Sunday, May 31, 2009

5th Movie: Terminator Salvation

If korg baca post gua early of the year, gua ade bgtau yg gua really expecting this movie.... so last tuesday beriye la gua pegi Cineleisure ingat nak beli tiket tghari saturday. Skali all tiket tghari dah abis.. nasib baik ler ader tiket lagi for 7.55pm, dpt pilih seat best plak tuh... Nice....
Biase ar utk build up to the movie, gua layan ar blk T-1 ~T-3 (actually terminator yg layan gua...gua zzzz) then bace ar review dr semua mcm x best plak...cite laju ar...xder motif ar...
Start with 1 year before judgment day, death convict Marcus Wright has been given his 2nd chance by signing to an agreement with Cyberdyne. At this point of time we don't know who the hell this character is yet. Then when the movie previous Terminator movie...there will be 1 terminator that will be there to protect John Conner - that is whether he like it or not. And Marcus Wright is that terminator that will protect John Conner eventho Marcus dont even know who the hell is this John Connor. By the way, Marcus is Skynet perfect creation - a cyborg. An Marcus is really piss off with Cyberdine or a.k.a Skynet by making him a cyborg.

Connor meet his saviour Marcus
After the intro, fast forward to year 2018. Bang! Boom! the movie start to pick up pace..very fast! Gua suke!!. Well cerita panjang dipendekkan, The whole story revolve between Connor & Marcus, between the human call themselves the resistance which being champion by Mr. Connor of coz against Skynet which by the way become the world powerful species and human has become their slaves or lab rat. Conner have another mission: to save his future to be father, which by the way #1 in Skynet wanted list after Conner - Kyle Reese. This is where Marcus & Conner meet and joint forces. And like all Terminator movies except #3, Good prevails against evil.

In this final (?) chapter of the Terminator franchise, McG (the director) show us a lot of new machines.. and i tell u they are whoa!! Just look at the picture below especially the motorminator!! superb man!
Cool jet that make A10 look like a ant

Harvester (a normal human or T-600 beside it for size comparison) - Motorminator can come out from it!!

Cool Motorminator

From 5 star: Gua bagi 4!! tp x cukup utk gua tgk for the 2nd time.
Next stop: Transformers The Revenge Of the Fallen

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