Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why ppl hate Cristiano Ronaldo...or they just adoring his ability?

Last Sunday morning, i watch MU vs. Aston Villa. Well before the match, I believe dat Aston Villa have the potential to break the big 4 as they has defeated Arse nal at their own backyard (No offense, syg...hehe). After the match as Fergie said, Aston Villa are ready to break the big 4 of EPL any time now.

But 1 player (that has always been in the media attention not only due to his dribbling skills, lightning shots & not forgetting outstanding free kick, but his drama of wishing to go to Real Madrid or not or yes or not...) has been kick, tackle, kerumun sampai 2-3 org just to make sure he didnt make the pass or shot. Gosh... ppl really take this boy seriously!

When he left the field (terhencut-hencut), all the anti MU fan mock him and what was his response? No.. not the Cantona kungfu flying kick. He shows his finger showing that he is the nomuro uno.
Of coz Fergie will defend his prize assets. Among his post game sidang media, he says "It depends on what side of the fence you are on really. There has been some criticism today of Ronaldo that he couldn't take it on Saturday.
"I wonder how many people take it when you are walking down the street and so many people hit you over the head with a baton? How many times can you take it? Tell me someone who likes getting abused? Will you please point them out to me.
"I thought he showed admirable courage on taking the ball on Saturday. He always does. He was tackled many, many times, most of the time fairly but there were a few occasions when he didn't get the right decisions.
"That is the mantle you carry when you are a great player. He knows that so he has to get on with it. He is a great player and he is a target for fans. But it is not a problem.''
Well now that u know that im a fan of Manchester United.... but not becoz of ronaldo but for how they play week-in week-out. They just play fantastica football. Not like some team that after scoring 1 goal, they defend with 11 men until the end of the game. Definitely there will be 1 or more outstanding player for that certain period. Before, there was Denis Law, George Best, Mark Hughes, King Cantona, Keano, Beck, Giggsy, and now rooney & ronaldo.
So u guys will be hearing a lots of posts on Manchester United from now on k!
Glory Glory Man United!!

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