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Who will be the runners up to champion MU BPL 2011/2012?

Agak arrogant plak title post ni... Hehe. But its the fact. How ever you look at it, atas bawah kiri kanan. It is MU title to lose.

Biasanye aku akan preview each team punya strength and their weakness in order for them to win the title. Then as every season, aku stress the importance of each team to win all games at home, beat the top 6 team the previous season & hitting top form by end March. Tapi season ni a bit different as aku akan preview each team chances to become runners up to MU.

We start with.....


This season the noisy neighbours is the top contender to held United from winning the 20th title.

Season ni akan showcase the real City team under Mancini. They have bought Aguero to reinforce they strikeforce. Dzeko will play a big role this season as Mancini like to deploy 4-2-3-1 formation. And Silva will be their Messi this season.

So lets take a look at City fixtures:

Against top 6:

28th Aug: Spurs (a) 5-1
23rd Oct: United (a)
27th Nov: Liverpool (a)
10th Dec: Chelsea (a)
17th Dec: Arsenal
2nd Jan: Liverpool
21st Jan: Spurs
17th Mar: Chelsea
7th Apr: Arsenal (a)

Last 10 games:

24th Mar: Stoke (a)
31st Mar: Sunderland
9th Apr: WBA
14th Apr: Norwich (a)
21st Apr: Wolves (a)
5th May: Newcastle (a)
13th May: QPR

Kalau tengok dari fixtures City, they have a good fixtures dengan the hardest month will be Dec as they need to face Chelsea at home & Arsenal at Emirates. Their encounter dengan top 6 pon favouring them sebab they play away first to the opponent then main diorang at home. The last ten games pon tak le berat sangat dengan Chelsea, Arsenal and possible title decider with United jer yang possibly the hardest test for City.

The problem with City is their target this season. With Champions leagues as their new hunting ground, its not sure they can focus on their title quest or not. Memang la the squad depth tak perlu dipertikaikan, tapi maintaining the form will be their most important thing they need to consider.

Can they win the title? No. But they will push United hard for all title there is up for grab. No problem for them to become 2nd to United.


Since Kenny Dalglish take over management after Hodgson debacle, dia spent more than £100M untuk reinventing his version of Liverpool. If dulu Benitez bring his Spanish armada, Dalglish has bring british to the team dengan Carroll, Adam, Henderson & Downing. So far, dia suka pakai formation 4-2-3-1 with either Carroll or Suarez main top. But for whatever reason, this season dia kurang deploy Kuyt into his first XI. Kuyt is important as Park JS to United.

Actually Liverpool can post the biggest threat to United quest. Sebab apa? Sebab season ni they can focus on domestic title. Al-maklum la, diorang mana main Champions League let alone Europa league. Hehe

Liverpool vs. the top 6:

20th Aug: Arsenal (a) 2-0
18th Sep: Spurs (a)
1st Oct: Everton (a)
15th Oct: United
20th Nov: Chelsea (a)
27th Nov: City
2nd Jan: City
4th Feb: Spurs
3rd Mar: Arsenal
11th Apr: United (a)
5th May: Chelsea

Last 10 games:

17th Mar: QPR (a)
24th Mar: Wigan
31st Mar: Newcastle (a)
7th Apr: Villa
9th Apr: Blackburn (a)
14th Apr: Fulham
21st Apr: WBA
28th Apr: Norwich (a)
13th May: Swansea

If tengok fixtures Liverpool, Nov. will post their biggest month as they need to play against Chelsea & City. If they manage to get past this hurdle, then it will be great for the team spirit. The only problem is consistency. Its unknown whether Dalglish manage to instill the believe to Liverpool players. If tengok season lepas, selepas beating United 3-0 at Anfield, diorang gagal untuk consistence sampai abis season. Knape ada Everton? Playing derby will be another test to the kops. Yelah, diorang tak banyak playing games, so playing against local derby is another test for them. At home will not be a problem to them, its the away games that might prove tricky. Another factor need to be consider is Steven Gerrard. When he'll fit, how will he play with Charlie Adam. So far, Adam has been influential to Blackpool... eh.. Liverpool.

Where will they finish? 3rd. They can be 2nd if they consistence throughout the season. Champion? Susah sket. Season depan baru bole kot. This season will be their trial season. Dengan domestic title je up for grab, they need to show those kops that they will bring glory back to Anfield.


Andres Villas Boas...

Semuanye up to him. So far they manage to grind the result. Just like what United did every season. If this continue, they may get better position. But the problem is, they are grinding the result at home. Thats the major concern. So far masa preseason, AVB has try 4-4-2 & 4-3-3 in each of their game. Cuma playernye jer rotate. But bile start season, AVB dah tak rotate playernye. And they might stick to 4-3-3 formation. So lets take a look at Chelsea fixtures....

Against top 6:

18th Sep: United (a)
29th Oct: Arsenal
20th Nov: Liverpool
10th Dec: City
20th Dec: Spurs
4th Feb: United
17th Mar: City (a)
24th Mar: Spurs
21st Arsenal (a)
5th May: Liverpool

Last 10 games:

31st Mar: Villa (a)
7th Apr: Wigan
9th Apr: Fulham (a)
14th Apr: Newcastle
21st Apr: Arsenal (a)
28th Apr: QPR
5th May: Liverpool (a)
13th May: Blackburn

Chelsea will face ardouos task masa bulan Dec & Mar. Dalam dua bulan ni, Chelsea need to face City & Spurs. Itu tak masuk UCL game lagi. If by Dec AVB belum dapat his player to play his desire formation & tactics, memang masak ler....

Chelsea face a difficult last 10 games. They need to face City, Spurs, Villa, Arsenal & Liverpool. Itu sebab by Dec Chelsea need to maintain their good form. If not, they will drop out of the title race.

Where they will finish? 4th paling tinggi. It will be hard for Chelsea to fight against United, City & Liverpool this season. With UCL still in contention, AVB need to figure out what is his priority this season. League? UCL? FA Cup? Or maybe League cup pun jadilah? We will see come May 2012.


Arsene Wenger is a good manager. Under his management, he have build the invicibles, he have nurture Anelka, Overmars, Bergkamp, Petit, Veira, Fabregas & perhaps the biggest of them all Thiery Henry to their prime and sell them at least £30M paling busuk. To the Arsenal board, Wenger is the best manager they ever have. Buy cheap, sell mega million. Normally when Wenger sell his player, he already have his back up plan.

But not this time.

Selepas dia jual Fabregas & Nasri, Wenger do not have a back up plan. They are his plan. That is why susah sangat Wenger nak lepaskan dua player ni. Cukuplah aku tulis cerita sedih Arsenal season ni. Jom tengok fixtures Arsenal against top 6:

20th Aug: Liverpool 0-2
28th Aug: United (a) 2-8
2nd Oct: Spurs (a)
29th Oct: Chelsea (a)
17th Dec: City (a)
21st Jan: United
25th Feb: Spurs
3rd Mar: Liverpool (a)
7th Apr: City
21st Apr: Chelsea

The last 10 games:

17th Mar: Everton (a)
24th Mar: Villa
31st Mar: QPR (a)
7th Apr: City
9th Apr: Wolves (a)
14th Apr: Wigan
21st Apr: Chelsea
28th Apr: Stoke (a)
5th May: Norwich
13th May: WBA (a)

Season ni bakal menduga Wenger in how to manage a team in transition. Cesc memainkan peranan yang amat penting dalam setiap gerakan serangan Arsenal. So bile Cesc dah takde, sapa yang ada capability untuk menggantikan tempat Cesc?

Jack Wilshire.

Dialah bakal menjadi nadi arena... Eh. Nadi Arsenal season ni. Dengan dibantu Aaron Ramsey, Arteta & Benayoun, Arsenal mungkin boleh memcabar tempat ke 3.

If ikut schedule, by October kita dah bole tau sama ada Arsenal ada peluang untuk mengacau City & Liverpool daripada menjadi tempat ke 2. Knape October? Sebab Aug & Oct are the month yang bakal menduga Arsenal. The last ten game pon mencabar....

So where will Arsenal finish? My 2 cent telling me that 5th will be the best position they can get. Its up to Wenger and Redknapp to sort out sapa yang paling layak dok tempat ke-5.


This season Spurs are not firing all cylinders. They are not in the same league dengan the rest yang aku dah komen kat atas. It will be good if Spurs can finish 6th dengan recent record taking consideration.

So that is my preview to the season. Where is United preview? United will have a special post regarding their 20th title preview. I might tweak my prediction come March 2012. By then, kita dah ble nampak lebih jelas sapa yang akan finish 2nd to United.

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