Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Movie Review: Tron:Legacy

Actually I've watch the movie somewhere in Dec'10. Only lazyness has delay me to post the review in this blog.

Tron:Legacy is the sequel of the Tron movie in 1982. Its started in 1989 with Kevin Flynn - who started to make the Grid (a digital world which Flynn has manage to create) after successfully creating a worldwide frenzy arcade game call the Tron under his company ENCOM. After telling his son, Sam what he are currently doing, Flynn goes missing.

Throughout the movie...we were inform on how Kevin Flynn managed to create the Grid with the help of his 2 creation: Tron who will protect Kevin Flynn or known as the user in the Grid world and CLU (Codified Likeness Utility) who will complete the task until perfection given by the user. Clu is created using Flynn images therefore it resembles Flynn look. With the help of Tron & Clu, Flynn has created the Grid and somehow manage to discover the ISOs (Isomorphic Algorithms) a self produce program that Flynn believe will redefine the world (the real world that is) in all field i.e. medicine, science etc. While creating the Grid, Clu somehow betray Flynn and take over The Grid. Tron were defeated and Flynn become the fugitive in his own creation world. Thus unable him to get back to the real world.

Meanwhile, Clu completing his task to perfect the Grid world has launch a genocide againts the ISOs as he believe that they are uncomplete program that need to be destroy.

Fast forward to 2019, Sam... now a young man without any commitment who annually make an appearence to 'surprise' the board of ENCOM directors get a message from his father through his father best friend and ENCOM exec, Alan Bradley via pager. As Sam is still believe that his father has gone missing rather than dissappear, he went to the old arcade own by his father.
After finding a secret door and a rather futuristic computer (for the year 1989), Sam somehow trigger the machine which transport him to the Grid. This is where all the action begin...

Sam was caught and immediately was brought to the Arena, where all unwanted program need to defend themselves by beating the Grid rep or end up dead if defeated. Unfortunately for Sam, after winning his match need to beat the best of the Grid rep - Rinzler (who actually is Tron being modified by Clu). After being defeated by Rinzler who found out that Sam is a user not a program, Sam was brought forward to meet Clu.
After finding out that Clu is not his father. Clu who still have plan to conqour not only the Grid world but to expand to the real world try to kill Sam in the Arena. When Sam almost being killed by Clu, up came the lovely Quorra to save the day.
Quorra bring Sam to meet his father and together they plan...er..actually it is Sam who plan to bring his father back to the real world. This is where all the action kick back. With all the gadgets from the dress, the vehicles and the action...it is really a feast for sci-fi and of coz Tron enthusiast.
Here are among the vehicles that really fascinate me....

the jet create using just a stick

I dont know what this car name

Flynn own Light cycle
For those who are into sci-fi and of coz the Tron movie, this movie is a bomb. I still remember before watching the movie, a blogger name Nazim Masnawi talk on Astro Awani giving this movie a 1 or 2 star from 5 thus make me more wanting to watch the movie. Unfortunetely I cant watch in 3D as it will hurt Ayra's eyes. Luckily my girl fall asleep when the movie just started. I believe the movie will be much much better in 3D.
For this movie, I give 4 star out 5.

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