Friday, January 02, 2009

Malaysian Football: Pathetic or what

Well.. AFF Championship 2008 has pass and to my surprise, vietnam won by beating the mighty Thailand 3-2 in aggregate...

So if i'm a FAM rep, I would say "hey! we lost to the team that won the tournement..thats something!" but as a Malaysian who love football, I find my national team are pathetic.

Vietnam with more than 10 years behind than Malaysia in development and modernization, without complete facilities and not to mention proper football league compare to us. Can beat us and Thailand to win the AFF cup which from the introduction in 1996 (if not mistaken) we never won!

Now with FAM introducing the new 2009 league rules which doesn't allow any foreign player to play are really a let down and more over not giving our player any advantages to improve.

Just to let you now, I've never watch a live telecast of Malaysian football games more than 10 min. During my study days, I did go to watch Malaysia play at Std Shah Alam and really enjoy the eophoria of watching our national team play, winning with 40,000 ppl watching in the stadium... Its really a great feeling, man! words can't describe it. But now, I'd rather use my Malaysia jersey for baju tidor rather than wearing it going to the mall etc...

The standard of our football are very I would say 'slow' and like school kid playing football during the PE period. Even Lim Teong Kim who is the youth team head coach at Bayern Munich said that our football standard has never change from the day he left Malaysia.

For me, we have the players that can fit into a team. But we dont have the one player that can be our playmaker or leader on the pitch like Allahyarham Mokhtar Dahari dulu. We have always been using 4-4-2 as our core formation with addition of diamond or 2nd striker as an interchangeable formation during the game. We do not have any tall striker so that we can play 4-4-1-1 formation and we do not have a steady defender which is tall and brawl. And the most important thing is that we dont play 'brani mati' for the pride of our country. Watch how those vietnamese play their football, they are playing every match is the final. Sadly, we malaysian dont play like that. And please dont use the racial sentiment that causing all these. It all ccom from our heart. For the pride of the nation.... (wah.. sungguh berkobar-kobar wa tulis nih!)

I hope for 2009, Sathianathan can open his eyes and find those player that really want to play for their country. I really hope that we can find that one player that can inspire the whole team to play to the next level. In 2005, I really tought that Amri Yahyah is the player that will shine and making the impact to our beloved game. But... not to his luck, he had an accident which destroy his dream to shine on as a national player after helping Selangor to win the Malaysia Cup. Now, he is trying to find his form back. With Malaysia standard of football, maybe he wont get his form back just like akmal rizal and other player which have the potential. But due to accident or serious injury, it kill their career for lifetime.

Hope that our football can change and win back just like the good old days... For now, I'm only cheering for my Manchester United, I hope soon , I can cheer my national team or my local team more than what I ichher for MU.

Majulah bolasepak untuk negara.

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