Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adam Hakimi

On the time of this writing, I’m back from JB. Visiting my one and only nephew who were not in the best of condition. I’ve to take emergency leave as all the info given by my FIL and Pijal (the father) were not encouraging. Disturbance felt in my heart as Erma couldn’t held back her tears and sorrow watching the entire picture MMS by Pijal. So I told her that we will go to JB to visit Adam tomorrow morning.
Once we (me & erma) reach the hospital at about 12noon yesterday from KL, the doctor has given the permission to see Adam but bergilir-gilir as doctor afraid if terlampau ramai yg masuk jumpa might cause infection to spread and worsening Adam condition. My MIL just can’t stop crying right after tgk how Adam was doing. Even my FIL also couldn’t hold back his tears.
Adam was having skin infection which causing his skin to ‘mengelupas’. The doctor doesn’t even know what causing the infection. I’m very irritated with the remarks given by the doctor as if this is his/her first assignment. What make me more sad and mad at the same time on how these Hospital Sultan Ismail nurses and doctors treating their patient as if the patient were just their job and they do not have any kind of idea how the parents of the child would feel. If only they were in our shoe…..
Erma was resilient, as she has to be strong for her parent and sister. I’ve manage to control my tears from dropping as many know that I’m easily get touch in this sort of situation. But at 4.4opm, the worse possible news that we all ever wanted to hear has finally become reality.
Adam has left us.
It is very sad to lose our love one. It is more painful if it is our bloodline. I’ve remember the day when my granny and Pak Long pass away. I know the feeling. The regret for not being there when they pass away. The pain… the sorrow.
But all thing happen for a reason.
I hope Pijal and Bitah will be strong to move on. It is hard, of course. Very hard. But we, their family will try to help them to ease the pain.
Condolences to Pijal & Bitah


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Cutestamoi said...

Sedih plak bile bace entry nie.. Tak per la, dari die suffer kat dunia nie.. baik die pegi.. kan abang kan? We have to be there to Bitah n Pijal..