Friday, January 22, 2010

2009 Review

Movie of the year: Avatar. Aku x sempat nak review crite ni. Tp mmg worth it lar tgk Avatar in 3D.

Drama of the year: Heroes. A close one with Chuck and Merlin.

Earth Most Beautiful Babe: Megan Fox. Any one want to argue?

Best Anime: Bleach. There are no other anime that can match Bleach. Period!

Car of the year: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. I still drooling when a red Evo pass by..

Best Hypermarket in term of value: Carrefour.

Best Morning Show (Radio): None. I listen to my Mp3 or Ill sing myself...(sib baek x ujan...wakaka).

Best Sports Achievement: 2009 Sea Games Malaysian Football Team. Given no hope at first but harbouring the 1 Gold Medal that Malaysia were so longing to get. Hail King Raja (Dah King, Raja plak..hehe).

Best Sports apparel: Nike.

Best Novel: The Strain. Cant wait for the 2nd installment of The Strain Trilogy.

Aper lg eh? ... If aku ingat, aku update ar post ni.

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