Sunday, April 19, 2009

Manchester United: Catch Us If U Can (#2)

Hari ni hari Ahad 19 April 2009..
First..gua nak review result game b4 ni between MU, Liverpool & Chelsea:

4th April 2009 Saturday
  • Fulham vs. Liverpool 1.30am : 0-1
  • Newcastle vs. Chelsea : 0-2

5th April 2009 Sunday

  • Manchester United vs. Aston Villa 11pm : 3-2

7th April 2009 Tuesday

  • Manchester United vs. Porto 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 1 : 2-2

8th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Liverpool vs. Chelsea 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 3 : 1-3

11th April 2009 Saturday

  • Sunderland vs. Manchester United 11pm. : 1-2
  • Liverpool vs. Blackburn Rovers 7.45pm. : 4-0
  • Chelsea vs. Bolton Wanderers 11pm. : 4-3

14th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Chelsea vs. Liverpool 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 3 : 4-4

15th April 2009 Thursday

  • Porto vs. Manchester United 3.45am UCL Qtr Final 1 : 0-1

18th April 2009 Saturday

  • Chelsea vs. Arsenal 1.45am FA Cup Semifinal. : 2-1

19th April 2009 Sunday

  • (1) Manchester United vs. Everton 12am FA Cup Semifinal.

21st April 2009 Tuesday

  • (1) Liverpool vs. Arsenal 4am

22nd April 2009

  • Manchester United vs. Portsmouth 4am.
  • (1) Chelsea vs. Everton 4am.

25th April 2009 Saturday

  • (2) Manchester United vs. Tottenham Hotspurs 11pm.
  • Hull vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • West Ham vs. Chelsea 11pm.

28th April 2009 Tuesday

  • (3) Manchester United vs. Arsenal UCL Semi Final 1

29th April 2009 Wednesday

  • Barcelona vs. (2) Chelsea UCL Semi Final 2

2nd May 2009 Saturday

  • Manchester United vs. Middlesborough 11am
  • Liverpool vs. Newcastle 11am
  • Chelsea vs. Fulham 11pm.

5th May 2009 Tuesday

  • (3) Chelsea vs. Barcelona UCL Semi Final 2

6th May 2009 Wednesday

  • Arsenal vs. (4) Manchester United UCL Semi Final 1

9th May 2009 Saturday

  • (5) Manchester United vs. Manchester City 11pm.
  • West Ham United vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • Arsenal vs. (4) Chelsea 11pm.

13th May 2009 Tuesday

  • (6) Wigan Athletics vs. Manchester United 4am.

16th May 2009 Saturday

  • (7) Manchester United vs. Arsenal 11pm.
  • WBA vs. Liverpool 11pm.
  • Blackburn Rovers vs. Chelsea 11pm.

24th May 2009 Sunday

  • Hull vs. Manchester United 11pm.
  • (2) Liverpool vs. Tottenham Hotspurs 11pm.
  • Sunderland vs. Chelsea 11pm.

27th May 2009 Wednesday

  • UCL Final.

31st May 2009 Sunday

  • FA Cup Final.

With Liverpool out of UCL (yea!!!) thanks to epic battle at Stamford Beach, let c wat will happen in the next few weeks.

MU ader possibility of 11 games to play and out of 11 games ni, MU ader possibility of 9 BIG games utk meneruskan their hunt for the quituple of titles.

Chelsea plak ader possibility of 10 games to play and out of 10 games ni, Chelsea plak ader possibility of 6 BIG games to be play in their own hunt for the 1st treble.

Mcmane plak ngan Liver? Wakaka... Since being knock out of the FA Cup & UCL Cup by a different blue team.... They have ONLY 6 games & out of this 6 games, ONLY 2 consider BIG games utk Liver. Dgn Stevie G injured utk 2 minggu or maybe more due to adductor injury or sakit lutut (aik..x kan atlet pon lutut longgar kot?) mampukah Liver mengembalikan form mereka utk menang semua game? Gua penah ckp mcmane if Stevie G & Torres xder dlm line up Liver, can they play like the way they play recently? I doubt so...

To spice things up, MU, Chelsea & Liver kena berdepan ngan Arsenal which might be an indicator whether that particular team ble beat Arsenal & win the title. Tp from wat I saw from yesterday game btwn Chelsea & Arsenal, I do not think that Arsenal can post a big threat to MU, Chelsea or Liverpool. Reason being is that tho Arsenal are playing a good attacking game of football, tp diorg x ble last smpai 90 min. Furthermore, their defence line up are a makeshift line up as Almunia & Gallas are out of the season. Fabianski look really jaded mase lwn Chelsea smlm. Man mark Walcott, Arshavin & most important Fabregas, will win u the game. Another factor is that Arsenal with their small squad will be stretch to the limit as their remaining matches are BIG games for them.

Tp gua more concern on MU fitness as well as our form. With the most number of games to be play....there r probability that we might drop points. But we do have... Kiko Macheda to save us again and again and I dont know ler smpai bile die ble slamatkan MU.

Starting from tonight, we will see whether MU can live up their title as the reigning Champion of the world or ...not. But as usual... I will cheer for MU all the way.

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