Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movies in 1H 2009

2009 dah 10 hari berlalu. This year ade byk gak movie2 yg best nak kua yg x ble miss out. Listed below are the movies that I will definitely dont want to miss out.

January 23rd
Red Cliff 2

This is the 2nd part of the Red Cliff trilogy. If u miss the 1st, u will definitely regret it becoz this is the only movie that its worth watching Takeshi Kaneshiro and Tony Liung act together. With John Woo as the director. This movie going to be awesome. Words out is that the 2nd installment will show the brilliant war plan by Takeshi to defeat the army from the north. FYI, this is movie is an adaptation from a famous novel in China.

February 5th
Pink Panther 2

2nd installment of the hillarious movie Pink Panther. Lawak gile seh! With Star studded actors. Mmg worth it ar kalau tgk.

March 5th

mmg tajuk movie ni is '9'. a science fiction movie. Don't know a lot about it tp from the review which i read mcm worth it for a check out.

March 12th
Dragonball Z

Yup! the manga which turn to anime now are on the silver screen!! Since wa mmg peminat setia Dragonball, mmg xble tinggal la beb! tp so far, review die mengecewakan jer. Patutnyer Stephen Chow (the producer) should be the director la. Baru ler lawak and best!

May 14th
Angels and Demons

A drama thriller movie adapted from the novel by Lewis apetah. Definitely my wife will keep asking in order to understand..hehe. Tom hanks berlakon.

May 28th
Terminator Salvation

John O Conner is back, x tau ler the good terminator (arnold susahnakeja) ader lagi ker x. Tp since Christian Bale will be the leading actor. I think its worth watching. I hope the CGI gonna blow my mind.

June 12th
Fast & Furious

They are back! All the role from the 1st installment will be reunited in this movie. Its going to be great! I hope so.

June 30th
Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen

X prasan pon yg Transformers ader buat the 2nd movie that soon. But Shia is back with the Autobots and trying to defeat the decepticon once again. "Autobots! Roll out!"

Itu baru setengah tahun. the balance of the year will be notify once Ive gone through with all of the movie above. Other than that. Ader lg movie yg maybe im gonna watch like Seven Pounds (Will Smith), The Curious tales of Benjamin (Brad Pitt), X-Men Origin: Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Street Fighter: Chun Li (Kristian Kreuk from Lana Lang of Smallville drama series) and others.

Tp ader satu website yg wa tertipu ingat ader new movie yg mmg dah lamer ar tunggu. Try ler masuk this website:

The movie is Thundercats. Anime yg mmg wa minat giler other than Voltron and Robotech. ader Fan yg sanggup buat the trailer of this movie taken from movie yg pernah kite tgk i.e Troy, Pitch Black, LOTR etc. Pelakon die pon ble tahan beb! Brad Pitt as Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tygra, Vin Diesel as Panthro etc.
mmg gempak ler bro! If only mmg ader movie ni, confirm wa tgk lebih dr 3 kali ar.... but only if the movie best ler.

Sword Of Omen!

Give Me sight beyond sight! Thunder!Thunder!


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