Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Manchester United: Champion of England for the 11th time!...and title #3 for the season!

Champion for the 3rd consecutive time..again!!
Itulah... Gelak lagi awal2... kutuk lagi awal2.. at last... PADAN MUKA those fanatics kops! Doesn't mean that u win twice against us, u'll win the title! Sapa suruh korg draw lawan team lauk yg kitorg tapau jer?? Gua memang puas ati!!! Wakaka... Cheers to all kops!
Captain Neville leads the celebration!!
Facts dear Mr. Benitez!!:
1. Giggs won the title for the 11th time from 1993 to 2009.
2. MU have played 64 games - most definitely more than other team in the BPL as well as other team in Europe.
3. Since Benitez join the Kops (04/05), he has spent 170M Pound Sterling while MU only spending 103M with the same period of time...and the best they can get is 1 UCL title & of coz...runners up in this year BPL...wakaka.
4. and how they celebrate becoming the runners up in BPL this year?

.....bergaduh sesama sendiri... Gua memang puas hati!!!


j or ji said...

wakakkaa...benitez dan liverpool nak datang asia untuk rebut piala kat sini pulak..kakaka

moze said...

tapi xble dtg mesia sbb sponsornye & ader player Israel...hehe