Saturday, April 23, 2011

Afdal's wedding

Afdal is one of my close cousins. Kitorg share a lot of things during our younger years. Afdal is the eldest son of my pak lang.

Ive told a lot about p lang & his family dlm blog ni earlier. To add to that, afdal is my bestman masa aku kawen dulu. So after my family (& my in law family), keluarga p lang is my next important family. Therefore... U should know how important their family mean to me.

About the marriage. Normally if ada wedding dlm family blah mem aku, wedding involving family m ngah will be the biggest. It involve a lot of guests. It also involve DYMM Sultan Johor to grace the ceremony. But since p lang jadi KSU Kem. Pertahanan, everything about his family become bigger than family m ngah. If m ngah kira peringkat negeri. P lang is peringkat kebangsaan.

Senang kata, Afdals wedding will be the biggest wedding event that keluarga hj. Ahmad have ever organize before. Senarai jemputan? PM, DPM, menteri pertahanan, duta2 negara asing dan a lot of vvip. Mmg takut la kalo tgk list dia.

Enuff said. Jom tgk gmbr plak...

Goodie bag preparation

Majlis pernikahan

Majlis persandingan

Oh lupa. Afdal weds Nur Elaine Lim. She's a saudara baru. Thats why the kenduri buat belah lelaki dulu. Masa kenduri ni ada mix & match between two cultures. Malay & Chinese. Afdal in the morning had to attend the gate crash event. Only then dia bertolak ke masjid utk majlis pernikahan. Then followed by majlis persandingan.

Two weeks after that, reception at Elaine side. Just like other chinese wedding i've been to, Elaine held hers wedding reception at hotel. Cuma this time around, kitorg participate in the tea ceremony gak. Tea ceremony ni kira mcm blessing ceremony for the newly weds from the eldest in the family. By given blessing, diorg gak akan bg gifts as a token of blessing. Namely atuk, nenek, pakcik, makcik and so on.

Part ni yg best.... By given tje newly weds their blessing, the eldest gak akan bg something as a token of their blessing to the newly weds. Mcm barang kemas, ang pau etc. Not only Elaine side, tp pakcik makcik aku pon join gak. Cuma diorg x bg pape la coz not prepared.

Gambar lagi.....

Lupa nak bgtau. Elaine's reception held kat Penang. So P Lang chartered 1 bus for the trip from kl to penang. We stay at the same hotel where the reception held. Bus & accommodation sponsored. Kitorg just dtg bwk perut jer la. Pity that x semua relatives dpt join Elaine's reception. Beside, since the reception buat kat hotel, its rsvp. So x semua bole pergi.

Anyway... I take this opportunity to congratulate Afdal & Elaine for their wedding. Hope diorg cepat dpt babies ( coz its so obvious that p lang & m lang nak cucu base on the way they treat Ayra) & semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat.

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