Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Malaysian F1 twilight Race: Marilah berlumba dlm banjir!

Gila...Bodoh dan menyusahkan semua org. Just utk fulfill European audience, FIA sanggup lewatkan Malaysian F1 race to 5pm instead of 3pm normally. Akhirnya hujan lebat turun...trek banjir..almost zero visibility..car skid all over the tracks...total madness!!
Even the drivers pon x suke this kind of race. FIA should consider all aspect especially drivers safety instead of gardening cash from additional audiences. X der drivers... xder race. as simple as that...mmg bodoh.
Just to recap... Ferrari totally mess up all their strategy. Dr qualifying smpai ler race day... As if mcm bebudak punya strategy jer...gaji berjuta2..xkan itu jer the best they can come up with? Just imagine...how the hell kimi going to drive with full wet tyre when the track is hot as hell? Hancur ler tayar jadinyer. Just like Karun Chanduk said (Starsport commentator beside Steve Slater), wet tyre for wet condition..soft or hard dry tyre for dry condition la! If the condition is in between dry & wet..pakai ler intermediate tyre.. ape ler bangangnye..kan x pasal2 jer xder point langsung...
Brawn GP really are showing their real potential to threat Ferrari & McLaren dominance. While BMW Sauber Petronas & RBR Williams are taking their chances very wisely. Since the big two r bz memikirkan bgmana nak reignite their season, the others are taking full advantage.
Its good actually for F1 itself, if not ppl will get bored bcoz of no other competitor beside Ferrari & McLaren.
Cheers for this year F1 season. Its going to be hard to predict who is going to win next race in Shanghai but Brawn GP are starting to pull away from the rest of the pack. So I really hope that Ferrari can reshape & learn from the stupid mistake which they've done at Sepang & Melbourne.
Meanwhile, below are the result from the Sepang F1 banjir race.

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