Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boycott US, German & other country that support Israel products for the sake of the Palestinians!

Its hard not to be sad with the way things happening in Gaza. A nation which has been acknowledge by the UN and International Court as the owner of the Gaza strip are being bombarded with Chemical bomb (with Made in USA tagged on it) from Israel-Jewish who seems do not understands that they are the PATI (pendatang tanpa izin) in Gaza but claiming that Gaza is theirs.
Its become more difficult that Israel-a small nation of Jewish are controlling USA which can easily use its veto power to stop any of UN plan to stop further massacre in Gaza eventhough all country in the world are supporting the act!
So as an ordinary person who even our PM dont ever heard of our name, what can we do to help the Palestinians? So far, the only way are by stopping from buying US or other country that support Israel.
I will stop eating at Mcdonalds (eventho I like their Prosperity Burger so much!!), stop buying Nestle products, stop drinking Coke and of coz stop buying Nike & Adidas products. I can find the replacement for all those items as its easy to find the replacement. Furthermore, I can help us Malaysian by buying our own products. Thus will help generate better economy for our country.
If all Malaysian think like me, it will be great for our country, right? Not only will help our country, we can stop donating to Israel. But the thing is... it is always easy to talk from doing it. So lets try to walk the talk, eh?

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