Thursday, October 15, 2009

New car models coming our way!

For those who regularly check out Malaysia Automotive news, I believe most of you guys already know what Im babbling about, right?

Come mid November 09, Perodua will finally going to unveil their new model: the MPV. Currently using codename D46T, development of this model are on schedule and by early of Nov, media will be invited to take a peek on the new Perodua baby.

By the look of the photo spreading in the internet, seems like this mpv will definitely will be a hit. Not to forget with the marketing strategy of putting the price below than RM66K, it will definitely will be a major added point for the mpv. Already the selling of other mpv i.e. Avanza and Livina has drop as people are playing wait and see until this mpv launch.

Will it take on Exora market share? Most definitely will do. Among the factors are the price, branding power, and of coz...the engine capacity. Perodua mpv will be using 1.5L engine while Exora are currently using 1.6L engine. Just compare the size of both models, and you'll get what I mean. Having said that, with the recent launching of the new turbocharged CamPro CPS 1.6L by YDP Agung in Lotus HQ in UK, it still 'grey' in term of people reaction when the Exora will be equip with the new 1.6L turbocharge CamPro engine.

Since we're talking about Proton, do they have any new models roll up their sleeves? Other than the recently launch Saga SE, Proton are in the midst of finalizing the Persona facelift. Dont expect to much changes from the current Persona SE. After all its just a 'facelift'.

Is that all from Proton? Nop. Currently Proton are studying in rebadging the current Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L. Sources says that if Mitsubishi Japan approve Proton proposal, we will ber seeing a rebadge Lancer (with Proton badge on it of coz) roll out from Proton plant somewhere mid of next year.

Price? Hey! other question please! hehe.. Well price do play a big factor in current scenario, right? Well.... with local assembly plus local supplier (which are supplying or the vendor technical partners supplying to MMC, of coz!) expecting the price to be in the region RM100K and below. But of coz there is a catch here... It come will lower spec than the Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0L with variance of 1.8L & 2.0L engine.

Other than the rebadge Lancer, Proton are studying on their latest model call Persona R. It will be a complete new Persona. Prototpye stage start 3rd quarter next year with launching expectings somewhere 2nd half of 2011.

How about other brand? Honda are also in the midst of preparing their new Civic. Expecting to hit the road 2nd half next year. Nissan also will be launching their locally assemble Splyphy soon.

I will update the development these models & other new models soon. In the meantime, enjoy your waits for the new Perodua mpv. Heard the model name start with an A... Care to guess?

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