakan those who vote for you.

Kepada Allah berserah

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why ppl hate Cristiano Ronaldo...or they just adoring his ability?

Last Sunday morning, i watch MU vs. Aston Villa. Well before the match, I believe dat Aston Villa have the potential to break the big 4 as they has defeated Arse nal at their own backyard (No offense, syg...hehe). After the match as Fergie said, Aston Villa are ready to break the big 4 of EPL any time now.

But 1 player (that has always been in the media attention not only due to his dribbling skills, lightning shots & not forgetting outstanding free kick, but his drama of wishing to go to Real Madrid or not or yes or not...) has been kick, tackle, kerumun sampai 2-3 org just to make sure he didnt make the pass or shot. Gosh... ppl really take this boy seriously!

When he left the field (terhencut-hencut), all the anti MU fan mock him and what was his response? No.. not the Cantona kungfu flying kick. He shows his finger showing that he is the nomuro uno.
Of coz Fergie will defend his prize assets. Among his post game sidang media, he says "It depends on what side of the fence you are on really. There has been some criticism today of Ronaldo that he couldn't take it on Saturday.
"I wonder how many people take it when you are walking down the street and so many people hit you over the head with a baton? How many times can you take it? Tell me someone who likes getting abused? Will you please point them out to me.
"I thought he showed admirable courage on taking the ball on Saturday. He always does. He was tackled many, many times, most of the time fairly but there were a few occasions when he didn't get the right decisions.
"That is the mantle you carry when you are a great player. He knows that so he has to get on with it. He is a great player and he is a target for fans. But it is not a problem.''
Well now that u know that im a fan of Manchester United.... but not becoz of ronaldo but for how they play week-in week-out. They just play fantastica football. Not like some team that after scoring 1 goal, they defend with 11 men until the end of the game. Definitely there will be 1 or more outstanding player for that certain period. Before, there was Denis Law, George Best, Mark Hughes, King Cantona, Keano, Beck, Giggsy, and now rooney & ronaldo.
So u guys will be hearing a lots of posts on Manchester United from now on k!
Glory Glory Man United!!

Proton New MPV

I believe dat most of u have heard of diz project a.k.a P6-20A model code. Well just to update on the latest development for this project.

Basically Proton are in the midst of what they call prototpye stage-1 now. Expected to hit the market end of Q1 09. For the time being, all development are as per plan (basically with previous regime, their development plan xble pakai). When I saw the mpv for the 1st time, it look like the old Honda Odyssey. It have all the same curve.

But of coz, that is my view. Well Proton are trying to press all their parts suppliers to reduce their part price in order to achieve their target price for OTR RM70k~RM80k!. Definitely 'rakyat' will cheer if the target price are achieveble. But I really hope that Proton wont throw away the quality in order to achieve that target price. If not, ppl will jeer Proton same as before. bcoz ppl has just started to believe in Proton with the good track record of MD Syed Zainal so far.

Below are among the picture which already spreading like virus in this virtual world.

Well if i want to write about this model, it will take me all the pages and of coz will bored u to death..hehe. So.. short & sweet:
Engine: CamPro CPS 1.6l.
Plant location: Proton Medium Vol Factory (MVF) plant Shah Alam.
Transmission: TBA.
Type: 7-seater.
There are some other new models in the pipeline ie Neo SE (With CamPro CPS engine & leather seats + other high-end items), BLM Hatchback, GS41 (Perdana replacement model) & SRM Sedan (Neo Sedan).
So hope that Proton wont falter during the global economic meltdown as I believe a lots of ppl are depending on Proton (& not forgetting other car makers ie Perodua etc.) in order to live.


Since this will be my first posting here, let me make it short & simple.

I've created this blog of mine which i'll be writing in english or malay atau englayu or menglish or whatever you would call it with one intention - to write la.. apa lagi? hehe...

I will post whateva that i think is relevant, up to date & of coz what eva that i like....

You might find it offending, one sided or etc.. but why should i care? this is my blog la.. so telan je la yek.. or of coz... u can comment on it. As long as it wont detain me in ISA.

So enjoy k!

Let the journey begin... NOW