Monday, February 02, 2009

Fed-ex can't stop Ultra-fit Rafa the Matador

Nadal try to console Federer after simply outclass the former No. 1

Nadal simply has a superb fitness level. He didn't look tired eventhough just having 1 day break after his titanic win over his Spanish compatriot Verdasco which the match break the Australian Open record for the longest match ever play at 5 hours & 14 min. And yet he can still manage to conqour Federer in another 5 match thriller 7-5, 3-6, 7-6(3), 3-6, 6-2 .

This weekend provided an extra edge in sport. There is MU vs. Everton (which MU won of coz), Liverpool vs. Chelsea and of coz the Australian final that everyone that love tennis been waiting. - Another showdown between the 2 of the best in the world of tennis.

As I am a fan of Federer for his exquisite elegance yet powerful play, definitely I want Fed-Ex to win. Another reason is that, Federer has lost many match to Nadal, so I believe that he has the extra motivation to beat Rafa. Furthermore, Nadal is not in a good shape (to my opinion) as he has just finish playing well for 5 hours against Verdasco and only have 1 day to rest. But boy.. am I wrong. No wonder during the press conference leading up to the game, Federer play down the extra 1 day of relax as added advantage to him. Maybe becos he know how fit Rafa is.

Federer cant stop his tears from falling down as he expected to win his 14th grand slam to equel Pete Sampras. Unfortunetely, Rafa has his record that he need to take care of

The game has all. The power play, great backhand slash, power forehand and of coz match winner aces. Federer did have all these. The only setback is that he didnt won the breakpoint enuff as he manage to almost get them a lot!. While Rafa is playing well. Did not make any error in converting break point. Eventhough he did not get a lot of it. But the difference that make Nadal 1 class different than Federer is that Nadal seldom makes unforce error. This is why he is simply better than Federer.

I've spent almost 5 hours of non stop action watching the game and its worth it. Hope that Federer can win the next time they meet again.

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