Monday, January 12, 2009

Manchester United 3 - Chelsea 0. Glory! Glory! Man United!

Its trully worth staying up for to watch your team win at the 'Theatre Of Dream'.

Pre-match prediction after both team finalize their starting XI are more towards Chelsea as they field their best XI for this game. Even I was left fuming when I saw that Scholesy & Carrick are not starting the match with Fergie opting Giggsy & Fletcher to start the match.

Post-match: Totally flattering!!. The scoreline just implicate that wateva ppl say on the paper doesnt mean that its the final score. hehe...

With 1 goal each from Vidic, Rooney & Berba (not including the disallowed goal by ron) MU shows why we r the team that won the BPL, UCL & FWCC, not Chelsea.

A few incident that caught my attention during the match. Lampard kicking Ron on the 4th min, tussle between Ron and fellow countrymen Carvalho, Vidic whispering to Berba "u score this 3rd goal, leave Terry and Di Santo to me", the industrious Park Ji Sung, Giggsy superb performance, Rooney scoring the 2nd goal between the leg of Ashley Cole, Van Der Sar melepak smbil menguap @ MU goal and the best incident of the match... the build up to the disallowed goal by Ron.

At 1st I didnt saw anything wrong with how the ref ask giggsy to retake the corner. And I dont know why giggsy and rooney beriya-iya membantah linesman & ref punye decision. But when I saw the replay... mmg undeniable that it was a superb plan. Rooney bring the ball and stop it at the corner flag and then cheekily pull the ball out of the corner line. When Giggsy came to take the corner, Rooney told Giggsy that he has took the corner. That is why Giggsy take the ball, then turn and cross it for Ron to head in the goal. -Nothing wrong with that! Sape yg pandai main bola mesti tau rules amik corner kick mcmane. Kalau x, baik x payah main bola! Cume silapnye, ref tgh sebok tgk Vidic ngan Carvalho main peluk-peluk, dia x nmpk aper yg berlaku d corner flag.

It really show how MU r a different class from the others. We have 2 games in hand at home (Wigan & Bolton) and if MU can beat these team, by then we will overtake Liver at the helm of the BPL.

And for Mourinho, Quiroz, Maradona and Capello who watch from the stand...U have seen MU squad that r still not reaching their top form beating the old timer, off-form (lawak tgk drogba rembat gol tp bola pegi tp padang..wakaka!!) and confused team of Chelsea.

Let c whether this MU team can reach their peak form in Apr-May, then...u will c y MU r the best football club in the world.

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