Monday, February 09, 2009

Chaos! : Part 2

Whichever side of the fence do u sat on, either BN or PR... u definitely dont like wat is happening in Perak now, most definitely....
Just re-cap back the chronology of event leading to wat consider as the death of democracy in Malaysia by some of u.

Pre- Sept 16th '08: DSAI announce that 31 wakil rakyat from BN will defect from BN to PR.
Sept 16th: DSAI said that the procedure has taken times as most of the said wakil rakyat are away in Chinese Taipei.
Jan 26th '09: Dato Nasarudin wakil rakyat Bota announce defecting to join PKR.
Feb 4th: 2 PKR, 1 DAP & Dato Nasarudin defect (again) and show their support to BN. Mind u that the 2 PKR are still in court due to bribery case.
Feb 4th: Dato Ir Nizar announce dissolution of Perak DUN and met DYMM Sultan Perak to get approval as well as to get approval for a snap election to be held ASAP.
Feb 5th: Dato Najib with 31 DUN Perak met DYMM Sultan Perak notifying that BN has the majority and propose that BN would be the new appointed Perak government to replace PR.

and the story goes on as of today....

From the above chronology of event, who started the lompat melompat issue? why when BN wakil rakyat defect, nobody make noise or demonstration or throw stone to the person house and buat kain rentang bagitau yg the wakil rakyat is penderhaka pengundi kawasan tersebut? and why when PR wakil rakyat defect and join or show support to BN, all hell broke lose?

Siap ckp DYMM Sultan Perak dipengaruhi oleh BN? dan hujani kata-kata kesat pd baginda, then nak saman baginda?

When 1 of PR leaders hold a press conference saying to sue DYMM Sultan Perak (though DSAI kata tidak)... dah tentu ler BN gunakan isu ini sebagai scapegoat utk kenakan PR.

If betul lah PR nak bawak kes ni ke mahkamah, r they really sure that the case will be deal justifically?

Actually PR in Perak has lost its grip due to katak lompat melompat issue created by them. If in the 1st place they can settle the sour relationship between themselves dulu and then talk about reform as well as perform so that rakyat can see their effort, none of the tragedy now unfold in Perak would happen.

Tp nak wat mcmane, benda dah jadi.. so hope that both BN & PR would listen to what DYMM Sultan Perak comment as baginda who make the decision to reject Nizar proposal in the 1st place. DYMM Sultan Perak is very knowledgeable in law. Dah tentu baginda tahu rasional di sebalik keputusan baginda.

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