Thursday, January 27, 2011

Athena: Goddess of War

Since dah 'berhijrah' ni, aku suka layan tv. Especially channel yg sblm ni aku xble tgk.

Athena ni adalah drama korea yg disiarkan d channel 393 One. Drama ala2 mcm siri 24 lakonan Keifer Sutherland ni adalah sambungan kpd cerita Iris dulu.

Memula dpt tau psl cite ni, yg aku tau hanyalah psl ni....

Aku cuma tau psl God of war jer, krekos. Tp cite ni psl goddess of war. Ingatkan dah nama citenye goddess of war, mesti heroinnya aku silap. Ala kadar jer.

Mengikut trailer drama ni, drama ni adalah yg termahal pernah dibuat mencecah jutaan won. Kalau drama pon diorh sanggup buat juta2. Inikan plak flim.

Since cite ni still baru, aku x dpt nak bg detail sinopsis. Tg dah separuh jln nnti baru aku update k.

For those yg dah 'berhijrah' mcm aku, kena la lyn channel mcm ni baru puas ati tgk tv.

Baru best!! Hehe

'Redifining the world'

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malaysia vs. Indonesia: 2010 Suzuki Cup Final Leg 1: Revisited

For those yg x minat bola, this post mmg lembab and ketinggalan zaman. Tp for those still have the fire utk team Harimau Malaya kita, apalah salahnye aku mengungkit cerita best utk dikongsi bersama, right?

Sbb utama aku baru nak tulis post ni sbb aku xder masa nak berblogging cam tahun 2009. So... since skrg ni aku ader masa, baik aku tulis eventho cerita tahun lepas.

For those yg kenal aku, aku bkn baru2 ni sokong team Msia. Dari kecik lagi aku sokong dgn mengondem team kebangsaan sendiri. Aku rasa aku kondem lebih dari aku memuji. Heheh. Tp fact is...aku pegi stadium tgk pasukan Msia lwn team negara lain. Aku jugak ader 2 jersi Malaysia Original - 1 time Msia sponsor by Adidas & 1 bile team Msia baru dapat tajaan dari Nike. Time tu nak carik jersi Msia pirate mmg susah. Kalo jersi hoki Msia, mmg byk.

So back to the main topic.... Aku actually nak tgk masa semifinal Msia vs. Vietnam. Tp syg...kesihatan x mengizinkan & parents in law aku pon ader dtg umah aku time tuh. X sesuai la rasanye aku sbg tuan rumah xde kat umah... So bile Msia dpt masuk final, mmg aku xkan lepaskan pluang nak tgk Msia beraksi especially against team Indon yg tgh kurang ajar time tuh...X kan aku nak lepaskan peluang kot.

Penyokong Indon yg ble tahan ramai gak

Ultras Malaya sedang berhimpun b4 masuk stadium

B4 this, last skali aku tgk team Msia beraksi is when Msia vs. MU. King Raja mmg dah jd coach time tuh...So dari time tuh dah nmpk ader improvement dlm persembahan team Msia. So bile aku tgk game nih, ader 2 perbezaan yg aku nmpk:

1. Crowd cheer.
- If dolu, asyik2 mexican wave then nyanyi lagu Inilah Barisan Kita....then of coz simfoni mencaci team sendiri & baling botol itu mmg lumrah. Tp bile aku tgk game ni, the crowd were fantastic. Kudos patut diberikan pd members Ultra Malaya...Diorg mmg bijak menaikkan mood crowd utk bersorak tanpa jemu. Kalau tak, takkan ler fan indon pon tiru buat banner Ultra

2. Team performance.
-Superb. The best Ive ever seen live (this is before aku tgk game 2nd leg final @ Indon). The defense were rock solid, midfield sikit goyang and forward mmg best.

....and this is my first time tgk bola kat std bkt jalil naik 2nd tier sbb 1st tier dah penuh gila baban.

Atmosphere mmg awesome. X rugi aku tgk game ni.

Now aku harap with the team keeping the momentum going, kite boleh layak masuk Asia Cup 2015. X sabo nak tgk the next Harimau Malaya game....

Congrats gak kat Nike Malaysia coz coming up with a great tagline "Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku". Mmg ganas!

Satu ler aku ingat improvement that we need to do kalo g stadium:

1. Kena ajak awek cun g tgk bola. Korg x prasan ker time 2nd leg kat Bung Karno...punyer la ramai awek cun yg dtg sokong Timnas diorg? Awek cun Malaysia x minat bola or tak sokong team Msia ker? X jgk... Kalo x, xkan Ayu Raudhah & Rita Rudaini ble nak kawin pemain bola kot?

X kan sampai aku yg kena bwk awek cun g stadium kot? Hehehe....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Best Cinema in Klang Valley

I've been meaning to write this post for quite sometime..but always forget or some other matter more concerning for me to write than this. But since now I've the time, let me list down my personal best cinema in Klang Valley.

Well to be frank, there are only a few cinema patron in Klang Valley but there is a lot of places that we can go to watch the movie. My list are actually based on Cinema patron coz different patron use different lenses as well as sound system.

I actually watch movie for what it worth. I like to watch movie that have a lot of action ie The Matrix trilogy, Lord of the rings trilogy, Avatar etc... So there is no way that I want to watch a movie like Chocolate, Meet The Parents, Twilight etc UNLESS Erma want to watch it.

My review will be based on Recommend cinema location, Sound System, Cinema hall size and seating.

So this is my list of Cinema in no particular order:

1. Golden Screen Cinemas.

During my study days, I can only watch movie that is closer to me. So Jusco Bukit Raja is the nearest cinema to my place. I dont like GSC so much just bcoz the bad sound system. It is more worst when watching 3D movie.

Cinema location recommend: Pavilion, KL.
Sound System: 2/5
Cinema Hall sizes: 3/5
Seating: 2/5
Overall rating: 2/5

2. BIG Cinemas.

I dont recommend at all. Unless you want to watch the movie for the 2nd time or the other cinemas already fully booked.

Cinema Location recommend: Brem Mall, Kepong.
Sound System: 2/5
Cinema Hall Sizes: 2/5
Seating: 4/5
Overall Rating: 2.5/5

3. IMAX, Berjaya Times Square.

If you want to watch a 3D movie with HUGE screen. Then this is the place. I still remember when Transformers start showing in cinemas, I want to watch the movie @ IMAX thinking that the movie will be in 3D. How wrong am I.
Its a great place to watch 3D movie. Unfortunetely, the latest news is that this cinema has closed.

4. Tanjung Golden Villages Cinemas.

Previously, this is the place that I will recommend if you want to watch & enjoy the movie. It has decent sound system. The cinema hall is quite big. The seat is ok

Cinema location recommend: Pavilion, KL.
Sound System: 3.5/5
Cinema Hall sizes: 2/5
Seating: 2/5
Overall rating: 3/5

5. Cathay Cineplexes.

This is always been my personal favourite cineplexes if I want to watch movies. It has great sound system, nice seating, a lot of cinema hall and of coz easy to find parking. I will definitely recommend this place if you want to watch movies.

Cinema location recommend: e@curve, Mutiara Damansara (Formerly known as Cineleisure).
Sound System: 5/5.
Cinema hall sizes: 4/5.
Seating: 3.5/5.
Overall Rating: 4/5

This is my list, if its defer to your liking. It's up to you. This is my personal opinion.. Hope you guys find this post informative.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Night Eternal: The Strain Trilogy final chapter

The nail-biting conclusion to The Strain Trilogy, from the world-famous director of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy.

After the blasts, it was all over. Nuclear Winter has settled upon the earth. Except for one hour of sunlight a day, the whole world is plunged into darkness. It is a near-perfect environment for vampires. They have won. It is their time. With the planet absolutely under their control, almost every single man, woman and child has been enslaved in vast camps across the globe. Like animals, they are farmed for energy, labour and sustenance – harvested for the sick pleasure of the Master Race. Somewhere out there, hiding for their lives, is a desperate network of free humans. They continue the hopeless resistance. Everyday people, with no other options – among them Eph, Zack, Vassily, and Gus – do their best to disrupt the utter devastation of the new world order. To be free, they need to rely on the intervention of an unexpected race of beings. Unthinkable creations who give new meaning to the plea "angels and ministers of grace defend us". They align themselves with the forlorn dregs of humanity to try and reclaim the planet for all that is right and sane. The survivors do not know what is in store for them. And Salvation is a twisted game – one in which they are played like pawns in a battle of Good and Evil that will force the ultimate sacrifice from all involved.

- That is Harper Collins preview to the final installment of the Strain trilogy. So when the book will be release?

01 September 2011.

Mark your calendar fren...Let start the countdown....

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Movie Review: Tron:Legacy

Actually I've watch the movie somewhere in Dec'10. Only lazyness has delay me to post the review in this blog.

Tron:Legacy is the sequel of the Tron movie in 1982. Its started in 1989 with Kevin Flynn - who started to make the Grid (a digital world which Flynn has manage to create) after successfully creating a worldwide frenzy arcade game call the Tron under his company ENCOM. After telling his son, Sam what he are currently doing, Flynn goes missing.

Throughout the movie...we were inform on how Kevin Flynn managed to create the Grid with the help of his 2 creation: Tron who will protect Kevin Flynn or known as the user in the Grid world and CLU (Codified Likeness Utility) who will complete the task until perfection given by the user. Clu is created using Flynn images therefore it resembles Flynn look. With the help of Tron & Clu, Flynn has created the Grid and somehow manage to discover the ISOs (Isomorphic Algorithms) a self produce program that Flynn believe will redefine the world (the real world that is) in all field i.e. medicine, science etc. While creating the Grid, Clu somehow betray Flynn and take over The Grid. Tron were defeated and Flynn become the fugitive in his own creation world. Thus unable him to get back to the real world.

Meanwhile, Clu completing his task to perfect the Grid world has launch a genocide againts the ISOs as he believe that they are uncomplete program that need to be destroy.

Fast forward to 2019, Sam... now a young man without any commitment who annually make an appearence to 'surprise' the board of ENCOM directors get a message from his father through his father best friend and ENCOM exec, Alan Bradley via pager. As Sam is still believe that his father has gone missing rather than dissappear, he went to the old arcade own by his father.
After finding a secret door and a rather futuristic computer (for the year 1989), Sam somehow trigger the machine which transport him to the Grid. This is where all the action begin...

Sam was caught and immediately was brought to the Arena, where all unwanted program need to defend themselves by beating the Grid rep or end up dead if defeated. Unfortunately for Sam, after winning his match need to beat the best of the Grid rep - Rinzler (who actually is Tron being modified by Clu). After being defeated by Rinzler who found out that Sam is a user not a program, Sam was brought forward to meet Clu.
After finding out that Clu is not his father. Clu who still have plan to conqour not only the Grid world but to expand to the real world try to kill Sam in the Arena. When Sam almost being killed by Clu, up came the lovely Quorra to save the day.
Quorra bring Sam to meet his father and together they it is Sam who plan to bring his father back to the real world. This is where all the action kick back. With all the gadgets from the dress, the vehicles and the is really a feast for sci-fi and of coz Tron enthusiast.
Here are among the vehicles that really fascinate me....

the jet create using just a stick

I dont know what this car name

Flynn own Light cycle
For those who are into sci-fi and of coz the Tron movie, this movie is a bomb. I still remember before watching the movie, a blogger name Nazim Masnawi talk on Astro Awani giving this movie a 1 or 2 star from 5 thus make me more wanting to watch the movie. Unfortunetely I cant watch in 3D as it will hurt Ayra's eyes. Luckily my girl fall asleep when the movie just started. I believe the movie will be much much better in 3D.
For this movie, I give 4 star out 5.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Malaysia: AFF Suzuki Cup CHAMPION 2010

Sedikit Sejarah..... AFF Suzuki Cup adalah 1 kejohanan khas utk semua negara asia tenggara mengambil bahagian. Pada awalnya kejohanan ni dikenali sebagai Tiger Cup sbb Tiger beer yg dok sponsornya...Kemudian, bertukar pihak penganjuran ke Suzuki pula. Di mulakan pada tahun 1996, tahun ini adalah edisi ke-8 penganjurannya. Dan ini adalah kali pertama MALAYSIA CHAMPION!.

Sblm bergelar juara, Malaysia perlu menundukkan musuh ketatnya iaitu Indonesia...Musuh ketat?.....Sejarah lagi -

Perseteruan di antara Malaysia & Indonesia bkn baru dalam apa jua bidang. Lebih2 lagi sukan. Piala Thomas telah memberi memori yg mengerikan pabila berjuta peminat fanatik telah memenuhi stadium Istora Senayan smpi tepi court final... bila Indonesia bertemu Malaysia pada tahun 1994, Malaysia kalah 3-0. Aku rasa team Msia masa tu mesti kecut perut punyalah.... Bygkanlah peminat tuan rumah yg ramai....bole plak dok blkg linesman jer jauhnya...kalo aku, x pyh main pon xpe kot.... Psyko tahap gaban dah tu.! Segala perseteruan ini biasanya adalah positif war...hanya tertumpu kepada player yg main. Fan hanya bersorak utk pasukan masing2...tidak sampai tahap mengutuk team lawan atau menghina team lawan.

Tetapi...semuanya berubah pabila Malaysia er actually beberapa rakyat Malaysia yg mendera bibik mereka yg berasal dari Indonesia hingga menjadi kes mahkamah. Eventho Polis & Mahkamah Malaysia telah menjatuhkan hukuman terhadap majikan2 yg bongok rakyat Indonesia yg mmg mudah kena psyko....mula makin 'panas' sama warga Malaysia.

X cukup dgn kes tu, kes nelayan Indon, kes tentera ke...apatah (tp asal dari Indonesia) telah ditangkap kerana memasuki perairan Malaysia secara illegal. Dah ler sah2 salah diorg, Malaysia skali lagi dipersalahkan kerana mereka mendakwa bhawa nelayan or tentera tu blm lepas lagi sempadan Malaysia....

Maka bermulalah konfrontasi rakyat Indonesia terhadap rakyat Malaysia. Tarian yg ada dlm iklan Kem. Pelancongan diorg kata Msia curik....kain batik yg popular di Msia pon mereka kata kita curik....smpaikan lagu 'rasa syg' pon diorg kata Msia curik. Maka, mulalah mereka menggelar Msia 'maling' dan siap berarak ke konsulat Malaysia di Jakarta sampai ada yg membakar Jalur Gemilang!! WTF?!!

Back to present

So bile tournement AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 yg mana team Msia 1 group dgn team tuan rumah iaitu Indonesia.....korg pon dah tau apa jadi, kan? Fan Msia yg nak pergi game Indon vs. Msia @ Gelora Bung Karno pd 1 Dec 2010 siap di escort oleh pihak polis Indonesia kerana takut penyokong fanatik Indonesia akan bertindak ganas. No yellow shirt are allowed at all. Dgn kena baling btl la....kena kutuk tu...dah kompem la. Smpaikan bas yg fan Msia naik pon siap kena kepung...itu blm kira time game yg aku (& korg) tgk kat tv masa tu... tiap kali player Msia dpt bola - kena boo & kena panggil 'Maling!'. X cukup dgn tuh....bila 'Negaraku' berkumandang, satu stadium kedengaran 'boo' lagu tu. WTF??!!! in the end Msia kalah game tu 5-1. Team Msia masa tu mmg teruk. Tp kalo Messi play for Msia...kompem kalah gak beb. Baru pas main utk Asian game...then rehat 2 hari, then play for AFF Suzuki cup plak..Pancit beb!! Itu x termasuk yg injured & blm recover...

Tp stlh game tuh....Msia got their rhythm back...draw against Thai 0-0 then Beat Laos 5-1. Credit also should goes to Indonesia football team, diorg x spt fan diorg. They beat Thailand so that Indonesia top the group with full points from 3 games & Msia 2nd as the group runners up. Kalo Indonesia football team playing like what their fan wanted, they can always draw or lose to Thai in the final game of the group so that Thai and not Msia who will follow them to the semifinal.

In semifinal, Msia beat Vietnam 2-0 on aggregat and Indonesia beat 'BPL team' Phillipines. With that, Malaysia will play against Indonesia for the final.

1st leg Msia beat Indonesia 3-0.

This is the best game Ive ever witness Malaysia Football team play for as long as I can remember. Review game ni will be posted later. Masa game nilah...Malaysia football back on top of Malaysian heart. Bkn stkt persembahan hebat skuad Harimau Malaya, tp sebab fan Malaysia yg mmg superb!! kat stadium. Yg kat umah...aku x tau, sbb korg tgk kat umah korg, bkn umah aku...Kudos harus diberikan pada Ultra Malaya yg cheer team Msia even bile semua fan dlm stadium senyap...Psl fireworks...laser...Pls grow up la! Even Iker Casillas pon ada kena laser gak..x merengek mcm Markus pon. Mentang2 la Indon byk sinetron yg main kat tv sini, smpai ke tgh padang bola pon nak jugak? All are normal except ader 1 firework yg meletop betul2 atas player Msia. Itu mmg bangang. X kire la kena team Msia ke, team Indon ke...its unacceptable.

2nd leg: Indon beat Msia 2-1 (Msia won with aggregat 4-2).

Eventhough Msia kalah, tp kite menang final! Harimau Malaya played extremely well. Much better when they played against Vietnam in the 2nd leg semifinal. Bila Safee Sali score Msia thunderous 1st goal, its confirm that Msia menang that final. Penalty miss by the very nervous Indon captain, Firman pon menjadi antara petanda yg Msia bakal menang. Tp not to forget the superb through ball from Ashaari utk Safee Sali meledak gol pertama Msia. Mmg klas! Tp above all, abe Kharul Fahmi played extremely well sbg benteng terakhir Msia.

And....thats how Malaysia won their 1st international tournament after 14 years!! Itu x termasuk Pingat Emas dari sukan Sea tahun lepas la.

Congratulation to the management, FAM, the Harimau Malaya squad. Aku nak mention a few name yg without them, Malaysia cannot achieve this feat....

Tournament top goalscorer - Mohd Safee Sali.
He's been incredible for this tournament. Scoring 5 from the final 4 games is a really big feat to achieve. Without his goal and great partnership with Nor Shahrul Idlan, Malaysia x mungkin bole menang.

Nor Shahrul 'Special' Idlan Talaha
They call him Mat Yo.
Aku suka cara dia main. He play more like Berbatov minus the height. Good in ball control. Perfect as target man. And of coz...can score with both leg. Masa Msia menang 3-0 against Indon di bkt Jalil, Mat Yo assist 2 of the goal by Safee & Ashaari. Dgn trademark bwk bola ke corner flag-then work the way through the penalty box via the line before shooting or passing to team mate mmg skil yg amat sukar dibuat.
That's why when the 2nd leg, Mat Yo x dpt buat skil ni coz defender Indon dah blajar dari diorg punya kesilapan x mark him during the 1st leg in bkt Jalil. Coach Rajagopal call him the best forward in south east asia by far and I agree with him.

Kapten Safiq Rahim

Who win the midfield battle, win the game. Itu yg slalu aku ingatkan bila tgk any football game (Nak main..jarang2 je dpt). Since the lost to Indonesia in the group stage, Safiq lebih byk playing as central midfielder than his usual attacking midfielder. Of coz, bile tukar ke central midfield...automatically ko xble shoot jauh and try score bile masuk ke kawasan D. Tp it work well for Safiq coz he can relay the ball to either Kunanlan or Amirulhadi on the flank. Unfortunately he didnt perform up to his true capability. Kalau dia peak at the right time, ko akan dpt tgk a great midfielder or maybe a playmaker in action. Xpe...Safiq got a lot of time to polish his trade.

The Cleaner - Amar Rohidan

A great team always have the player to do the dirty yet vital job - aku panggil the cleaner. If Vieira are for Arsenal, then Keane are for Manchester United then if Nanthakumar is for Perak then Amar Rohidan is for Malaysia.
Knape dia penting? As the cleaner, same as the name goes, Amar will help the defender to clear any attack from opponent. Amar also will mark any opposition playmaker so that he will not play to his normal rhythm. That is why Firma Utina - Most valuable player (MVP) of AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 play so bad in both leg of the final.

Xkan korg x prasan when Amar dikeluarkan, Msia kena 2 gol? Yes.... sbb the cleaner dah xder. Sabri Abu or Amri Yahyah is not a good defensive midfielder nor Safiq Rahim. That's why Amar is very important to the Malaysia formation.

The final jigsaw of Malaysia football team puzzle - Khairul Fahmi Che Mat

Malaysia sentiasa mempunyai a good football team but it always turn bad bcoz of the goalkeeper 'budak tadika' error. Remember Helmi Eliza? Remember Kamarulzaman Hasan yg score gol sendiri utk Thailand menang emas SEA games 2001? Malaysia always have a bad goalkeeper.

Until Ahmad Sharbinee and his fushia jersey start playing for Malaysia in the SEA games 2009. Then Msia start to have a good goalkeeper. Bile Sharbinee injured, MSL best goalkeeper for 2010 get the nod. Khairul Fahmi tidak mengecewakan. He play very well especially under heavy pressure. When Msia lost 5-1 in the group stage against Indon. Sharbinee yg baru baik injured get the nod. Lauk seh! After that game, Khairul Fahmi get the nod... the rest is history.

Coach K Rajagopal.

Without him, there will be no Harimau Malaya winning the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. He has assemble a young yet energetic squad of players. Couple with a few great player from a bad batch, Coack Rajagopal has found his team. Korg prasan x, whenever Malaysia are playing, he will wear his lucky white shirt? tlg cek blk.

Aku prasan pon start when he take over from Sathianathan, game against Manchester United. From then on, When Malaysia play, he will wear his white shirt.

Whatever it is, he has found what others has fail. Dari Claude Le Roy, Allan Harris, Bertalan Bickskei smpailer Sathianathan...K Rajagopal has brought back Malaysia football to the right track.

x d lupakan kpd Our couragous defend duo - Muslim Ahmad & Fadhli Shas. They played as if that were going to be their final day. For now...we salute you. Hope that you have set this team a bigger target and like Dato Subhan - Malaysia team manager said, next target - qualify for 2015 Asia Cup. Then baru kite bole mimpikan Malaysia beraksi di WORLD CUP.

This squad are actually not thebest we have. Bile kembar Zafififfifd pulih dari injury, Badrol Bakhtiar, Khyril Muhaimeen & Gary Steven Robart (ntah betul ke tak ejanya) back from injury, Malaysia will have a much..much better squad of player.

We as fan pon kena play part gak beb! Kalo stakat bile menang jer baru ko nak tgk Msia main...baru nak kenal sapa Khairul Fahmi...baru nak kenal Safee Sali...baru nak kenal Elia (dung!!) then we are not a true Harimau Malaya fan. Tgk fan timnas Indon. Gile fanatik! Thai national squad fan? gile fanatik! Itu x kire team kuat Jepun & South Korea...Team bola diorg makin kuat coz fan dtg tgk league or national team diorg main beb! So show your role. Jgn stkt bising di fb, twitter (kite kena bising kat twitter gak la..lauk seh dgn fan Indon harituh) jer kite kena teruskan menyokong team bola kite.

Aku rasa ada possibility pas ni yg aku akan lebih fanatik menyokong team Msia/Johor FC/Johor FA/Muar MP lebih dari Manchester United kot...hehe

The future look so bright.... Come on MALAYSIA!

(Gila fanatik post ni...lebih fanatik dari post MU aku)