Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malaysia 5 UAE 0: Hahaha.. in your dream!

Tentu flattering bile tgk title mcm tuh kat blkg every newspaper, kan? but for now... jgn harap lah...

The actual result is Malaysia 0 UAE 5.

Kena belasah beb! Bkn stakat mcm budak sekolah.. mcm budak tadika main bola! fuh... lega dapat luahkan. It is sad to say like that to your national football team, but that is a fact. Out of all of the players, only 3... and i mean 3 jer yg fit. Others... HAMPEH!!. When u r not fit, u can play with ur ability or maybe ur fabulous skills for maximum of 30 minutes only. The rest 60 minutes, well either the coach decide to change u with another player who might be even worse than u or stick with u until the end of the game.

Thats what happen to Malaysia last night.

We are able to compete (nak sedapkan ati jer ni) for the 1st 30 min. But after the half-time...we are finish...
Sathianathan knows about this, but he cant do anything about it. The players that he brought in are those who he believes play 'with their whole hearts for their country' but as usual, DISSAPPOINTING!!

Quoting his words The defeat prompted Sathianathan to declare: “I’m prepared to go.”
The coach, who revealed on Tuesday that only three of his 18 players were fit for last night’s game, added that: “The M-League is not football. This is the best you can get out of the players who ply their trade in the Super League."

If it is me who decide who to become the coach, I will stick with Sathianathan. At least he try to bring the best out of the players. Its the players who need to change their mindset. Not only the players, the M League itself need to be revamp. Our league which we proudly declare as profesional football league to follow J-League and K-League need to be revamp. Save the money from paying millions to 1 coach to invest to our grassroots which is the under -12, 15, 18, 20 and 23.

Our players seriously are not profesional enuff. Better back to Semi-pro like the good ol' days. Why? u might ask.. Our football association of either state or club are so corrupt that they can't even pay their playere salary. How in the world we can develop or find the rising star in our football if the player is not in his mood or morale to play his heart out!

I really thought that when I went to watch Malaysia beat Singapore during the semifinal of SEA games 2002 at Shah Alam stadium that our national team were going to rise back like the good ol' days. But as usual, Malaysia seems to be great making their fan hate them rather than chearing them up.

P/s: Luckily I can pour my heart out on Manchester United! Glory glory Man United!

Monday, January 19, 2009

DUKE Open! Lesser Jam for Kepong, Selayang & Jln Ipoh folks!

Today when I went back from work using the NKVE exit Jln. Duta, I expected to stuck in jam from Jln Duta going down to Jln Kuching. To my surprise, right after paying for the toll. A digital signboard reads DUKE open to Jln Kuching turn right.... or something like that. So apa lagi, eden coba la jln baru!

I think a lots of ppl havent realize that the road is already open due to almost xder keta using that road. Memula risau gak. takut jln ni end up to a jln mati. But to my joy, I exit the DUKE at the old Jln Kuching toll plaza. Mmg save time and most important, I x kena jem! hehe...

X tau ler biler dah siap nanti kena tol ke x.

If u r coming from toll Jln Duta, just maintain ur vehicle on the middle lane and when the road turn left, maintain ur vehicle to the right side of the lane. The will be a signboard read Jln Kuching. Take it.

If ur coming from Jln Sri Hartamas, turn left on ur way to Jln Duta just like ur going to the NKVE toll. Then, turn left when u saw the Jln Kuching signboard.

Likewise if ur from Jln Duta.

Lets hope x ramai yg pakai jln ni...hehe so that I x kena jem...

If u wanna noe more details on DUKE, click

New LCCT Airport in Labu (updates)

Air Asia mmg betul2 nak buat their own LCCT terminal kat Labu, N9. Whatever happen, this Tony Fernandes wont back off from his Air Asia & Sime Darby project.
I do admire Tony Fernandes. He made us believe that "Now everyone can fly" eventhough kena tunggu 1 jam nak masuk pesawat, kena byr mcm2 charge yg nonsense kat airport terminal luar negara and tiket semurah RM1 tp utk penerbangan 6 bln akan dtg.
But for this particular project, I dont agree with him or whoever his ally are.
Buat perabis duit jer!
Even Tun Mahathir pon very upset with this proposal which dpt 'restu' from the government. (Baca Tun's blog Mmg ler Tun bengang. KLIA kan idea die. So nmpk gaya ade org lain yg nak cipta legasi dia sendiri kot..... Itu yg beriya-iya benor nak buat new terminal agaknyer.
Diorg ni x pk ker yg KLIA tu punye tanah yg luaas!! Smpai kite nak pergi ke LCCT pon kena pusing hampir 1 bulatan yg maha besar baru smpai kat LCCT. Maknanyer kawasan tu mmg besar and MAHB have its plan to build a proper LCCT nearby the main Airport coz the current LCCT area are temporary only. Tgk ler building LCCT tuh, semua jenis yg pasang siap jer.
X tau ler aper nak jadi, tgk jer la ape nak jadi pas ni....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boycott US, German & other country that support Israel products for the sake of the Palestinians!

Its hard not to be sad with the way things happening in Gaza. A nation which has been acknowledge by the UN and International Court as the owner of the Gaza strip are being bombarded with Chemical bomb (with Made in USA tagged on it) from Israel-Jewish who seems do not understands that they are the PATI (pendatang tanpa izin) in Gaza but claiming that Gaza is theirs.
Its become more difficult that Israel-a small nation of Jewish are controlling USA which can easily use its veto power to stop any of UN plan to stop further massacre in Gaza eventhough all country in the world are supporting the act!
So as an ordinary person who even our PM dont ever heard of our name, what can we do to help the Palestinians? So far, the only way are by stopping from buying US or other country that support Israel.
I will stop eating at Mcdonalds (eventho I like their Prosperity Burger so much!!), stop buying Nestle products, stop drinking Coke and of coz stop buying Nike & Adidas products. I can find the replacement for all those items as its easy to find the replacement. Furthermore, I can help us Malaysian by buying our own products. Thus will help generate better economy for our country.
If all Malaysian think like me, it will be great for our country, right? Not only will help our country, we can stop donating to Israel. But the thing is... it is always easy to talk from doing it. So lets try to walk the talk, eh?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

MU are coming to town!

The date is set. MU has announce their Asia trip for this year and Malaysia is a part of their tour the Asia!!
The date is 26.07.09. So mark your calendar on that date if u r truly a Red Devil fan...
I know I will.....

Glory Glory Man United!!

Manchester United 1 Wigan 0: MU are 2nd in BPL!

With FIFA world player of the year officially become Ron's property for 2008. What else can possibly be better that that, right? Hm..There is, actually. Winning this year BPL. And this morning MU show the resilient to win...
I did not watch the match as i'm to tired to watch as I've been driving for more than 1k Km this few days. So once I wake up at 6am this morning and switch on my E66, Maxis sent me the EOM result. MU 1 Wigan 0. Its a good result since what has been going on with my life these few days.
The win mean that we are 2 point closer to Liver. With Liver will only play everton on monday noght & who noe Everton might nip a point from them, MU will go top. Provided that we win against Bolton on Saturday.
The win also mere with the news of casualties including Rooney who will be sideline at least 3 weeks, Rio still no sign of recuperating from his back pain, Tevez & Evans also limping for most of the game. But we did not merengek mcm Wenger complaint about the treatment he received for his boys. We act profesionally.
I hope with Rooney out injured, Carlos 'Argentina' Tevez can claim his place in the starting line-up.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adam Hakimi

On the time of this writing, I’m back from JB. Visiting my one and only nephew who were not in the best of condition. I’ve to take emergency leave as all the info given by my FIL and Pijal (the father) were not encouraging. Disturbance felt in my heart as Erma couldn’t held back her tears and sorrow watching the entire picture MMS by Pijal. So I told her that we will go to JB to visit Adam tomorrow morning.
Once we (me & erma) reach the hospital at about 12noon yesterday from KL, the doctor has given the permission to see Adam but bergilir-gilir as doctor afraid if terlampau ramai yg masuk jumpa might cause infection to spread and worsening Adam condition. My MIL just can’t stop crying right after tgk how Adam was doing. Even my FIL also couldn’t hold back his tears.
Adam was having skin infection which causing his skin to ‘mengelupas’. The doctor doesn’t even know what causing the infection. I’m very irritated with the remarks given by the doctor as if this is his/her first assignment. What make me more sad and mad at the same time on how these Hospital Sultan Ismail nurses and doctors treating their patient as if the patient were just their job and they do not have any kind of idea how the parents of the child would feel. If only they were in our shoe…..
Erma was resilient, as she has to be strong for her parent and sister. I’ve manage to control my tears from dropping as many know that I’m easily get touch in this sort of situation. But at 4.4opm, the worse possible news that we all ever wanted to hear has finally become reality.
Adam has left us.
It is very sad to lose our love one. It is more painful if it is our bloodline. I’ve remember the day when my granny and Pak Long pass away. I know the feeling. The regret for not being there when they pass away. The pain… the sorrow.
But all thing happen for a reason.
I hope Pijal and Bitah will be strong to move on. It is hard, of course. Very hard. But we, their family will try to help them to ease the pain.
Condolences to Pijal & Bitah


Monday, January 12, 2009

Manchester United 3 - Chelsea 0. Glory! Glory! Man United!

Its trully worth staying up for to watch your team win at the 'Theatre Of Dream'.

Pre-match prediction after both team finalize their starting XI are more towards Chelsea as they field their best XI for this game. Even I was left fuming when I saw that Scholesy & Carrick are not starting the match with Fergie opting Giggsy & Fletcher to start the match.

Post-match: Totally flattering!!. The scoreline just implicate that wateva ppl say on the paper doesnt mean that its the final score. hehe...

With 1 goal each from Vidic, Rooney & Berba (not including the disallowed goal by ron) MU shows why we r the team that won the BPL, UCL & FWCC, not Chelsea.

A few incident that caught my attention during the match. Lampard kicking Ron on the 4th min, tussle between Ron and fellow countrymen Carvalho, Vidic whispering to Berba "u score this 3rd goal, leave Terry and Di Santo to me", the industrious Park Ji Sung, Giggsy superb performance, Rooney scoring the 2nd goal between the leg of Ashley Cole, Van Der Sar melepak smbil menguap @ MU goal and the best incident of the match... the build up to the disallowed goal by Ron.

At 1st I didnt saw anything wrong with how the ref ask giggsy to retake the corner. And I dont know why giggsy and rooney beriya-iya membantah linesman & ref punye decision. But when I saw the replay... mmg undeniable that it was a superb plan. Rooney bring the ball and stop it at the corner flag and then cheekily pull the ball out of the corner line. When Giggsy came to take the corner, Rooney told Giggsy that he has took the corner. That is why Giggsy take the ball, then turn and cross it for Ron to head in the goal. -Nothing wrong with that! Sape yg pandai main bola mesti tau rules amik corner kick mcmane. Kalau x, baik x payah main bola! Cume silapnye, ref tgh sebok tgk Vidic ngan Carvalho main peluk-peluk, dia x nmpk aper yg berlaku d corner flag.

It really show how MU r a different class from the others. We have 2 games in hand at home (Wigan & Bolton) and if MU can beat these team, by then we will overtake Liver at the helm of the BPL.

And for Mourinho, Quiroz, Maradona and Capello who watch from the stand...U have seen MU squad that r still not reaching their top form beating the old timer, off-form (lawak tgk drogba rembat gol tp bola pegi tp padang..wakaka!!) and confused team of Chelsea.

Let c whether this MU team can reach their peak form in Apr-May, then...u will c y MU r the best football club in the world.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movies in 1H 2009

2009 dah 10 hari berlalu. This year ade byk gak movie2 yg best nak kua yg x ble miss out. Listed below are the movies that I will definitely dont want to miss out.

January 23rd
Red Cliff 2

This is the 2nd part of the Red Cliff trilogy. If u miss the 1st, u will definitely regret it becoz this is the only movie that its worth watching Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Liung act together. With John Woo as the director. This movie going to be awesome. Words out is that the 2nd installment will show the brilliant war plan by Takeshi to defeat the army from the north. FYI, this is movie is an adaptation from a famous novel in China.

February 5th
Pink Panther 2

2nd installment of the hillarious movie Pink Panther. Lawak gile seh! With Star studded actors. Mmg worth it ar kalau tgk.

March 5th

mmg tajuk movie ni is '9'. a science fiction movie. Don't know a lot about it tp from the review which i read mcm worth it for a check out.

March 12th
Dragonball Z

Yup! the manga which turn to anime now are on the silver screen!! Since wa mmg peminat setia Dragonball, mmg xble tinggal la beb! tp so far, review die mengecewakan jer. Patutnyer Stephen Chow (the producer) should be the director la. Baru ler lawak and best!

May 14th
Angels and Demons

A drama thriller movie adapted from the novel by Lewis apetah. Definitely my wife will keep asking in order to understand..hehe. Tom hanks berlakon.

May 28th
Terminator Salvation

John O Conner is back, x tau ler the good terminator (arnold susahnakeja) ader lagi ker x. Tp since Christian Bale will be the leading actor. I think its worth watching. I hope the CGI gonna blow my mind.

June 12th
Fast & Furious

They are back! All the role from the 1st installment will be reunited in this movie. Its going to be great! I hope so.

June 30th
Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen

X prasan pon yg Transformers ader buat the 2nd movie that soon. But Shia is back with the Autobots and trying to defeat the decepticon once again. "Autobots! Roll out!"

Itu baru setengah tahun. the balance of the year will be notify once Ive gone through with all of the movie above. Other than that. Ader lg movie yg maybe im gonna watch like Seven Pounds (Will Smith), The Curious tales of Benjamin (Brad Pitt), X-Men Origin: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Street Fighter: Chun Li (Kristian Kreuk from Lana Lang of Smallville drama series) and others.

Tp ader satu website yg wa tertipu ingat ader new movie yg mmg dah lamer ar tunggu. Try ler masuk this website:

The movie is Thundercats. Anime yg mmg wa minat giler other than Voltron and Robotech. ader Fan yg sanggup buat the trailer of this movie taken from movie yg pernah kite tgk i.e Troy, Pitch Black, LOTR etc. Pelakon die pon ble tahan beb! Brad Pitt as Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, Vin Diesel as Panthro etc.
mmg gempak ler bro! If only mmg ader movie ni, confirm wa tgk lebih dr 3 kali ar.... but only if the movie best ler.

Sword Of Omen!

Give Me sight beyond sight! Thunder!Thunder!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New LCCT airport in Labu?

Pelik betul ngan gov nyer latest action before pak lah turun takhta march ni. Bebaru nie, Air Asia & Sime Darby collaborate utk buat new LCCT kat Labu, N. Sembilan and dah dapat kelulusan pun.

Mcm Tun Mahathir ckp dlm blog dia, kenapa 1 negara, perlu dua (or more) LCCT airport sedangkan semua org tau yg MAB dah ada rancangan utk membina sebuah terminal LCCT yg permanent di Sepang juga? And at the same time, the 2 LCCT are manage by different company but from the same pocket (GLC)? Kan ke pelik tuh

So.. apa sebenarnyer yg berlaku? Sapa yg beria2 sgt melobi utk buat LCCT khas utk Air Asia? Dah nama tempatnyer pon Labu, tmptnye pulak kat negeri Sembilan. Sapa lg la if bkn menantu kesayangan PakLah.

Bayangkan ler Labu tu just 30 min dr KLIA or LCCT skrg. Lain ler if tmpt yg nak buat tu kat Perak ker, Pahang ker… Jauh dr KL, so at least berbaloi la buat new airportnye. Terlalu byk persoalan la. X kan ler gov x nmpk semua nie?

Tony Fernandes kata the current LCCT dah x dpt menampung kesesakan penumpang Airasia. And Airasia x dpt ler nak menunggu MAB nak buat LCCT baru kat KLIA tuh sbb lmbt sgt.. Itu antara alasan yg diberi oleh org kuat Airasia.

Bila nak buat airport baru, byk ler peluang pekerjaan yg dpt dibuat di masa global economy meltdown nih, Lesser airport tax charges etc. Itu antara alasan yg bagus la. Tp siapa yg akan coordinate semua projek tuh nanti? Siapa yg akan dpt keuntungan dr semua tuh? If semua tu di buat masa Najib jd PM nanti and if Najib walk the talk pasal open tender tuh, ok la. But if everything being finalize during these last days of Pak Lah punye mgmt, kompem ler ada org lain yg buat keuntungan dr semua projek nih.

Yg buat lg pelik, ngape Pakatan Rakyat x buat semua ni as diorg punye topic during diorg punye ceramah utk PRK K Terengganu? Patutnyer ini antara topic panas utk mengutuk pengurusan gov skrg yg entah ler nak kate ape….

Patutnyer x payah ler Airasia tuh beria-ia sgt nak buat new LCCT airport kat Labu. Jauh dr KL. Buatnyer Firefly upgrade diorg punye network utk challenge Airasia and their hub is from KLIA, It will not be great for Airasia. Gov pon patut pk ler, Sime Darby and MAB are both their own GLC. Xkan ler adik beradik nak buat kerja yg sama kot. Cukop ler sorg jer yg buat., x payah ler smpai nak berebut-rebut.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bz weekender!

Fuh… what a hectic weekend!

On Sat morning send my FIL (shortform which my wife and friends use) to LCCT. Pergi Jogja visiting sanak sedare di sana… besh nyer.

About 1pm after FIL check-in, drive to JB for about 3 ½ hour. Stop by kat R&R Ayer Keroh for lunch. Mkn ler A&W. Xder le sedap sgt die punye burger but the Root beer mmg best! And then R&R Pagoh for nature call. Sesampainyer d jb, trus g tgk adam (my nephew) yg still kat hospital Stn Ismail. Kesian tgk die. Mintak² la die bole kluar cepat dengan keadaan sihat walafiat. Amin. My wife sedih sgt bile tringatkan Adam. Hope Bitah and Pijal tabah ler hadapi dugaan ni. Kitorg akan sentiasa doakan kesihatan korg sekeluarga.

Then pas tgk Adam, trus ler ke umah m ngah kat Gertak Merah. Pkl 10 gak ler smpai coz dinner ngan Pijal & Bitah dulu, pastu singgah ler umah diorg gak coz drop kan present diorg yg tinggal kat kg. Smpai dh dpt anak, present kawin still ader lg x amik. Hehe.. nak buat mcmane. Kg kat Selama, Perak. Tinggalnnye di Masai, JB. Penat betul. Pkl 11 lebih trus tido.

Sunday plak g shopping at AEON Tebrau City. Plan by my wife & Yan. Memula plan kitorg 2 family jer yg pegi. Skali M ngah & Pokde, my mum and shidah, K Ina sefamily and Epi pon join the crowd. So ramai ler yg pegi jdnyer. 4 keta overall. I didn’t buy anything pon coz x der pape yg perlu d beli. We all have lunch kat Jusco food court. X interesting sgt pon die punyer food. Me and my wife opted to eat western food. She had a fish & chip where as I ate chicken chop jer.

After penat pusing2, about pkl 4 blk ar kitorg ke Gertak Merah. But kitorg stop by hospital hantar air Zam zam utk Adam. Hope he will be fine. Mlm tuh aper lg, main ps2 ar ngan epi smpai pkl 2am kot. Mamat tuh dah ler kije, selambe jer ble main game lelama. If dolu2 ar, jgn harap are pi nak bgn awal if tido lmbt. Tp since dah berkerjaya ni, dah bole pon bgn awal.

After hantar my sis to her school and lepak2 kat umah m ngah, after lunch kitorg gerak ler blk ke KL. But kitorg telah d amanahkan membawa what my m ngah call ‘bunga goyang’ for Azri wedding nanti. Mak pon kirimkan 2 beg utk d bawa ke gemas. So kena ar pit stop d gemas b4 trus blk kl. Smpai sgmt, beli lauk for dinner d gemas ngan ayah. My wife terjebak bershopping di Winson Heng sbelah Upwell Beli sandal la etc. Smpai gemas pond ah pkl7.40. Owh! 1 thing important to mentioni is that my wife drive dr jb smpai ler gemas! Thanks syg. Bukan senang nak suroh die drive jejauh. Hehehe…..

So pas dinner ngan ayah, kitorg gerak blk ke KL (I’m back to become the supir). And reach home at 10.50pm. Mmg hectic ler weekend nie. Eventhough amik cuti ari isnin pon lepak gak… Smpai2 jer umah, wa trus ler landing kat sofa dpn tv. Lepak seh! heheh

Friday, January 02, 2009

Malaysian Football: Pathetic or what

Well.. AFF Championship 2008 has pass and to my surprise, vietnam won by beating the mighty Thailand 3-2 in aggregate...

So if i'm a FAM rep, I would say "hey! we lost to the team that won the tournement..thats something!" but as a Malaysian who love football, I find my national team are pathetic.

Vietnam with more than 10 years behind than Malaysia in development and modernization, without complete facilities and not to mention proper football league compare to us. Can beat us and Thailand to win the AFF cup which from the introduction in 1996 (if not mistaken) we never won!

Now with FAM introducing the new 2009 league rules which doesn't allow any foreign player to play are really a let down and more over not giving our player any advantages to improve.

Just to let you now, I've never watch a live telecast of Malaysian football games more than 10 min. During my study days, I did go to watch Malaysia play at Std Shah Alam and really enjoy the eophoria of watching our national team play, winning with 40,000 ppl watching in the stadium... Its really a great feeling, man! words can't describe it. But now, I'd rather use my Malaysia jersey for baju tidor rather than wearing it going to the mall etc...

The standard of our football are very I would say 'slow' and like school kid playing football during the PE period. Even Lim Teong Kim who is the youth team head coach at Bayern Munich said that our football standard has never change from the day he left Malaysia.

For me, we have the players that can fit into a team. But we dont have the one player that can be our playmaker or leader on the pitch like Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari dulu. We have always been using 4-4-2 as our core formation with addition of diamond or 2nd striker as an interchangeable formation during the game. We do not have any tall striker so that we can play 4-4-1-1 formation and we do not have a steady defender which is tall and brawl. And the most important thing is that we dont play 'brani mati' for the pride of our country. Watch how those vietnamese play their football, they are playing every match is the final. Sadly, we malaysian dont play like that. And please dont use the racial sentiment that causing all these. It all ccom from our heart. For the pride of the nation.... (wah.. sungguh berkobar-kobar wa tulis nih!)

I hope for 2009, Sathianathan can open his eyes and find those player that really want to play for their country. I really hope that we can find that one player that can inspire the whole team to play to the next level. In 2005, I really tought that Amri Yahyah is the player that will shine and making the impact to our beloved game. But... not to his luck, he had an accident which destroy his dream to shine on as a national player after helping Selangor to win the Malaysia Cup. Now, he is trying to find his form back. With Malaysia standard of football, maybe he wont get his form back just like akmal rizal and other player which have the potential. But due to accident or serious injury, it kill their career for lifetime.

Hope that our football can change and win back just like the good old days... For now, I'm only cheering for my Manchester United, I hope soon , I can cheer my national team or my local team more than what I ichher for MU.

Majulah bolasepak untuk negara.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 in review

Gosh.. Rasenyer baru jer masuk 2008. kejap jer rasenyer dah masuk 2009 dah... a lot of thing has happen in 2008 for me. Kena transfer kije ke klang, fill my house to actually look like a family house (thanks syg.. hehe) and others that I luper for the time being. Other headline in the world which I like to share as my highlights in 2008 are listed below..... and without further delay, the winners are:

BEST MOVIE: The Dark Knight. Christian Bale..Heath Ledger.. enuff said.

BEST SPORTS TEAM: Manchester United... BPL 2007/08 champion, UCL 2007/08 champion and FIFA Club World Champion.... There are no other team better than the Red Devil.. Period.

EARTH MOST BEAUTIFUL BABE: Ana Ivanovic. Its a tough one for me byk contender nyer (including u my dear).. but 2008 really showcase Ana a lot... and to me she is much more better than Maria 'Groaner' Sharapova....


BEST LOCAL MOVIE: Anak Halal. Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang came so close... but story about teenagers are closer to me..

Best Jeans: Levi's. I just bought one 501. hehe..

BEST ANIME: Bleach. Kurosaki Ichigo rocks!

Best CAR: Mitusbishi Lancer 2.0 - Dream on An!

I will update the list of other category which interesting for me for 2008 in review soon.

New Year and resolution

Alo... i'm back to writing.. hehe

Its been 1 month or so that i have left my blog without any updates.... been bz, xder modem so xder mase nak update blog and so and so...

Sekarang udah 2009 and 1430. Hepi new year!! Normally bile dah new year, everyone ader jer diorg punye azam which they try to fulfill for the next 365 days before 2010 or 1431 come and gone... For me, I hope that I can perform better in my work and to save money for the future.. Skrg ni simpan duit gak.. but bile sesak jer, pakai ler duit simpanan tuh.... so this time around, I want to save and try to use my money WISELY...

For you guys and girls out there, let us try to fulfill our resolution and achieve our ambition for the better of us and the one we love