Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proton New MPV

I believe dat most of u have heard of diz project a.k.a P6-20A model code. Well just to update on the latest development for this project.

Basically Proton are in the midst of what they call prototpye stage-1 now. Expected to hit the market end of Q1 09. For the time being, all development are as per plan (basically with previous regime, their development plan xble pakai). When I saw the mpv for the 1st time, it look like the old Honda Odyssey. It have all the same curve.

But of coz, that is my view. Well Proton are trying to press all their parts suppliers to reduce their part price in order to achieve their target price for OTR RM70k~RM80k!. Definitely 'rakyat' will cheer if the target price are achieveble. But I really hope that Proton wont throw away the quality in order to achieve that target price. If not, ppl will jeer Proton same as before. bcoz ppl has just started to believe in Proton with the good track record of MD Syed Zainal so far.

Below are among the picture which already spreading like virus in this virtual world.

Well if i want to write about this model, it will take me all the pages and of coz will bored u to death..hehe. So.. short & sweet:
Engine: CamPro CPS 1.6l.
Plant location: Proton Medium Vol Factory (MVF) plant Shah Alam.
Transmission: TBA.
Type: 7-seater.
There are some other new models in the pipeline ie Neo SE (With CamPro CPS engine & leather seats + other high-end items), BLM Hatchback, GS41 (Perdana replacement model) & SRM Sedan (Neo Sedan).
So hope that Proton wont falter during the global economic meltdown as I believe a lots of ppl are depending on Proton (& not forgetting other car makers ie Perodua etc.) in order to live.

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