Friday, May 01, 2009

Hail Giggsy!!

...and not forgetting Vida, Rio, Evra, VD Sar & Of coz..Ronaldo to complete the BPL team of the year for season 08/09..
Mungkin betul kata Macca (ESPN pundit cum ex-player Liverpool) that the award are not meant for the best player performance in the season sbb result are based on the poll done in Jan 09. Tp rasanye..x byk bezanye if buat slps abis season or tgh season coz MU player tetap akan perform...except for Anelka yg dipilih sbg salah seorg penyerang bergandingan dgn Torres dlm BPL team of the season sbb mamat ni dr Feb x score gol langsung smpai laa ni.
Back to Giggsy, dr awal pembabitan beliau kat MU mmg dah nmpk kehebatannya mendribble bola di sayap kiri MU memporak-perandakan pihak lwn. Dialah kapten MU youth team yg menang liga reserve bersama dgn others Fergie Fledglings i.e Beckham, Gary & Philip Neville, Scholes & Butt.
Gua mmg salute dia ar... bangga gak dolu2 mase main bola memula masuk Uitm. Bebudak lain x kenal gua lagi time tuh...maklum ar..asal ader pluang maen bola..join jer la. dpt ler ramai kawan dari situh.. So since diorg x tau nama gua sapa, diorg panggil gua Giggs... Kembang ler jap idung...hehe..
Giggs is the only player in the BPL yg penah menang 10 Premier League title, 4 FA Cup title, 2 League Cup then of coz lah 2 Uefa Champion League Title & 1 Fifa World Club Title. Dia jugaklah seorg yg berjaya score dlm setiap Premier League season dari mula (awal 90-an). Ader Liver player perform mcm Giggs? Mane ader bro!

Giggs bersama Ince, Sparkie & Sharpie mase menang title PL '93

Another thing that made me love MU is that, eventhough with the likes of Macheda, Nani, Anderson, Evans, Rooney & Ronaldo are pushing for the 1st team spot week in-week out. We still have the likes of Ole (last season retired to become MU reserves team coach), Scholesy, Gary Neville & Giggsy are still there playing well just like in their 20's. Another note is that, those yg dah kluar dr MU to join other team in BPL or other league in Europe or US are bersepah...merata-rata ader. Tgk ler Philip Neville, Howard, Saha @ Everton, Richardson & co @ Sunderland, Butt & Smith @ Newcastle and others la yg still playing. Ader team lain mcm ni? Mane ader....
Yesterday Giggsy celebrate his 800th appearance for MU. 800th bro! byk tuh. So loyal. Nasib baik linesman ckp offside, if will be a sweet memory for him. He is definitely on my fantasy dream team.
Hail Giggsy!! Hail MU!

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