Saturday, May 30, 2009

Barcelona 2 - Manchester United 0: Iniesta & Xavi help Barca for their 1st treble

Puyol lead the celebration
When Fergie puts his team selection for the final, gua tau yg fergie nak main mcm lwn Arsenal. But maybe he did forget that when MU play like this there r two differences between both game:
1. Mase lwn Arsenal, MU dah lead the 1st leg with 1-0.
2. We have Darren Fletcher play instead of Anderson.
And most of all - MU did not play like the formation they are playing which is... counter attacking. When Barca control the game...MU did not attempt any counter attacking play. Kudos to Xavi & of course Iniesta - the man who run all Barca shows. Both of them simply slaughter MU midfield to the ground. Betul la Fergie ckp.. pas jer Barca score the 1st goal (1st attack plak tuh!), MU just dont have any idea how to attack Barca. Senang kata - this is not the way MU normally play weekend - weekout!

Mcm ni lah perasaan team yg kalah final UCL
So betul ar gua will difficult to play in the final without fletcher. When Eto'o score, MU look lost. We just dont have any Keano or Cantona to rally the team back in the game!
And of coz...between the player of the year & potential player of the year showdown... To me.. Ronaldo did show y he is the player of the year..for the 1st half only that is. Messi? Ader nmpk die dribble 2-3 org MU? baru nak pegang bola.. Carrick & Anderson or Evra dah rapat marking dia. To me... he is not the best player in the match. To me its Iniesta who deserve the Barca player of the year. He ( & Xavi) are the backbone of Barca. Without them..Barca cant get that assist for their forward to wreck havoc in their enemy territory.

So Barca beat the team best team in the year. But hey... Barca is La Liga champion, MU is BPL champion. What better can u ask from a UCL final? The only question is whether which team can rise to the occasion. Last season MU really look like a team possess / desperate to win the UCL. But this season..the feeling mcm kureng sket ar...
Facts... again Mr. Benitez:
1. MU play 66 game this season & we won 3 title: BPL, Fifa World Club Championship & Carling Cup.
2. MU start in the final with 5 english or british player. Cuba if the other top 4 team in england play, 3 org jer kot paling byk ar...
Berakhirnya UCL final nih, make berakhir ar season bolasepak gua. Tapi pasni ader confederation cup plak, pastu MU r coming to town... make kuranglah sket gua tgk chanel 811~813..hehe.

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