Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bz weekender!: Part 2

First & foremost, Its not this weekend journal by the way. Its last weekend journal and only today I feel wanted to fill in my blog with it.

Started on the 24th when Shi's (he's a boy) wedding @ Masjid Al-Ikhlas, Selayang. Normally when an event like this, my mum side of the family normally had all the itinerary or duty roster in order prior to the event. And this is no different from the rest. Except that our roles much more lesser as the f&b by caterer, no khemah or canopy due to the event took place inside a dewan bawah dewan sembahyang masjid.

Oh ya.. btw, there seems to be a few kazen of mine or erma which are going to join the married club soon. Sbb ader yg dah bwk calon and ade yg siap bwk family calon lagi. Will update soon on these status.

On the 25th after sending my mum & Shidah to Mak Som's house, off we go to Port Dickson for a family retreat (ema mum side of family). We stay at Kondo TNB beside Gouman resort. The apartment is big with 3bedroom & 2 bathroom. With its own swimming pool and private beach, its a good outing. Except that Im so damn tired do to all the help that I give during shi's wedding not forgetting staying up late and wake up early due to PS2 WE league with my kekazen and of coz... driving. Maybe thats the reason I did look 'unhappy' mase sesampai kat kondo tuh.

Well here's the review. The place is fine with a lot of facility i.e karaoke lounge, gym, swimming pool (of coz), futsal cum tennis court and not forgetting the apartment also have HBO, ESPN and local tv. Since this is my first outing at PD, its a great place as the beach is clean with clear water. I've heard a lot of ppl making an issue saying that the beach are dirty and the water are not clean. Luckily, I did not experience that.

We did have BBQ and memandi di laut or pool and not forgetting karaoke session (but the songs are limited up to Sephia SO7 era only).

Before blk KL on the 27th, Kitorg blk gemas jap as I want to c my dad. The week before he had a reaccurance of his back pain, that is the reason I blk tgk dia. He's fine, Alhamdulillah.

Here's the great part. Driving.... Kat PD.. Jem. Kat Highway (on the way blk kl dr gemas)...jem. If only ader org ble drive kan....

But I did enjoy the outing this time eventhough its tiring.

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