Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Manchester United 3 Aston Villa 2: Trully Theatre of Dreams for Ole's fledglings

Kiko & Ronaldo: The savior of the day

Kiko Macheda? Who? Who the hell is this kid? During Monday reserves game vs. Newcastle Utd, Ole (Gunnar Solsjaer) - MU reserves manager turunkan Kiko Macheda utk keberapa kalinye season ini dan resultnye: Kiko score a hattrick... a brilliant hattrick plak tuh. If korg tgk final score after the MU vs Villa game, ESPN ade tunjuk that particular MU reserve game and show all the 3 goals. No wonder Fergie brani take the gamble utk letak name Kiko dlm senarai pemain simpanan.
Game review: Must win game for MU in order to put their side back in the title race after Liverpool & Chelsea win their game.
After Ronaldo score from Milner backpass blunder. Villa played much better than MU. They control the game..control the tempo and as a result..score 2 great header goal.
If Liverpool fan ckp "alah... setakat Villa..team blasahan kitorg lah. Itupon korg susah nak menang ke?" Gua punye answer senang jer... " Cube korg main tanpa Torres & Gerrard.. then lwn ar the same Villa team that played vs MU..tgk sape ble menang? Brani x korg ckp ble menang? We played without Rio Ferdinand, Wes Brown or Rafael & Berbatov through injury. Without Vidic, Scholes & Rooney through suspension. So in total... without 6 (I mention Wes B or Rafael: so consider 1 player ar) 1st team player against a team desperate to win to kickstart their woefull March winless streak." Gua suruh take out two of your 1st team player sbb pasal due org mamat nih la this season korg tgh main best. If one of this player injures..gua x tau.
After Gabi's goal, gua expect the worst scenario dah...Cuak beb! Then Fergie replace Nani dgn Macheda. "Sape plak ar mamat nih?" gua ckp dlm hati. Then Andy Gray (Skysport pundit) bgtau yg mamat nih score hattrick dlm his previous game vs. Newcastle. Memule tgk mamat nih mmg bersemangat ar kejar bola merata..so expectation is normal ar for MU teenager on his debut game. Mmg mcm tuh. Then Ronaldo score his 2nd goal which draw the game to my delight. Lega beb!
Then...gua nmpk ar semangat MU player semakin menaik. The same spirit shown spt season MU menang Treble & double dulu. Never say die until the final whistle blow..Then out of nothing. From Giggsy pass, Kiko turn the ball a-la yahudi Benayoun then let go a beautiful curler that Friedel mmg x dpt nak tangkap ar. What a goal...
What a goal to kickstart ur career at the theare of dreams. Eventho Kiko is MU 7th striker behind Welbeck, Manucho, Campbell, Teves, Berbatov & Rooney. It shows that MU youth system mmg bagus dr dulu ar..
Now..pop quiz.
Tell me..from the top 4 team in BPL, team mane yg their 1st team plus subs byk local player or raise from the youth system? Spanish armada of Liverpool? Wallcott + 10 foreign Arsenal player or Roman's millionnaire players + Terry, Lampard, J & A Cole? Sendiri mau ingat ar... If betul ar Sepp Blater (Fifa president) akan kuatkuasakan all leagues in the world especially UEFA members to field 6 local + 5 foreign player, masak ar korg!!!
Therefore...Glory glory Man United.
p/s: Mlm ni nak bersengkang mate tgk MU vs. Porto

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