Tuesday, October 25, 2011

United 1 - 6 City : Theater of dreams turn to theater of nightmares


Even City player cant believe that they beat United at their own ground by that margin.

Tetiba ramai pulak penyokong City sms & comment @ fb or tweet to me. And i thought they were Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal fan. But of course.... Sapa x nak amik peluang utk bash United fan when their team lost like that.

A lot has been said after the game ended. The shift of power from the red half of Manchester to the blue half. City is now the team to beat in the BPL. How United want to avenge their lost to Barca when their own noisy neighbour can double the score Barca beat them. And etc..

And this is my comment....
It was United worst ever performance even worst than lost to Southampton 6-3 or Newcastle 5-1 or even Chelsea with the same scoreline. Why? The defense played horrible. The midfield lost the ground and lets face it, Fergie got his game plan wrong.

To field Jonny Evans when Phil Jones has shown in recent game that he deserve the CB position is wrong. And Evans of course graduated from the United academy are proven inconsistence has finally put the nail to his own coffin. If i'm Fergie, i will limit his contribution to league cup games or reserves game as he is not worthy of the United jersey. Even Wes Brown is better than him.

United always was and always will under the mgmt of Fergie a slow starter in the league. United will start the ground running come december and hit top form in March onwards. But this year a bit different. Maybe due to the win in the Charity shield over City, United start very....very strong reminiscent of Chelsea last season. And now United are slowing down or in my word - hibernate. From the City game, you can see that half of the team were not performing. Nani, Anderson & Smalling mcm off form. Then the worst came from the senior member of the team - Ferdinand & Evra. Aku rasa Fadhli Shaas lagi bagus dari diorg if considering that performance as a guideline. Only Rooney, Fletcher & Young shown the determination to outplay City.

Welbeck & De Gea played ok. They can up their games but their team mates let them down.

Ape silap game plan Fergie? The formation is ok except for the inclusion of Evans rather than Jones. United did control the game in the 1st half. But all changes when Evans sent off. Fergie then change Nani & Anderson with Hernandez & Jones. With that changes, Smalling move to CB, Jones to right back. Fletcher played in the middle of a 3 midfield with Welbeck played in the left flank, Young change side to the right, Rooney become the attacking midfielder & Hernandez played alone up front.

By that time by right, Fergie should do damage limitation by fielding Park instead of Hernandez and change Welbeck with Berba or Hernandez. But knowing Fergie very well, he do not like being defeated by City, he field an attacking minded team rather than soaking the pressure and counter attack. And that is why 3 of the City goal came in the 70 - 90 min.

How about City performance. Lets just say that they capitalize on United bad performance. But I can praise a few of City player that shine during the game. They are Balotelli, Dzeko, Milner, Yaya Toure & of course David Silva. He is City biggest asset to become a challenger to United title as well as Champions league. Mancini is building the team around him. Just like Messi to Barcelona. And I have to admit, that is what lacking in United now.

Its like a nightmare watching United being defeated like that at OT. Nasib baik kalah dengan City with that scoreline. If kalah dgn Arsenal or Chelsea or worst Liverpool with that scoreline, it will be the worst nightmares I will ever have.

But its not the time to push the panic button yet. This is United first defeat of the season anyway. And we are only at the end of October. There are ample of time for the team and especially those who played bad in that game to buck up and show the world that they are way better than that. Fergie will know how to regroup and rise back from the defeat and try not to repeat what has happen to Chelsea last season.

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