Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Perak's political drama: Gosh...just give back the power to the people to vote la!!!

Tgh gua sesedap baca/browse The Malaysian Insider & The Star pas lunch semlm tetiba jer network bz. Gua try ler refresh balik..terus jer cannot find website...siut betul..After that baru ler gua tau yg these website tgh update the latest news on the result of sapa MB Perak yg sah. Ir Nizar menang kes tuh with a valid reason that he wasnt ousted during sidang DUN.
What if Zambri yg menang? Dah tentu those website or blog mesti kata conspiracy theory by Najib or the gomen pegang the judicracy as well as the law. But the result shows that the gomen didnt take control on the law as well as judicracy (betul ker perkataan nih).
My verdict? let Ir Nizar bubarkan DUN dan let rakyat Perak yg tentukan siapa yg mereka rasa adalah selayaknye utk mentadbir Perak. Mind u.. Gua mention rakyat Perak not those who living in other place i.e KL or Selangor or JB or Penang but bile mase utk mengundi.... blk kg utk mengundi. They are not rakyat Perak... they only live for a certain period during their childhood or born in Perak.
Gua slalu ckp we should vote for the person which going to serve us. Not our parents or those yg dok kat kg tmpt kite mengundi. Tp.. gua pon actually lom tukar add lagi.hehe... but gua akan buat..soon.

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