Thursday, January 22, 2009

Malaysia 5 UAE 0: Hahaha.. in your dream!

Tentu flattering bile tgk title mcm tuh kat blkg every newspaper, kan? but for now... jgn harap lah...

The actual result is Malaysia 0 UAE 5.

Kena belasah beb! Bkn stakat mcm budak sekolah.. mcm budak tadika main bola! fuh... lega dapat luahkan. It is sad to say like that to your national football team, but that is a fact. Out of all of the players, only 3... and i mean 3 jer yg fit. Others... HAMPEH!!. When u r not fit, u can play with ur ability or maybe ur fabulous skills for maximum of 30 minutes only. The rest 60 minutes, well either the coach decide to change u with another player who might be even worse than u or stick with u until the end of the game.

Thats what happen to Malaysia last night.

We are able to compete (nak sedapkan ati jer ni) for the 1st 30 min. But after the half-time...we are finish...
Sathianathan knows about this, but he cant do anything about it. The players that he brought in are those who he believes play 'with their whole hearts for their country' but as usual, DISSAPPOINTING!!

Quoting his words The defeat prompted Sathianathan to declare: “I’m prepared to go.”
The coach, who revealed on Tuesday that only three of his 18 players were fit for last night’s game, added that: “The M-League is not football. This is the best you can get out of the players who ply their trade in the Super League."

If it is me who decide who to become the coach, I will stick with Sathianathan. At least he try to bring the best out of the players. Its the players who need to change their mindset. Not only the players, the M League itself need to be revamp. Our league which we proudly declare as profesional football league to follow J-League and K-League need to be revamp. Save the money from paying millions to 1 coach to invest to our grassroots which is the under -12, 15, 18, 20 and 23.

Our players seriously are not profesional enuff. Better back to Semi-pro like the good ol' days. Why? u might ask.. Our football association of either state or club are so corrupt that they can't even pay their playere salary. How in the world we can develop or find the rising star in our football if the player is not in his mood or morale to play his heart out!

I really thought that when I went to watch Malaysia beat Singapore during the semifinal of SEA games 2002 at Shah Alam stadium that our national team were going to rise back like the good ol' days. But as usual, Malaysia seems to be great making their fan hate them rather than chearing them up.

P/s: Luckily I can pour my heart out on Manchester United! Glory glory Man United!

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