Sunday, May 31, 2009

5th Movie: Terminator Salvation

If korg baca post gua early of the year, gua ade bgtau yg gua really expecting this movie.... so last tuesday beriye la gua pegi Cineleisure ingat nak beli tiket tghari saturday. Skali all tiket tghari dah abis.. nasib baik ler ader tiket lagi for 7.55pm, dpt pilih seat best plak tuh... Nice....
Biase ar utk build up to the movie, gua layan ar blk T-1 ~T-3 (actually terminator yg layan gua...gua zzzz) then bace ar review dr semua mcm x best plak...cite laju ar...xder motif ar...
Start with 1 year before judgment day, death convict Marcus Wright has been given his 2nd chance by signing to an agreement with Cyberdyne. At this point of time we don't know who the hell this character is yet. Then when the movie previous Terminator movie...there will be 1 terminator that will be there to protect John Conner - that is whether he like it or not. And Marcus Wright is that terminator that will protect John Conner eventho Marcus dont even know who the hell is this John Connor. By the way, Marcus is Skynet perfect creation - a cyborg. An Marcus is really piss off with Cyberdine or a.k.a Skynet by making him a cyborg.

Connor meet his saviour Marcus
After the intro, fast forward to year 2018. Bang! Boom! the movie start to pick up pace..very fast! Gua suke!!. Well cerita panjang dipendekkan, The whole story revolve between Connor & Marcus, between the human call themselves the resistance which being champion by Mr. Connor of coz against Skynet which by the way become the world powerful species and human has become their slaves or lab rat. Conner have another mission: to save his future to be father, which by the way #1 in Skynet wanted list after Conner - Kyle Reese. This is where Marcus & Conner meet and joint forces. And like all Terminator movies except #3, Good prevails against evil.

In this final (?) chapter of the Terminator franchise, McG (the director) show us a lot of new machines.. and i tell u they are whoa!! Just look at the picture below especially the motorminator!! superb man!
Cool jet that make A10 look like a ant

Harvester (a normal human or T-600 beside it for size comparison) - Motorminator can come out from it!!

Cool Motorminator

From 5 star: Gua bagi 4!! tp x cukup utk gua tgk for the 2nd time.
Next stop: Transformers The Revenge Of the Fallen

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barcelona 2 - Manchester United 0: Iniesta & Xavi help Barca for their 1st treble

Puyol lead the celebration
When Fergie puts his team selection for the final, gua tau yg fergie nak main mcm lwn Arsenal. But maybe he did forget that when MU play like this there r two differences between both game:
1. Mase lwn Arsenal, MU dah lead the 1st leg with 1-0.
2. We have Darren Fletcher play instead of Anderson.
And most of all - MU did not play like the formation they are playing which is... counter attacking. When Barca control the game...MU did not attempt any counter attacking play. Kudos to Xavi & of course Iniesta - the man who run all Barca shows. Both of them simply slaughter MU midfield to the ground. Betul la Fergie ckp.. pas jer Barca score the 1st goal (1st attack plak tuh!), MU just dont have any idea how to attack Barca. Senang kata - this is not the way MU normally play weekend - weekout!

Mcm ni lah perasaan team yg kalah final UCL
So betul ar gua will difficult to play in the final without fletcher. When Eto'o score, MU look lost. We just dont have any Keano or Cantona to rally the team back in the game!
And of coz...between the player of the year & potential player of the year showdown... To me.. Ronaldo did show y he is the player of the year..for the 1st half only that is. Messi? Ader nmpk die dribble 2-3 org MU? baru nak pegang bola.. Carrick & Anderson or Evra dah rapat marking dia. To me... he is not the best player in the match. To me its Iniesta who deserve the Barca player of the year. He ( & Xavi) are the backbone of Barca. Without them..Barca cant get that assist for their forward to wreck havoc in their enemy territory.

So Barca beat the team best team in the year. But hey... Barca is La Liga champion, MU is BPL champion. What better can u ask from a UCL final? The only question is whether which team can rise to the occasion. Last season MU really look like a team possess / desperate to win the UCL. But this season..the feeling mcm kureng sket ar...
Facts... again Mr. Benitez:
1. MU play 66 game this season & we won 3 title: BPL, Fifa World Club Championship & Carling Cup.
2. MU start in the final with 5 english or british player. Cuba if the other top 4 team in england play, 3 org jer kot paling byk ar...
Berakhirnya UCL final nih, make berakhir ar season bolasepak gua. Tapi pasni ader confederation cup plak, pastu MU r coming to town... make kuranglah sket gua tgk chanel 811~813..hehe.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bz weekender!!: Dead ahead!!


Gua baru blk dr ngantar my brother in law merisik last weekend.... Its a very...very simple event. And guess what?.. by end of next month my BIL akan jadi suami org..

And that will add further bz schedule for me & erma starting from the 1st weekend of June until the end of July!! Luckily this coming weekend xder any event, ble ar gua & erma tgk either Angel Or Demon or Terminator Salvation, that is if Erma is ok.....

& not to mention that I need to take care of Erma...not that gua x jaga dia... but as the time ticks by...I need to take extra care of Erma.

At least something great coming along the way: MU are coming to town!! and Ive got the tickets!! hehe....

Though its seems like gua dah start cepat penat & bile penat...mule le nak memarah...Gua tgh bljr nak control all this tiredness la... additional responsibilities la.. as all men before me has gone thru it.... so why gua x bole?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Manchester United: Champion of England for the 11th time!...and title #3 for the season!

Champion for the 3rd consecutive time..again!!
Itulah... Gelak lagi awal2... kutuk lagi awal2.. at last... PADAN MUKA those fanatics kops! Doesn't mean that u win twice against us, u'll win the title! Sapa suruh korg draw lawan team lauk yg kitorg tapau jer?? Gua memang puas ati!!! Wakaka... Cheers to all kops!
Captain Neville leads the celebration!!
Facts dear Mr. Benitez!!:
1. Giggs won the title for the 11th time from 1993 to 2009.
2. MU have played 64 games - most definitely more than other team in the BPL as well as other team in Europe.
3. Since Benitez join the Kops (04/05), he has spent 170M Pound Sterling while MU only spending 103M with the same period of time...and the best they can get is 1 UCL title & of coz...runners up in this year BPL...wakaka.
4. and how they celebrate becoming the runners up in BPL this year?

.....bergaduh sesama sendiri... Gua memang puas hati!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ku Sangka Hujan smpai ke petang, rupanye panas sampai September!!

Monday May 11, 2009
Hot, hot, hot till September
KUALA LUMPUR: Temperatures have been rising all over the country, with Klang Valley (Subang) recording 35.6°C last Friday.
Outside the Klang Valley, Pahang (Batu Embun) experienced the hottest temperature last Thursday at 36.2°C.
The Meteorological Department said the hot and generally dry spell was expected to persist until September.
Department chief assistant director (central forecast office) Ahmad Zaki Mohamad Saad said the weather pattern was a usual phenomenon in the country.
He said that April and May were the hottest months according to climatology studies.
“The change of wind direction during the inter-monsoon season last month has caused the weather to be drier,’’ he said.
Ahmad Zaki said the country would experience the South-West monsoon from mid-May to September which usually brought a dry spell, he said.
He said although humid weather was forecast during the day, occasional rain and thunderstorms could be expected.
The maximum temperature is expected to range from 30.7°C to 34.1°C.

Extract from the Star.

So... marilah kite ke Air Terjun or Waterparks ro even the beach yg berdekatan coz the hot season are here to stay... Gua ngan erma skrg ni tido memlm pon berpeluh..Erma dah ler dgn her condition mcm tuh.. bdn dia sendiri pon panas... di tambah plak cuaca mcm nih.. kesian gua pada dia.
Kenalah gua beli air cond plak pas ni...hehe

Perak's political drama: Gosh...just give back the power to the people to vote la!!!

Tgh gua sesedap baca/browse The Malaysian Insider & The Star pas lunch semlm tetiba jer network bz. Gua try ler refresh balik..terus jer cannot find website...siut betul..After that baru ler gua tau yg these website tgh update the latest news on the result of sapa MB Perak yg sah. Ir Nizar menang kes tuh with a valid reason that he wasnt ousted during sidang DUN.
What if Zambri yg menang? Dah tentu those website or blog mesti kata conspiracy theory by Najib or the gomen pegang the judicracy as well as the law. But the result shows that the gomen didnt take control on the law as well as judicracy (betul ker perkataan nih).
My verdict? let Ir Nizar bubarkan DUN dan let rakyat Perak yg tentukan siapa yg mereka rasa adalah selayaknye utk mentadbir Perak. Mind u.. Gua mention rakyat Perak not those who living in other place i.e KL or Selangor or JB or Penang but bile mase utk mengundi.... blk kg utk mengundi. They are not rakyat Perak... they only live for a certain period during their childhood or born in Perak.
Gua slalu ckp we should vote for the person which going to serve us. Not our parents or those yg dok kat kg tmpt kite mengundi. Tp.. gua pon actually lom tukar add lagi.hehe... but gua akan buat..soon.

Friday, May 08, 2009

March 2009 Auto Sales trend

Proton has launch its MPV: Exora last 15th April. Korang agak brp bookingnya skrg?

Well of yesterday, booking has reach a whopping 9,500 units!! Ngagau lar Proton nak catch up ngan semua booking tuh.. To make matters more wierd, the high line (equip with DVD, GPS etc...) are getting almost 80% of the total bookings!....

Next mth kite tgk ler bape registered no utk Exora. In the meantime, let c how Malaysia auto sales perform in March:

Top 10 Models:
  1. Myvi - 7,454u. (YTD - 20,938).
  2. Viva - 6,007u. (YTD - 15,580).
  3. Saga - 5,671u. (YTD - 15,740u).
  4. Persona - 3,334u. (YTD - 9,582u).
  5. Vios - 2,444u. (YTD - 6,051u).
  6. City - 2,344u. (YTD - 5,818u).
  7. Camry - 656u. (YTD - 1,466u).
  8. Kancil - 595u. (YTD - 1,236u).
  9. Civic - 511u. (YTD - 1,630u).
  10. Accord - 479u. (YTD - 1,705u).

Top 4 MPV:

  1. Avanza - 1,332u. (YTD - 3,298u).
  2. Livina - 1,011u. (YTD - 2,838u).
  3. Citra - 535u. (YTD - 843u).
  4. Innova - 364u. (YTD - 1,010u).

Top 10 Brands:

  1. Perodua - 14,298u. (YTD - 38,390u).
  2. Proton - 10,198u. (YTD - 29,389u).
  3. Toyota - 7,113u. (YTD - 17,313u).
  4. Honda - 3,904u. (YTD - 10,638u).
  5. Nissan - 2,011u. (YTD - 5,840u).
  6. Naza - 1,416u. (YTD - 2,832u).
  7. Mitsubishi - 569u. (YTD - 1,462u).
  8. Inokom - 530u. (YTD - 1,154u).
  9. Suzuki - 415u. (YTD - 1,058u).
  10. Isuzu - 354u. (YTD - 985u).

Total: 42,597u (YTD: 114,251u).

If korg tgk posting gua sblm ni utk bln Feb 09, Bln Mar mencatatkan peningkatan dari segi jualan. Pelik jugak... patutnya lagi teruk ekonomi, lagi slow sales automotive. Tp ape yg terjadi adalah sebaliknya...

Another point to mention is that Perodua semakin menjauhkan diri dari Proton dari segi sales volume. Kite tgk ler dlm Apr nnti whether Perodua akan terus menjauhkan diri atau tidak with the sales of Exora will be registered in April.

With Exora selling like hot cakes... We will see whether Proton can cope with the current production volume to deliver the increasing of bookings. Hope the good things roll on for the national carmakers.

One more point to ponder is that in Proton pipeline, there will be 2 new project in Proton pipeline when New Saga will launch its special edition & Persona will have a full model change targetting 2011 launching.

Gua akan continue update on the auto industry. Keep on reading!!!

Mukjizat "Bismillah..."

Mukjizat di sebalik BISMILLAH
BISMILLAH adalah sebutan/nama singkat dari lafaz
"BISMILLAHIR ROHMAANIRROHIIM" yang bermaksud: "Dengan nama ALLAH Yang Maha Pengasih lagi MahaPenyayang."

1) Yang pertama ditulis Qalam adalah BISMILLAH. Maka apabila kamumenulissesuatu, maka tulislah BISMILLAH pada awalnya kerana BISMILLAH tertulispada setiap wahyu yang Allah turunkan kepada Jibrail.
2) "BISMILLAH untukmu dan umatmu, suruhlah mereka apabila memohonsesuatudengan BISMILLAH. Aku tidak akan meninggalkannya sekejap mata pun sejakBISMILLAH diturunkan kepada Adam." (Hadith Qudsi)
3) Tatkala BISMILLAH diturunkan ke dunia, maka semua awan berlari kearahbarat, angin terdiam, air laut bergelora, mendengarkan seluruh binatangdanterlempar semua syaitan.
4) Demi Allah dan keagunganNya, tidaklah BISMILLAH itu dibacakan padaorangsakit melainkan menjadi ubat untuknya dan tidaklah BISMILLAH dibacakandiatas sesuatu melainkan Allah beri berkat ke atasnya.
5) Barangsiapa yang ingin hidup bahagia dan mati syahid, maka bacalahBISMILLAH setiap kali memulakan sesuatu perkara yang baik.
6) Jumlah huruf dalam BSMILLAH ada 19 huruf dan malaikat penjaga nerakaada19. Ibnu Mas'ud berkata: "Sesiapa yang ingin Allah selamatkan dari 19malaikat neraka maka bacalah BISMILLAH 19 kali setiap hari."
7) Tiap huruf BISMILLAH ada JUNNAH (penjaga/khadam) hingga tiap hurufberkata, "Siapa yang membaca BISMILLAH maka kamilah kekuatannya dankamilahkehebatannya. "
8) Barangsiapa yang memuliakan tulisan BISMILLAH nescaya Allah akanmengangkat namanya di syurga yang sangat tinggi dan diampunkan segaladosakedua orang tuanya.
9) Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH maka akan bertasbihlah segalagunungkepadanya.
10) Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH sebanyak 21 kali ketika hendaktidur, maka akan terpelihara dari gangguan syaitan, kecurian dankebakaran,maut mendadak dan bala.
11) Barangsiapa yang membaca BISMILLAH sebanyak 50 kali di hadapan orangyang zalim, hinalah dan masuk ketakutan dalam hati si zalim sertanaiklahkeberanian dan kehebatan kepada si pembaca.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Arsenal 1 - Manchester United 3:Agg Arsenal 1 - MU 4, Rome! Here we come!!

Badge kat atas ni bkn calang2 team ble pakai. Cume the best club in the world je ble pakai. Tanye lar bebudak liver...dlm 'superb history' yg diorg banggakan sesgt tuh..diorg ader title ni ker?
Preview: Arsenal berbangga dgn rekod tanpa kalah di Emirates dlm UCL @ BPL. Mereka bangga mengatakan yg mereka x penah bolos di Emirates dlm kempen UCL. Ditambah plak Arsenal penah kalahkan MU di stadium yg same earlier in the season of BPL, maka bertambahler semangat diorg utk melangkah ke final UCL ke-2 mereka. ESPN pundit Macca mcm biaselah...menyokong aper je team selain MU. Nak buat cmane...mamat tuh player ex-player Liver.
MU plak mcm biase lah, berbudi bahasa dgn Sir AF mgharapkan draw jer sudah memadai kerane dia tau if draw..dah tentu lah MU yg masuk final. Tp Sir AF ade mengatakan yg MU adalah team yg amat suka memecahkan rekod lwn. Mcm posting gua sblm nih..

Review: Arsenal start with a bang. tp utk 7 min pertama jer. Smpaikan Cesc ble ar buat rembatan pinball pd Vida & Rio hingga hampir menjaringkan gol menyamaan Arsenal setelah Van der Sar tersilap langkah. Then Ron step up the game drifting the ball cross back from left to right only for poor Gibbs to stumble sekaligus menghadiahkan Park Ji Sung his memorible goal. Min ke 10, Cesc tackle Ronaldo sekaligus menghadiahkan free kick yg mungkin x siapa langsung sangka akan menghasilkan gol ke-2 MU dr jarak 41 meter. Gua dah terjerit secara senyap dpn tv smpai Erma terjaga..hehe..X sangka beb!! MU lead @ Emirates 2-0 within 11 minutes.

Gua score dr jarak jauh lagi!!

Ader terdetik gak utk gua, "tido jer la. Mane Arsenal ble buat comeback dgn score 3 gol". But since aper yg terjadi mase Liverpool vs. Arsenal & MU vs. Liverpool, gua takut... maner la tau tetiba jer ader MU player kena kad merah ke.. Masak jadinyer. So gua tgk ler smpai abis.

Tp gua luper..Arsenal are playing without Arshavin, so xder sape nak score 4 gol utk diorg.. Gua jgk lupe yg MU kalah ngan Liver utk menyemarakkan upacara kejar-mengejar title hanya utk kesudahannye MU menang title BPL, x nnti.. bosan plak if MU menang awal sgt. Tgk ler season lepas, xkan dah lupe kot, kan penyokong Chelsea? Lagipon kesian kat the Kops sbb dah lame sgt diorg x menang double lwn MU.. Lama sgt beb!

Ron are playing a great game, Park Ji Sung have the game of his life, the midfield trio play superbly in containing the Arsenal midfielders from playing their passing game. The defends are solid like rocks! and of coz...Rooney are playing his team player part without hesitation at all. Hail Rooney!! Ron assist 1 & score 2 goals. No wonder he is FIFA & UEFA player of the year. But pity have to say to Fletcher... he played his heart out. Trully a Mancunians! Gua x tau ngape Rosetti x nmpk yg bola tuh (from Rosetti view of coz...just behind them) beralih dr Cesc punye path to goal sbb Fletcher dpt touch bola dulu b4 clip Cesc. Maybe sbb gua asyik ckp psl 'contact', itulah yg dia guna utk bagi Arsenal penalti & straight red card to Fletcher which means he will miss the final.

We salute u Fletcher!!

Just like Keano & Scholesy in the treble season of 98/99 which both of them miss the final due to 2nd yellow card. But this time really sad for Fletcher.

Gua must admit that this Arsenal team is not the same team mcm team yg lwn Liver arituh. This is trully a very young side of Arsenal. Gua rase Arsenal need 2 more season if they can maintain the current crop of player to become the top 2 of the BPL again. Tp MU still #1 ar mase tuh..hehe.

Moscow 2008: UCL FInal MU vs. Chelsea

Korg ingat lagi sign card kat atas? Gua mmg thrill sesgt tgk all the MU supporter waving the Red & White card first @ OT when we beat Barca then in Moscow plak. Guest wat? these scene will be seen in Rome come 27th May nnti!

Sape MU nak jumpe kat final? Mane2 pon xper. World Champion of the year x takut ler lwn sesape pon...yes, even Liverpool pon!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer #2!!

Crazier than the 1st one.

Wont miss it once it premiere.

Nak tgk the latest trailer? Klik ar kat sini

Bz weekender!: Part 3

Bznyer gua (& Erma) weekend nih..!!
Al-maklum ar 1st May kan public holiday, so.. my uncle blah my mum buat majlis pertunangan anaknye (my kazen) di Ernstek Sepang on the 2nd. May. So as usual..almost semua adik beradik my mum pun ader turun ar utk memeriahkan majlis...
Including my mum yg ikut Pak Lang dtg ke kl on the 30th April after picking up his son kat serting MRSM... Since my mum dtg, as a son mesti ar kena pegi tgk mak, kan? With Erma fragile condition..bertambah ler tanggungjawab gua utk memastikan tiada pihak akan terasa after some incident happen the week before...
The bz weekend ditambah plak dgn kazen blah erma pon buat majlis pertunangan on the same date!! Whoa.. Try to juggle with that coincident!
Luckily that my kazen majlis start awal and end awal so that gua can make an early move to kazen erma punye majlis plak...Unfortunetely that we cant stay for long as I need to pick up my mum bcoz 1 of my uncle nak blanje dinner kat Village View restaurant. So its the 2nd day running that we to & fro kajang utk family event. Then today, got a wedding invitation plak dr blah yan wan di KJ. Pendek kata..mmg hectic schedule ar weekend nih!
Kesian my erma...penat dia. Gua try ler utk ringankan beban dia dgn ape yg termampu...To make thing worse...air kat umah gua buat giler! Mane yg kluar ikut air tangki...x kua air. Mane yg ikut main pipe..semua ader air...Siut jer... bengang gua. Gua cube gak ler nak betulkan..haram.. dah ler mlm ni my mum tido umah gua..Pelik betul. Unfortunetely ar gua xder tangga. If x, ble ar gua tgk air dlm tangki kat ats siling...itu yg susah tuh...
Luckily ar gua amik cuti esok...Rilex sket, if not..kompem flat ar!
MU menang 2-0 against Boro (yg menang vs Liver with the same margin!) and latest..Liver pon menang 3-0 against Newcastle..So the title still not decided yet. It is still MU title to lose anyway..
Valentino Rossi pon menang his 2nd race for the season kat Jerez circuit, Espana. Best...
Gua mmg suke bebudak.. Bebudak pon suka gak ngan gua. Cume tgk bebudak la jgk, bebudak yg gua interested jer..especially anak2 kat liza (Dira & Adif of coz) & Miza. Diorg pon ok jer ngan gua & erma. Gua berprasangka dr dolu ar, yg gua nih senang jer nak mesra ngan bebudak (except beberapa bebudak yg quiet agresif memilih or berprasangka dgn gua).
Gua still ingat time abizam punye wedding kat Muo mase gua still study kat U dolu (hehehe.. x ingat tahun) Gua rajin dokong Dira.. (mase tuh Dira kecik lagi.. & gua x jadi pengapit mase tuh..) Ader plak makcik mane ntah yg tanye "bape umor anaknye?" Adoyai...jatuh saham gua mase tuh rupenyer..
Since majlis pertunangan kazen gua, make berkumpul ar kekazen gua yg lain...seronok gak coz dah lame x berborak sesama... ditambah lagi afdal yg kije di Chine pon ader blk.. so havoc jgk ar.. Unfortunetely x dpt beborak lelama...Hope there will be another family gathering so that byk xtvt ble buat.. baru ler happening.
Gua n Erma mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih for those yg wish congrats to us. We are really thankful to u guys. Doakan lah supaya kitorg dpt menempoh saat kritikal nih dgn jayanye, Amin. Sorry to those yg kinda angry that we did not inform earlier. Bukan niat kitorg nak sorokkan ke ape ker...but since it is still early, kitorg x nak lah hebahkan lagi.. Once we ready, we will tell the world. Dont worry.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hail Giggsy!!

...and not forgetting Vida, Rio, Evra, VD Sar & Of coz..Ronaldo to complete the BPL team of the year for season 08/09..
Mungkin betul kata Macca (ESPN pundit cum ex-player Liverpool) that the award are not meant for the best player performance in the season sbb result are based on the poll done in Jan 09. Tp rasanye..x byk bezanye if buat slps abis season or tgh season coz MU player tetap akan perform...except for Anelka yg dipilih sbg salah seorg penyerang bergandingan dgn Torres dlm BPL team of the season sbb mamat ni dr Feb x score gol langsung smpai laa ni.
Back to Giggsy, dr awal pembabitan beliau kat MU mmg dah nmpk kehebatannya mendribble bola di sayap kiri MU memporak-perandakan pihak lwn. Dialah kapten MU youth team yg menang liga reserve bersama dgn others Fergie Fledglings i.e Beckham, Gary & Philip Neville, Scholes & Butt.
Gua mmg salute dia ar... bangga gak dolu2 mase main bola memula masuk Uitm. Bebudak lain x kenal gua lagi time tuh...maklum ar..asal ader pluang maen bola..join jer la. dpt ler ramai kawan dari situh.. So since diorg x tau nama gua sapa, diorg panggil gua Giggs... Kembang ler jap idung...hehe..
Giggs is the only player in the BPL yg penah menang 10 Premier League title, 4 FA Cup title, 2 League Cup then of coz lah 2 Uefa Champion League Title & 1 Fifa World Club Title. Dia jugaklah seorg yg berjaya score dlm setiap Premier League season dari mula (awal 90-an). Ader Liver player perform mcm Giggs? Mane ader bro!

Giggs bersama Ince, Sparkie & Sharpie mase menang title PL '93

Another thing that made me love MU is that, eventhough with the likes of Macheda, Nani, Anderson, Evans, Rooney & Ronaldo are pushing for the 1st team spot week in-week out. We still have the likes of Ole (last season retired to become MU reserves team coach), Scholesy, Gary Neville & Giggsy are still there playing well just like in their 20's. Another note is that, those yg dah kluar dr MU to join other team in BPL or other league in Europe or US are bersepah...merata-rata ader. Tgk ler Philip Neville, Howard, Saha @ Everton, Richardson & co @ Sunderland, Butt & Smith @ Newcastle and others la yg still playing. Ader team lain mcm ni? Mane ader....
Yesterday Giggsy celebrate his 800th appearance for MU. 800th bro! byk tuh. So loyal. Nasib baik linesman ckp offside, if will be a sweet memory for him. He is definitely on my fantasy dream team.
Hail Giggsy!! Hail MU!