Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cayalah!! Even Amy Search pon ader blog!

Tgh gua sebok2 tgk baca berita kat Malaysia Insider.. tibe2 ternampak ar crite psl rocker Msia yg dah capai title legend kot rasanyer..sapa lagi kalau tak Amy Search...Rupanyer dia ader buat blog dia sendiri..Respek ar bro!
Dari gua kecik smpai lar skrg ni.. suara Amy tetap steady!! x mcm Awie... mamat ni dah lebih ke arah berlakon jer skrg ni....

If korg nak g blog Amy klik ar kat sini

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Manchester United 0 Everton 0 (Eve won penalty 4-2): The future MU line up shown to the world

A dejected captain after failing to score for his team
Sungguh ramai anti MU yg lega that MU unable to complete their quintuple dream. But gua x kesah...
As Fergie surprise most of us with his line up for the FA Cup Semifinal with leaving Ron, Rooney, Giggsy & Van Der Sar out of the team line up and Berba, Scholesy, Evra on the bench. It is really clear that Fergie are freshing up the team and giving the younger player their fair share of the game.
Betul that MU kalah the match, but if u watch the game...MU did play well against a full fledge Everton 1st team. and those young MU player x tunjuk langsung their fear of playing at the big stage.
Jgn korg lupa.. after MU won the treble in 1999, the following season MU didnt compete for the FA cup as to many competition that we need to Fergie made the decision utk skip the FA Cup that season. Reason being senang jer... MU masa tuh tau yg we dont have a big squad like this season.
MU did have 1 penalty appeal yg mmg clearly a penalty when D Welbeck being shove off by Jagielka and Howard. But as Moyes told in the pre match preview that the ref is a MU supporter which is clearly has distract the ref from doing his job. If the penalty being given, maybe the end result will be different, eh?

Contact is the word

Well... since MU are out of the FA cup, MU have 10 games left. Now let show the world what MU are about. Let show the world why MU are on top of the leagues in every season for the past 10 years...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Kampungku syurgaku

If korg ader kampung lagi..then enjoy it while u can.
Since gua dok kl and going through all the jam, humidity & others that tense gua, it is really great utk dpt blk kg especially kg gua kat Gemas Baru, Johor.
Mak gua ader ckp yg dia nak bela ayam blk like the good old days mase kitorg dok kat tawau & sagil. Mmg best if ader bela ayam beb! Especially if ader anak2 ayam. Comeinyer... Tp sedih sket time nak sembelih ayam...Ayah gua penah ckp yg gua siap nangis2 mase kekecik dolu mase tlg ayah pegang ayam utk disembelih. Tp bile mak gua dah masak either goreng or masak kicap, selamat gua settlekan..lupa nangis2 mase nak sembelih tadi...hehe.
Ayah is a very practical & hardworking guy. Pape if bole, dia akan buat sendiri instead of beli kat kedai. Gua mmg respect ar kat ayah. Contohnye cuba la korg tgk reban ayam yg hampir siap kat bwh ni:

Tho xder la besar sgt, but I really respect that a guy at his age still can manage to buat this reban by himself without any help from anyone even me...sedih gua beb x dpt tlg ayah.
Gua penah ckp dlm previous entry yg gua x dpt blk tlg ayah dirikan semula garaj yg roboh ditiup angin kencang, so tgk ar garaj yg ayah buat dgn pertolongan mak:

Haih...ape punye anak la gua nih.. thats y I insist utk blk gak last weekend eventho gua tau nx labor day, gua akn blk lagi utk bwk mak g umah pak zual for his daughter engagement. At least dpt ar gua tlg pape yg patut...but as usual, ayah xkan bagi gua tlg dia. Except something yg dia x larat nak buat.
Gua slalu doakan yg my dad & mom (+ my PIL also) agar sentiasa sehat & murah rezeki as gua mmg respect dgn all of them. Semoga gua dpt la menolong aper yg termampu kpd my parents.
So..for u guys, jgn la lupe parents korg. Without diorg, korg mane la dpt hidup kat dunia nih...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manchester United: Catch Us If U Can (#2)

Hari ni hari Ahad 19 April 2009..
First..gua nak review result game b4 ni between MU, Liverpool & Chelsea:

4th April 2009 Saturday
  • Fulham vs. Liverpool 1.30am : 0-1
  • Newcastle vs. Chelsea : 0-2

5th April 2009 Sunday

  • Manchester United vs. Aston Villa 11pm : 3-2

7th April 2009 Tuesday

  • Manchester United vs. Porto 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 1 : 2-2

8th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Liverpool vs. Chelsea 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 3 : 1-3

11th April 2009 Saturday

  • Sunderland vs. Manchester United 11pm. : 1-2
  • Liverpool vs. Blackburn Rovers 7.45pm. : 4-0
  • Chelsea vs. Bolton Wanderers 11pm. : 4-3

14th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Chelsea vs. Liverpool 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 3 : 4-4

15th April 2009 Thursday

  • Porto vs. Manchester United 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 1 : 0-1

18th April 2009 Saturday

  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal 1.45am FA Cup Semifinal. : 2-1

19th April 2009 Sunday

  • (1) Manchester United vs. Everton 12am FA Cup Semifinal.

21st April 2009 Tuesday

  • (1) Liverpool vs. Arsenal 4am

22nd April 2009

  • Manchester United vs. Portsmouth 4am.
  • (1) Chelsea vs. Everton 4am.

25th April 2009 Saturday

  • (2) Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs 11pm.
  • Hull vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • West Ham vs. Chelsea 11pm.

28th April 2009 Tuesday

  • (3) Manchester United vs. Arsenal UCL Semi Final 1

29th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Barcelona vs. (2) Chelsea UCL Semi Final 2

2nd May 2009 Saturday

  • Manchester United vs. Middlesborough 11am
  • Liverpool vs. Newcastle 11am
  • Chelsea vs. Fulham 11pm.

5th May 2009 Tuesday

  • (3) Chelsea vs. Barcelona UCL Semi Final 2

6th May 2009 Wednesday

  • Arsenal vs. (4) Manchester United UCL Semi Final 1

9th May 2009 Saturday

  • (5) Manchester United vs. Manchester City 11pm.
  • West Ham United vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • Arsenal vs. (4) Chelsea 11pm.

13th May 2009 Tuesday

  • (6) Wigan Athletics vs. Manchester United 4am.

16th May 2009 Saturday

  • (7) Manchester United vs. Arsenal 11pm.
  • WBA vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • Blackburn Rovers vs. Chelsea 11pm.

24th May 2009 Sunday

  • Hull vs. Manchester United 11pm.
  • (2) Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspurs 11pm.
  • Sunderland vs. Chelsea 11pm.

27th May 2009 Wednesday

  • UCL Final.

31st May 2009 Sunday

  • FA Cup Final.

With Liverpool out of UCL (yea!!!) thanks to epic battle at Stamford Beach, let c wat will happen in the next few weeks.

MU ader possibility of 11 games to play and out of 11 games ni, MU ader possibility of 9 BIG games utk meneruskan their hunt for the quituple of titles.

Chelsea plak ader possibility of 10 games to play and out of 10 games ni, Chelsea plak ader possibility of 6 BIG games to be play in their own hunt for the 1st treble.

Mcmane plak ngan Liver? Wakaka... Since being knock out of the FA Cup & UCL Cup by a different blue team.... They have ONLY 6 games & out of this 6 games, ONLY 2 consider BIG games utk Liver. Dgn Stevie G injured utk 2 minggu or maybe more due to adductor injury or sakit lutut (aik..x kan atlet pon lutut longgar kot?) mampukah Liver mengembalikan form mereka utk menang semua game? Gua penah ckp mcmane if Stevie G & Torres xder dlm line up Liver, can they play like the way they play recently? I doubt so...

To spice things up, MU, Chelsea & Liver kena berdepan ngan Arsenal which might be an indicator whether that particular team ble beat Arsenal & win the title. Tp from wat I saw from yesterday game btwn Chelsea & Arsenal, I do not think that Arsenal can post a big threat to MU, Chelsea or Liverpool. Reason being is that tho Arsenal are playing a good attacking game of football, tp diorg x ble last smpai 90 min. Furthermore, their defence line up are a makeshift line up as Almunia & Gallas are out of the season. Fabianski look really jaded mase lwn Chelsea smlm. Man mark Walcott, Arshavin & most important Fabregas, will win u the game. Another factor is that Arsenal with their small squad will be stretch to the limit as their remaining matches are BIG games for them.

Tp gua more concern on MU fitness as well as our form. With the most number of games to be play....there r probability that we might drop points. But we do have... Kiko Macheda to save us again and again and I dont know ler smpai bile die ble slamatkan MU.

Starting from tonight, we will see whether MU can live up their title as the reigning Champion of the world or ...not. But as usual... I will cheer for MU all the way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Numemorian jejak 1,000 pages!!!

Mengikut ape yg gua baca kat wikipidia...maksud "pages" is no. of visitors that view the page no longer than 15 min.

"Visitors" plak means visitors yg visit pages or blog and read more than 1 posting and of coz more than 15 min per session.

So gua dgn rendah diri mengucapkan thanks guys & gurls for visiting my page and making it hit 1,000 less than a year!!!!

Arigato ozaimas!!!

FC Porto 0 - Manchester United 1: Ron wondergoal & the return of the best defensive partnership in the world!

Rembatan yg memastikan MU on track for the quintiple dream

MU meneruskan rentak sebagai pasukan yg memecahkan rekod pihak lawan. Antaranye mengalahkan Arsenal selepas the Gunners mencipta rekod sebagai satu2nya team yg x penah kalah sepanjang season. Then paling dekat, Van Der Sar memecahkan rekod sebagai penjaga gol yg x dibolos selama 1,311 minit.

Semlm, MU mengorak langkah lagi sebagai pasukan British pertama menewaskan Porto di Dragao, sesuatu yg Arsenal x dpt buat setelah kalah ditmpt yg sama seblm ini.

MU need only 6 min for Ronaldo to unleash MU first attack and BAM!! A wondergoal that Ron himself admit as the best goal he ever produce. This is only a part of MU plan, to score more than Porto does. But I guess Rio & Vida have other ideas.

Bile MU dah score.... dah jd lumrah agaknye, diorg ni suke menyusahkan diri sendiri kot. Gua dah glabah x tau ar mcmane. Just imagine..even MU lead the game smpai minit ke 89 pon, then tetibe Porto dpt score....Abis ar MU. Porto serang bertali arus. MU hanya mampu menyerang secara counter attack. Tp nmpkler yg MU sedang mencube sedaya upaya mendapatkan kembali defensive rekod yg superb yg punah dikerjakan dek Liverpool. Rio & Vida mmg bekerja keras utk menghalang Porto menjaringkan gol dlm setiap serangan bertali arus mereka.

Bile wisel penamat ditiupkan, barulah lega yg amat sgt gua rasakan...

Next stop: Everton -FA Cup Semifinal.

Gua saje provoke those Liver supporter dgn mmbuat shoutout dlm fb yg berbaur provocation: "Glory glory Man United. MU, Arsenal, Chelsea & Barca are through to UCL 1/2 final. Mane Liver? "Wakaka....

Sungguh ler penyokong liver dgn segeranye mmbls....hehehe

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MPV: Proton Exora. Perodua apa plak namanye?

Pemandangan Exora sblm dihantar ke dealers seluruh Malaysia

Well by now.. most of us already know that Proton going to launch their Exora tomorrow at KL Convention Centre. The booking as of sunday is almost 2.5k which byk la considering baru 1 mth lebih open for booking.

Utk lebih details, tgk ler blog gua sblm ni.

Since Proton dah hampir selamat melahirkan sebuah lagi model utk ditambah ke dlm line up kabinetnye, Perodua pon sedang mengorak langkah utk melahirkan MPV mereka sendiri. Dijadualkan di lancarkan hujung tahun ni, Codename D46T mengambil suntikan rakan teknikal mereka iaitu Daihatsu melalui model Boon atau Mak tirinye punye model Toyota Passo atau lebih dikenali di Malaysia sbg Avanza.

Mase gie Bandung last month, sementara menunggu Erma tengok2 baju ke apa ke di FO di jln Dago, gua ternampak ler sebuah MPV model Daihatsu yg amatler serupa dgn ape yg akan Perodua buat. Bezanye...namenye di sini bkn Boon, tp Xenia.

Rupa Xenia dr tepi

Then otw blk ke Jakarta (Ceh...mcm blk kg plak gua nih)...kitorg terserempak lagi ngan Xenia di so-call R&R hiway. Siap dok parking sebelah Avanza lagi... So korg tgk ler adik beradik lain mak bapak nih..ape bezanya? (selain nama model & companynyer la). Mane ade beza, kan?

Sementara yg lain sebok memborong Amanda & Kartika Sari punye Brownie..Gua amik gmbr ni

Since dr rupe saiz pun dah tau yg D46T ni mcm Avanza, so muat lah utk 5 org duduk. Gua masih x pasti enjin ape yg akan Perodua pakai. If x shilap...diorg akan terus pakai enjin yg skrg ni digunakan utk Myvi iaitu 1.3 & 1.5. Harga seperti yg dikabokan oleh MD Perodua ranging around RM55K to RM65K. Kire berpatutan ar...

So expect to read a lot ar psl D46T plak lepas ni...if gua rajin ar..hehe

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Manchester United 3 Aston Villa 2: Trully Theatre of Dreams for Ole's fledglings

Kiko & Ronaldo: The savior of the day

Kiko Macheda? Who? Who the hell is this kid? During Monday reserves game vs. Newcastle Utd, Ole (Gunnar Solsjaer) - MU reserves manager turunkan Kiko Macheda utk keberapa kalinye season ini dan resultnye: Kiko score a hattrick... a brilliant hattrick plak tuh. If korg tgk final score after the MU vs Villa game, ESPN ade tunjuk that particular MU reserve game and show all the 3 goals. No wonder Fergie brani take the gamble utk letak name Kiko dlm senarai pemain simpanan.
Game review: Must win game for MU in order to put their side back in the title race after Liverpool & Chelsea win their game.
After Ronaldo score from Milner backpass blunder. Villa played much better than MU. They control the game..control the tempo and as a result..score 2 great header goal.
If Liverpool fan ckp "alah... setakat blasahan kitorg lah. Itupon korg susah nak menang ke?" Gua punye answer senang jer... " Cube korg main tanpa Torres & Gerrard.. then lwn ar the same Villa team that played vs MU..tgk sape ble menang? Brani x korg ckp ble menang? We played without Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown or Rafael & Berbatov through injury. Without Vidic, Scholes & Rooney through suspension. So in total... without 6 (I mention Wes B or Rafael: so consider 1 player ar) 1st team player against a team desperate to win to kickstart their woefull March winless streak." Gua suruh take out two of your 1st team player sbb pasal due org mamat nih la this season korg tgh main best. If one of this player injures..gua x tau.
After Gabi's goal, gua expect the worst scenario dah...Cuak beb! Then Fergie replace Nani dgn Macheda. "Sape plak ar mamat nih?" gua ckp dlm hati. Then Andy Gray (Skysport pundit) bgtau yg mamat nih score hattrick dlm his previous game vs. Newcastle. Memule tgk mamat nih mmg bersemangat ar kejar bola expectation is normal ar for MU teenager on his debut game. Mmg mcm tuh. Then Ronaldo score his 2nd goal which draw the game to my delight. Lega beb!
Then...gua nmpk ar semangat MU player semakin menaik. The same spirit shown spt season MU menang Treble & double dulu. Never say die until the final whistle blow..Then out of nothing. From Giggsy pass, Kiko turn the ball a-la yahudi Benayoun then let go a beautiful curler that Friedel mmg x dpt nak tangkap ar. What a goal...
What a goal to kickstart ur career at the theare of dreams. Eventho Kiko is MU 7th striker behind Welbeck, Manucho, Campbell, Teves, Berbatov & Rooney. It shows that MU youth system mmg bagus dr dulu ar..
Now..pop quiz.
Tell me..from the top 4 team in BPL, team mane yg their 1st team plus subs byk local player or raise from the youth system? Spanish armada of Liverpool? Wallcott + 10 foreign Arsenal player or Roman's millionnaire players + Terry, Lampard, J & A Cole? Sendiri mau ingat ar... If betul ar Sepp Blater (Fifa president) akan kuatkuasakan all leagues in the world especially UEFA members to field 6 local + 5 foreign player, masak ar korg!!!
Therefore...Glory glory Man United.
p/s: Mlm ni nak bersengkang mate tgk MU vs. Porto

Malaysian F1 twilight Race: Marilah berlumba dlm banjir!

Gila...Bodoh dan menyusahkan semua org. Just utk fulfill European audience, FIA sanggup lewatkan Malaysian F1 race to 5pm instead of 3pm normally. Akhirnya hujan lebat turun...trek banjir..almost zero skid all over the madness!!
Even the drivers pon x suke this kind of race. FIA should consider all aspect especially drivers safety instead of gardening cash from additional audiences. X der drivers... xder race. as simple as that...mmg bodoh.
Just to recap... Ferrari totally mess up all their strategy. Dr qualifying smpai ler race day... As if mcm bebudak punya strategy jer...gaji berjuta2..xkan itu jer the best they can come up with? Just the hell kimi going to drive with full wet tyre when the track is hot as hell? Hancur ler tayar jadinyer. Just like Karun Chanduk said (Starsport commentator beside Steve Slater), wet tyre for wet condition..soft or hard dry tyre for dry condition la! If the condition is in between dry & wet..pakai ler intermediate tyre.. ape ler bangangnye..kan x pasal2 jer xder point langsung...
Brawn GP really are showing their real potential to threat Ferrari & McLaren dominance. While BMW Sauber Petronas & RBR Williams are taking their chances very wisely. Since the big two r bz memikirkan bgmana nak reignite their season, the others are taking full advantage.
Its good actually for F1 itself, if not ppl will get bored bcoz of no other competitor beside Ferrari & McLaren.
Cheers for this year F1 season. Its going to be hard to predict who is going to win next race in Shanghai but Brawn GP are starting to pull away from the rest of the pack. So I really hope that Ferrari can reshape & learn from the stupid mistake which they've done at Sepang & Melbourne.
Meanwhile, below are the result from the Sepang F1 banjir race.

Friday, April 03, 2009


Dlm mgmt meeting pagi td ade perdebatan antara production mgr (A) ngan QIS asst mgr. (B) Si B menjalankan tugasnye dgn notifying the mgmt yg A punye anak buah buat ni..buat tu...x ikut SOP..bla..bla.. Biasalah... mane2 kilang punye production mgr mesti pening kpale nak handle operator yg pelbagai kerenah & masalah.
So since si A ni dibambu kiri kanan dpn blkg..hati sudah panas..dgn nada yg control menceritakan yg dah berbakul nasihat diberi..kursus..but still..repeating the same problem. He also said that "how on earth can we change ppl mentality who are working for us for more than 20 years in a month? Its very difficult!"
Then in the afternoon, gua pegi customer P & selepas settlekan kije, smpt ar beborak ngan sorg mamat nih staff P..the same story crop up...
Its all about people mindset. Mcm otak diorg nih dah diprgm if disuruh buat A... A je lah yg dia buat. If ade masalah... bgtau supervisor & tunggu smpai maintenance or PE rectify the prblm then diorg sambung blk buat kije A... dah mcm robot pun ye..Bile gua tanye some of them.. jawabnye..."dah kije aku buat A..buat jer la. Lainlah bos bagi KFC ke bg buat overtime ke.. barulah buat B...C pon bole gak!". So ape ko nk ckp, beb? terdiam jer la gua dibuatnye..
Lagi 1 cth... Lewis Hamilton... Dia punye point yg race control bg mmbolehkan dia dpt no. 3 di Australia di tarik blk & Race Control re-instate Trulli position as no. 3 and the point as well. Slps new evidence surface...didapati yg Lewis Hamilton tlh "mengelirukan" Race Control dgn mmberi false info which resulting Trulli demoted from finishg 3rd to no 12. Alasan Hamilton..die mengikut ape yg disuruh oleh his team mgmt. Resulting 1 of McLaren mgmt kena denda. Korg bygkan ar...even #1 F1 driver pon ader mindset yg same..apatah lagi ar operator kat kilang tuh...
How to change ppl mindset? take times.. lots of time. Bkn senang beb nak tukar mentaliti org..apatah lagi org yg lebih tua..or lebih brpengalaman dr kite? 1 of the way that me & my P customer think can settle the mindset issue almost immediately is provide the operator dgn rewards in a form of MONEY!!. Yup...x kan korg x caye kot? if x, xkan org ble pilih KJ jd Ketua pemuda? If x, xkan org sanggup g berkempen kat bkt gantang eventho in actual die duduk kat kl? If x, mcmane nak gerakkan jentera berkempen sedangkan umum tau ko tu bkn ade keja or senang kate mane ader income pon... xcept berceramah ke sana sini sambil memburukkan parti lawan? X kan parit D & P kongsi duit dgn ko kot?
Unless...ur a religious ppl inside out. Gua bkn kate semua org mcm tuh... Mgmt staff thinking are far better than the operator of coz.. if x... buat ape blajo jejauh utk dptkan degree, master or PhD? baik blajo smpai form 5 and then keje jer...jd operator... but if seseorg tuh ade ambition for his own self betterment..dah tentu dia akan pk baik buruk & consequences nye.
So for the time being... korg tgk je ler another mindset - penyokong liver yg tgh bergumbira skrg nih... kite tgk plak nnti hujung minggu ni ape akan jd plak kat BPL...hehe..
Btw...gua akan tgk F1! tp kat umah jer la..wakaka... isk..isk...waaa!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

4th Movie: Taken

Just watch this movie et home while erma meneruskan kecenderunganya menyelami alam twilight zone...
Those sentences on the Taken movie poseter above were actual dialogue where Bryan (Liam Neeson) talk to his daughter kidnapper via handphone.
Preview: After tgk beberapa carta movie utk bln March... boleh kata semua chart, cite ni no 1. And then the comment or review on this movie make it more interesting for me to watch it. Yelah... nak gak tau ape yg best sgt psl cite ni, right?
Review: If ur the kind of ppl that like crite mcm Bourne trilogy or 24, then this movie surely rocks!. Crite die berkisar ttg watak Liam: seorg pesara kerajaan yg kerjanye sbg "preventer" as he said mcm secret agent kot. Thus, due to his work...he kinda left his family and seldomly home-rumah tangga porak perande-divorce-bla..bla..mcm biase tgk dlm movie lain. So after retiring, Bryan try to get back to his daughter utk tebus blk all the time that he wasn't there for her. Then his daughter decided to go to Paris with her friend for summer break without him knowing until its late that his daughter sbnrnye nak follow U2 punye Europe tour gigs. Smpai jer Paris-naik cab with a "new friend" to save money-smpai apartmen kazen kwn die-kena culik.
So bermula ar pengembaraan si ayah utk menyelamatkan anaknye secara solo. Mmg best ar watak Liam nih.. Eventho dah mcm watak bosan Steven Seagal (hero sorg:klhkan semua org jahat dlm movie without even kena pukul sekali pun) but it is still interesting.

Syg gue x tgk cite ni kat wayang... if x .. mmg gempak lah! Dr 5 bintang, gue bagi 4.

So...try to imagine this. Ur a father... a good father...but here is the catch. Ur work is preventing u to become that good father to ur daughter/son. Then u decided that serving the nation is far more important than ur private life and watch ur whole personal life crumble to pieces. After u retired, u try to catch all the lost time that u misses with ur daughter/son only to find out that they being kidnap in a foreign country. So what will u say to the kidnapper? There are no better line than the one Bryan spoke to his daughter kidnapper:

"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. "