Monday, August 26, 2013

Metallica Live in Malaysia 2013: Best Gig Ever

I repeat...BEST GIG EVER!!!


27th June 2013 was the date when I found out that Metallica will rock our shores....well actually our neighbor shores to be precise when they will perform a concert on 24th August 2013. Then only I found out that they have been performing at Singapore 20 years ago. Tix will start to go online from 29th June 2013 onwards.

By this time, I was contemplating of breaking all my savings that I've got in order to go to the gig. Then when I finished doing the budget required for the journey, I don't think I can manage to catch the gig live as the expenses are too high. Furthermore, its the same month as Raya and my wedding anniversary! How in the world am I going to get all that money? And then the next day, Ive found out that Smashing Pumpkins and Linkin Park are going to rock our shores on 17th and 19th August 2013. I was thinking what in the world are happening in Malaysia this August? All the best rock band that I follow are coming over in 1 month period!! If I've got the money, definitely I will rock all gigs. a father and the husband to my wife, how am I gonna put my rock bands before my family? So I've decided either I'm going to 1 of the gig (most probably Linkin Park) or not at all.

Then come the news....

Metallica going to perform in Malaysia.

What in the world?????

1st day when the ticket start selling 6th July 2013, the cheapest tix of RM195 has soldout! Before Raya, the next tix in line RM380 also sold out. I've bought mine right after Raya and celebrating my wedding anniversary. Ops.. need to rephrase the words, I've purchase the tix after raya as Erma pay for it as our wedding anniversary present. Thanks to my wife, I will get to watch my rockstar live before my eyes....

21st August 2013: The day of the concert

I reach Stadium Merdeka at around 6pm. Parking was really difficult to find, so I park where we need to pay about RM150 per parking (if you know what I'm talking about). The atmosphere outside the stadium is rocking! Everywhere you can see stall being set up selling Metallica shirts and merchandise. Even a few stall selling foods and drinks. The most rare stall that I saw was selling fake long hair either straight, curly or mohawk. You just name the color. Most of those who want to purchase original merchandise can get them from 2 of the official merchandise tent set up nearby the entrance of RM195 and another at the main entrance. Here a few pics outside the stadium

I was thinking to enter the stadium a bit late, but when I saw the crowd, change my mind and enter after Ive got the actual ticket from the ticket booth....Was thinking that my tix would locate me a bit far from the stage. Apparently it is closer than I imagine (and later turn to become the mosh pit!)

 The gig start with the opening act from local band Cromok. Choosing Cromok as the opening act is the best choice as no other band have the 'metal' aura like Cromok. They start at about 7:30pm right after the Maghrib azan. Since the place are still not pack, a lot of us muslim crowd which bring posters, flag, banner etc. use it to pray behind. Cromok end their session at about 7:50pm. Before Cromok start their session, we were being told that Metallica will start they gig at 8pm instead of 9pm schedule earlier. So once Cromok has end their session, we already start hyping up our senses. Btw, I was about to go crazy as I went alone as most of my friend has bought the tix way earlier which was either RM350 or RM198. So I was just thinking that just follow the flow. Luckily that Ive met my friend Shah as he walk in with his friend. Therefore Im not going to be alone after all...

Metallica concert start

During Cromok opening act, I was thinking for the worst as the sound system was bad. Then a few guys nearby also told that during the Linkin Park concert the sound system was bad as well. I'll just hoping that Metallica will still continue with their gig eventhough the sound system was bad. It took about 40 minutes for the crew finished setting up the band instruments. They start with Lars drums, then James guitar, Rob bass, rhythm guitar and finally Kirks.

My bad omen quickly wash away when the sound of Lars double pedal tested. I was thiking, "this will be a superb set up and the sound system will be great". After all instruments was completly set up, I am convince that the guys will surely put up their normal performance as what I've watch in all of their concerts recording.

Shah, Yap and me while the crew setting up the instruments

We also talk between us on what song that we really want them to perform, songs like "Fade to black", "Nothing Else Matters', "Sanitarium", "Master of puppets", "Seek and Destroy" all came into the picture. But we do agree that we are hoping Metallica will start the concert with "Master of Puppets".

The guys start their concert from 8:40pm onwards. The rest as they say are history.... Here are the setlist that the guys using for Malaysia gig

Its becoming a standard for them to use The Good, the bad and the ugly theme, "Ecstasy of Gold" to start of the gig. But this time its a bit special as they also include the clip from the movie itself. As Ive wrote about the song list that we want them to perform, apparently one by one become reality. Although a few of our favorites like "Unforgiven" and my personal favorite, "The day that never comes" didn't make it, the gig in overall was AWESOME.

By the time Master of Puppets performed, I have lost my voice and it is just the 2nd song!. Here are a few clips that I manage to record throughout the concert. I can record more, but I were busy enjoying my best concert that I've ever went.

They were great. Eventhough most of them already about 50 y.o. but they really can perform live without any problem. James know how to keep the crowd energetic...and the guys were awesome!! All song were sung together. Any chance to chant during the riff, instrumental were as if we were in Europe gigs. It was great. Much better than our neighbors I supposed.

My place has become the mosh pits. If you normally saw gigs in Europe where somewhere in the middle they will circle around and headbanging their heads together, that is where I'm located during the gig. There is 1 fellow that came alone and just join us out of nowhere start banging his head even before the gig start. He said he is warming up for the gigs by listening to his old samsung phone with small screen listening to Metallica songs.By the time "Harvester of Sorrow", he already on his knees! Exhausted even before the gig quarter through! hehehe...

As I watch around, most of the crowds 30's and above. Only a handful of Gen Y were sighted. I believe the younger generation now are more tuned to mainstream musics i.e. Pop and light rocks. The heaviest for them will be Linkin Park probably. What ever it is, the crowd was awesome! I also saw handful of foreigners (not bangla or nepalise) that attended the gigs as well.

It is by far the best gig I've ever attended. No regrets at all

I don't know whether they were just being nice to us or what, they were saying that they really didn't expect that Malaysia crowd would be like this and as it is their first visit to Malaysia, they were really eager to come back again soon.

The article in the Star last Saturday written by Michael Cheang says it all. Especially the paragraph,

 "Even if you were not a heavy metal fan, it would have been hard not to get caught up by the fervour of it all – the head banging, the air guitars, the moshing, the singalongs, and the electrifying energy emanating from the four musicians who seemed to be doing their utmost best to upstage every single artiste that has ever been to Malaysia.
At times, it was almost as if they were trying to make up for the 31 year wait Malaysian fans had to endure for them get here by giving us the hardest rocking concert these shores has ever seen in recent times."
You can read that article here
It was awesome, greatest rock night I've ever been. I need to emphasize here that the band didn't swear at all other than swearing to come again to rock our shores again soon.

and again....Best gig ever.
Thank you Metallica. To James, Kirk, Rob and Lars, please do come again. You are the best rock band that I've ever witness live.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Watsons Piala Malaysia 2013: Analisa kumpulan

Selepas undian untuk peringkat kumpulan selesai di buat, kawan mengandaikan begini:

1. Johor DT pasukan paling bertuah kerana di undi didalam kumpulan yang paling mudah.

2. Group of Death adalah kumpulan C di mana pasukan pantai timur bakal bertemu sesama sendiri dan Negeri Sembilan menjadi pasukan pengacau.

3. LionsXII juga berpeluang cerah untuk mara ke pusingan suku akhir. Namun bakal mendapat tentangan sengit daripada Sarawak dan Perak.

So this will be my prediction on which team that will proceed to the next stage. But before that, a few items need to be highlighted 1st:

1. Pasukan pilihan iaitu LionsXII, Selangor, Johor DT & Kelantan mempunyai peluang cerah menjadi juara.

2. ATM, Perak dan Sarawak juga mempunyai peluang jika berjaya mara ke peringkat akhir.

3. Pasukan lain yang perlu diberi perhatian adalah …….takde kot.

4. Pasukan yang bermain di halaman sendiri didalam 2 perlawanan terakhir peringkat kumpulan bakal menentukan siapa juara dan naib juara kumpulan.

Melalui jadual perlawanan yang mana kawan ada postkan sebelum ini, kawan merasakan pasukan yang akan layak ke peringkat suku akhir adalah:

Kumpulan A – ATM dan Selangor.

Kumpulan B – Johor DT dan PKNS.

Kumpulan C – Kelantan dan Terengganu.

Kumpulan D – Sarawak dan LionsXII.

Suku Akhir

LionsXII vs. ATM

PKNS vs. Kelantan

Terengganu vs. Johor DT

Selangor vs. Sarawak

Separuh Akhir

LionsXII vs. Kelantan

Selangor vs. Johor DT



Sebetulnya, jika ramalan kawan tentang perlawanan semifinal betul, Piala Malaysia tahun ini bakal menjadi antara yang terbaik dan paling mencabar. Ini kerana semua pasukan favourite mempunyai peluang untuk menjadi juara. Namun harus di ingat yang Kelantan selaku juara bertahan pastinya mempunyai kelebihan berbanding pasukan yang lain. Kawan agak sukar untuk menentukan siapa yang bakal menjadi juara kerana keempat-empat pasukan adalah yang terbaik untuk musim ini.

Kawan akan update analysis ini bila kesemua perlawanan peringkat kumpulan tamat kelak. Buat masa ini, just enjoy the matches and may the best team win!

Monday, August 12, 2013


6 Tahun....

Bagi ramai orang tempoh itu sekejap sahaja. Bagi kawan, macam2 telah kawan lalui sejak menjadi seorang suami dan ayah. Apa yang kawan lihat ayah dan mak dan cuba jadikan sebagai pedoman adalah amat terhad persamaannya.

Kami hidup di dunia yang berbeza. Sama seperti bila ayah membebel bila kawan nak beli itu ini, pergi sana sini, pabila dia mula membandingkan semasa dia kecil dengan sewaktu kawan kecil. Sekarang bila kawan nak membebel pada Ayra pun tidak boleh menyamakan zaman kawan kecil dengan zaman sekarang.

Semuanya berbeza.

Alhamdulillah, kawan dan Erma telah berjaya bertahan selama 6 tahun dan semoga ikatan cinta kami kekal hingga syurga.

Untuk itu, seperti tahun lepas, kawan membuat satu MV cikai bertaraf 1/2 bintang untuk memperingati kawan dan Erma tentang apa yang telah kami sama2 lalui selama 5 tahun yang sudah.

I love you Erma. Till Jannah. In Sya Allah

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Watsons Piala Malaysia 2013: Jadual Perlawanan

Pada 27.07.2013 yang lepas, FAM telah selesai menjalankan majlis pengundian bagi menentukan dimanakah letaknya setiap pasukan yang berjaya melayakkan diri ke Watsons Piala Malaysia 2013. Pasukan pasukan ini adalah terdiri daripada 10 pasukan yang menduduki tempat terbaik didalam liga Super Malaysia 2013, 4 pasukan terbaik Liga premier Malaysia 2013 & 2 pasukan yang melayakkan diri setelah melalui perlawanan play-off di antara 2 pasukan terbawah Liga Super menentang 2 pasukan ke-5 & ke-6 liga premier.

Berikut adalah kedudukan pasukan didalam balang mengikut ranking bagi memudahkan undian dibuat. Sedikit penerangan bagaimana penetapan pasukan dalam setiap balang:

Balang A: Top 4 pasukan Liga Super.
Balang B: Tempat ke 5 - 8 Liga Super.
Balang C: Tempat ke 9 & 10 Liga Super. Juara & Naib Juara Liga Premier.
Balang D: Tempat ke 3 & 4 Liga Premier. 2 pemenang pusingan play off.

Setelah undian selamat dijalankan, berikut adalah kedudukan setiap pasukan mengikut kumpulan:

Berikut adalah jadual perlawanan Piala Malaysia 2013 (Semua perlawanan bermula pada jam 8:45 malam kecuali dinyatakan):


Kumpulan A
Johor FA vs. Selangor  - Stadium MPPG 
ATM vs. Sime Darby - Stadium Selayang

Kumpulan B
PKNS vs. Johor DT - Stadium Shah Alam
Felda Utd vs. T Team - Stadium MPPJ Jam (4:45 petang)

Kumpulan C
PAHANG vs. KELANTAN - Stadium Darul Makmur
Terengganu vs. Negeri Sembilan - Stadium Sultan Ismail

Kumpulan D
PERAK vs. SARAWAK - Stadium Perak
LionsXII vs. Kedah - Stadium Jalan Besar (7:45 malam)


Kumpulan A
SELANGOR vs. ATM - Stadium Shah Alam
Sime Darby vs. Johor FA - Stadium Selayang

Kumpulan B
Johor DT vs. Felda Utd - Stadium Larkin
T Team vs. PKNS - Stadium Sultan Ismail

Kumpulan C
KELANTAN vs. TERENGGANU - Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV
Negeri Sembilan vs. Pahang - Stadium Paroi

Kumpulan D
SARAWAK vs. LIONSXII - Stadium Negeri
Kedah vs. Perak - Stadium Darul Aman


Kumpulan A
Sime Darby vs. Selangor - Stadium Selayang
Johor FA vs. ATM - Stadium MPPG

Kumpulan B
T Team vs. Johor DT - Stadium Sultan Ismail
PKNS vs. Felda Utd - Stadium Shah Alam

Kumpulan C
Negeri Sembilan vs. Kelantan - Stadium Paroi
Pahang vs. Terengganu - Stadium Darul Makmur

Kumpulan D
Kedah vs. Sarawak - Stadium Darul Aman
PERAK vs. LIONSXII - Stadium Perak


Kumpulan A
ATM vs. Johor FA - Stadium Selayang
Selangor vs. Sime Darby - Stadium Shah Alam

Kumpulan B
Felda Utd vs. PKNS - Stadium MPPJ (4:45 petang)
Johor DT vs. T Team - Stadium Larkin

Kumpulan C
Terengganu vs. Pahang - Stadium Sultan Ismail
Kelantan vs. Negeri Sembilan - Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV

Kumpulan D
Sarawak vs. Kedah - Stadium Negeri
LIONSXII vs. PERAK - Stadium Jalan Besar (7:45 malam)


Kumpulan A
Johor vs. Sime Darby - Stadium MPPG
ATM vs. SELANGOR - Stadium Selayang

Kumpulan B
PKNS vs. T Team - Stadium Shah Alam
Felda Utd vs. Johor DT - Stadium MPPJ (4:45 petang)

Kumpulan C
Pahang vs. Negeri Sembilan - Stadium Darul Makmur
TERENGGANU vs. KELANTAN - Stadium Sultan Ismail

Kumpulan D
Perak vs. Kedah - Stadium Perak


Kumpulan D
LIONSXII vs. SARAWAK - Stadium Jalan Besar (7:45 malam).


Kumpulan A
Selangor vs. Johor FA - Stadium Shah Alam
Sime Darby vs. ATM - Stadium Selayang

Kumpulan B
Johor DT vs. PKNS - Stadium Larkin
T Team vs. Felda Utd - Stadium Sultan Ismail

Kumpulan C
Kelantan vs. Pahang - Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV
Negeri Sembilan vs. Terengganu - Stadium Paroi

Kumpulan D
Sarawak vs. Perak - Stadium Negeri
Kedah vs. LionsXII - Stadium Darul Aman

Perlawanan yang di bold adalah merupakan perlawanan tumpuan.

Jadual perlawanan Suku akhir ke final:

Analisis pasukan dan perlawanan akan bersambung in the next post.