Monday, December 20, 2010

Video game: before, now & the future

"Ape main video game ni, bknnya best pon!", aku masih ingat time kecik2 dulu. Masa tu tahun 1990an rasanya. Ayah belikan aku game mcm kat bwh ni....masa ni ler aku start giler main game. Tp bkn aku jer...mak aku & ayah aku pon sama gak. Hehe...

Bagus gak ada video game ni, bole merapatkan hubungan kekeluargaan selain mengisi masa lapang. Aku nak cite pasal video game ni bkn apa....apa yg ader time aku kecik dulu, tgh evolve to not only as a video game, it will shape the future for all activity in house. X caya?

Before that, biar aku tunjukkan evolution video game. Kat atas ni, video game tahun 1990an using cartridge. Then...

pakai floppy disk plak...then came the biggest evolution:

Sony introduce Playstation using compact disc (CD) plak. Maka another evolution pon bermula..

Playstation 1

Playstation 2: Introducing digital video disc (DVD)

Then another evolution plak, but this time come from the video game pioneer, Nintendo when they introduce Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Mcmane nak main? Tgk ler trailer ni

Nintendo bkn je buat big evolution in video game, but simplify & make video game as an exercise tool for those yg xder masa nak jogging or other exercise xtvt.

Then...Microsoft yg nmpk video game have a lot of potential & dont want miss the boat pun introduce their own video game console. They call it

X Box

Kelebihan x box ni, dia ble main game online & multiplayer. Playstation 2 pon ble, but mcm membazir jer coz LAG. X box run more smooth.

X puas ati tgk X box & also nak upgrade their video game platform, Sony introduce Playstation 3 plak....

Playstation 3

PS3 have all Xbox have and more. PS3 run on bluray DVD. Gmbr mmg smooth & real.

Tp, org ramai still prefer Wii coz of the way to play the game. Xbox & PS all using controller/joystick or batang ria (nak tulis gak...huhu), while Wii using nunchuck which more appealing.

So in order to improve its PS3 sales....Sony pon introduce Playstation Move. Which will replace the joystick & similar to Wii nunchuck. Tak caya? tgk ni...

Interesting, kan? Nmpk tak how the video game has evolve. Dari stakat main game jer, it has become an exercise tool jugak.

Then ada lagi ker? Of coz...

Microsoft with the fail attempt to capture the video game fanatic with their Xbox has introduce Xbox 360 almost at the same time with PS3

XBox 360

Mcm sama jer, kan? During the introduction of XBox 360, its rival PS3 very well. Tp mcm aku ckp, ppl are more interested with Wii. So after Sony introduce the Move, Microsoft introduce...

Yup! The name is Kinect (macam kimak plak...huhu) Mcmane function dia? Mcm Wii & Move punya receiver yg detect pergerakan nunchuck tp...Kinect dont detect nunchuck coz Xbox 360 Kinect dont use any controller. You become the controller. X caya? Tgk ni...

This will be the future of video game...
Pas ni semua xtvt ble buat dpn tv with Kinect. Aku mmg teruja abis dgn Kinect. Kinect baru jer release so it will be really really awesome gadget to have. all yg baik tentu ader x baiknya. Yg x baiknya menatang ni, it will make your child x bercampur dgn org. Mcm skrg ni. Mane dah ada bebudak main konda kondi, galah panjang, ketuk ayam & the rest permainan bebudak....They will find friend of coz, tp cuma kwn kat skolah jer...
Pros and cons come in every thing. So depend lah mcmane korg nak adapt to it. Yg penting, aku nak beli Kinect!

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