Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Manchester United 0 Everton 0 (Eve won penalty 4-2): The future MU line up shown to the world

A dejected captain after failing to score for his team
Sungguh ramai anti MU yg lega that MU unable to complete their quintuple dream. But gua x kesah...
As Fergie surprise most of us with his line up for the FA Cup Semifinal with leaving Ron, Rooney, Giggsy & Van Der Sar out of the team line up and Berba, Scholesy, Evra on the bench. It is really clear that Fergie are freshing up the team and giving the younger player their fair share of the game.
Betul that MU kalah the match, but if u watch the game...MU did play well against a full fledge Everton 1st team. and those young MU player x tunjuk langsung their fear of playing at the big stage.
Jgn korg lupa.. after MU won the treble in 1999, the following season MU didnt compete for the FA cup as to many competition that we need to compete...so Fergie made the decision utk skip the FA Cup that season. Reason being senang jer... MU masa tuh tau yg we dont have a big squad like this season.
MU did have 1 penalty appeal yg mmg clearly a penalty when D Welbeck being shove off by Jagielka and Howard. But as Moyes told in the pre match preview that the ref is a MU supporter which is clearly has distract the ref from doing his job. If the penalty being given, maybe the end result will be different, eh?

Contact is the word

Well... since MU are out of the FA cup, MU have 10 games left. Now let show the world what MU are about. Let show the world why MU are on top of the leagues in every season for the past 10 years...


j or ji said...

Man U tak kalah bro..kita cuma tak menang penalti je. Game kita draw 0-0.

line up memang 8 muka kanak-kanak,3 je senior.awal2 gua dah suspect ferguson memang suka camni.bikin panas gamble! hehe

go red devils!

moze said...

Gua dah guna dah ayat lu tu... tp mcm biasa ler anti MU akan ckp "x kira lae mcmane...janji MU kalah" Nmpk sgt diorg ni memuja MU sbb team diorg xder pape nak dibanggakan...hehehe