Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 in review

Gosh.. Rasenyer baru jer masuk 2008. kejap jer rasenyer dah masuk 2009 dah... a lot of thing has happen in 2008 for me. Kena transfer kije ke klang, fill my house to actually look like a family house (thanks syg.. hehe) and others that I luper for the time being. Other headline in the world which I like to share as my highlights in 2008 are listed below..... and without further delay, the winners are:

BEST MOVIE: The Dark Knight. Christian Bale..Heath Ledger.. enuff said.

BEST SPORTS TEAM: Manchester United... BPL 2007/08 champion, UCL 2007/08 champion and FIFA Club World Champion.... There are no other team better than the Red Devil.. Period.

EARTH MOST BEAUTIFUL BABE: Ana Ivanovic. Its a tough one for me byk contender nyer (including u my dear).. but 2008 really showcase Ana a lot... and to me she is much more better than Maria 'Groaner' Sharapova....


BEST LOCAL MOVIE: Anak Halal. Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang came so close... but story about teenagers are closer to me..

Best Jeans: Levi's. I just bought one 501. hehe..

BEST ANIME: Bleach. Kurosaki Ichigo rocks!

Best CAR: Mitusbishi Lancer 2.0 - Dream on An!

I will update the list of other category which interesting for me for 2008 in review soon.

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Cutestamoi said...

Yelah, pasni nak quit jadi investor dah. :p