Sunday, September 23, 2012

App review: EasyMoney

Since becoming a smartphone user for about 3 years, I find it is beneficial to me. I can check my facebook acc on the go. Twitter, blog, emails, news, etc all in one. So I guess I should share those apps that I find worthy to be downloaded and to be use onto my phone.

But of course.... this is my review and it does not meant that you will be having the same opinion as mine.

1st app to be review is EasyMoney.

Everybody use money. So if you want to know and track where your money go, you need an app to track it. Ive been using other app to monitor my money movement i.e. Expense Manager, Moneywise etc. But none can be compare to EasyMoney.

While others combine your account into one or separate it into different account, EasyMoney let you summarize your money into accounts that you been using i.e. bank, cash and credit cards. This accounts will be having its own subcategory which you can enter the details accordingly. The Account summary page will combine all the amount of all accounts into one. If you do not want all the accounts to be counted for i.e credit cards, you can edit it so that it would not be calculate together with all of the other accounts.

You can do your bill reminders, monthly/weekly/daily summary of spending and it even can be save in pdf or excel file for safekeeping. Talking about safe keeping, you can set a password so that nobody can view your accounts or budget.

I surely will recommend this app to monitor your money movements. The only issue about this app is that it is not free. Yes, there is a free app, but it only made available for a period of time for trial. After that, it will trigger a notification to ask you to buy the app. But this will not be a problem if you are a serious user of smartphones.

I'll give ****/5 for this app.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Renewed ambition

Aku blog bile aku nak. Macam v Persie score bile dia nak. Tapi aku takde kena mengena dgn v Persie. Cuma aku adalah penyokong tegar United.

Bile aku tgk yg rapat dgn aku berjaya dlm kehidupan diorg skrg, aku agak cemburu dgn kejayaan diorg. Mmglah nmpk senang tapi komitmen, beban diorg.... diorg je yg tau. Tp aku nak berjaya mcm diorg.

Skrg ni rasanya mcm dah lmbt kot if aku nak start anything fresh. So apa yg patut aku buat adalah getting better on what I do best. Aku ada anak bini nak kena tanggung. Tu blm masuk cerita kalo aku nak bg Ayra adik lg... Dgn keadaan aku skrg ni, tak tau la aku mampu ke tak nak menyara famili aku.

Betullah org ckp, dulu masa aku membesar..zamannya susah. Tapi orgnya senang. Sekarang ni zaman senang, tapi orangnya plak susah...

Dah mcm tulis diari plak. Bukan apa, aku kena tulis kat sini untuk menyedarkan diri aku yang aku belum senang lagi. Aku belum mampu untuk membalas jasa mak bapak aku. Aku harap aku tak akan menyusahkan diorang. Semoga ada yang mendoakan aku berjaya. Tak jadi millionnaire, jadi orang tak berhutang pon cukuplah.

ا مين يراءببال الءمين...