Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Proton Inspira: Latest Proton model to hit the road 10.11.10

Lama aku rasa tak update blog ni with Auto industry punya crita, kan? Well, ni aku tgh rajin so aku update story about the new Proton Inspira.
Semua org dah tau yg Proton akan melancarkan model terbarunya, Inspira pada 10.11.10 ini. Dlm blog, suratkabo & other medium berita mengatakan booking utk model ini telah mencecah 1,100 units within 10 days of open for booking. Quite convincing, eh? Tp sebenarnya..baru 990u yg benar2 mendapat tempahan. Mana aku tau? Aku taulah. Tp model ni mmg cantek. Pakkan ar aku xder duit lebih, if ader...dah sambar satu dah.
Just nak update info on this model on my blog eventho dah bersepah info pasal model ni kat serata alam:
  • Inspira is a rebadge model base on Mitsubishi Lancer. Why rebadge? Should u invest around RM700k to sell the finish product at 1.6k per month? Or u rather sign & agreement with Mitsubishi - I take your 2nd latest model of Lancer; rebadge under my name and u take my Exora platform and turn it into your new MPV or IMV segment which will cost me about RM190k? So if korg ni businessman, korg mesti tau yg meniaga ni nak untung, betul tak Perodua?
  • For the 1st phase, only 30% are genuine local content while the rest are KD from MMC. When the 2nd phase start which will be middle of next year, Proton are targetting about 60% of local content for Inspira.
  • Those who own the current Lancer sell by Mitsubishi Malaysia, have no fret! If previously, when you service your car and want to change some part (If your warranty is void or over the requirement), you can get it far cheaper by buying from Proton. I.e: 1pc of Shock Absorber would cost RM6-7oo buying from MMC. From Proton, you can get RM110max and u will get the part on the dot while if you buying from MMC, u need to place an order, pay the deposit and wait for 1 1/2mth to get the parts. Ok....the Inspira are tune by Lotus while Lancer are tune by MMC - mana sama maa! Do u know that Inspira suspension are way better than Lancer. Cuba pk, Lancer buat tune up kat mana? Japan. Inspira buat tune up kat mana? Malaysia. Road condition kat Japan ngan Msia sama ke bai?
  • For RM95,000. U will get a 2.0L car fully equipe with ABS, airbag, tiptronic gear (Mitsubishi transmission of course!) and a lot more gadget. Kena tambah RM6k jer beb nak upgrade dari 1.8L CVT to 2.0L CVT. Ape la sgt.....

So.....I do have high hope for this car. Mesti akan jd cam ape yg jd ngan Wira la dulu. Org mesti beli, then modified jd mitsubishi blk! Tp sebenarnya, x payah nak buat apa, keta ni dah cun beb....

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