Monday, February 02, 2009

Manchester United maintain no.1 while Liverpool won on stamping over Chelsea players

MU won over Everton 1-0 with Ronaldo penalty provided the winner late 1st half. So now MU are ahead of Liverpool with 2 points plus the Champion are with 1 game extra to play.

But I just dont understand in the manner how Liverpool manage to win over Chelsea with the latter are playing with 10 men after sending of Lampard. Why only Lampard being at fault (eventhough he win the ball over Alonso) while Gerrard, Bosingwa, Benayoun the Israelien can walk away without any cards at all?

Maybe this is the only way that Liverpool can take away the league from MU. By playing aggresive football and defend like there is no tomorrow. Not that I hate team that score 1st and then score. Then I shoudn't choose Italy as my favourite National team. But the way Liverpool are playing just make me glad that I choose MU over Liverpool during Liverpool reign as British best football club in the 80's.

Hope that by Mar 14 when the two meet again at Old Trafford, MU can teach a lesson or two to Liverpool on how to play beautiful football.

Glory Glory Man United!!!

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