Thursday, June 03, 2010

Who will win the World Cup 2010?

Ayra pun minat World Cup...actually minat nak renyuk a.k.a koyakkan kertas coz that is her favourite thing-to-do skrg ni.

Back to the subject above... who will win this year World Cup 2010. Utk aku bgtau sapa yg bakal menang this year WC2010, lets dwell to the pass dulu...

Year - Hosts (Continent) - WINNER - Runners up
1930 - Uruguay (S. America) - URUGUAY - Argentina
1934 - Italy (Europe) - ITALY - Czech
1938 - France (Europe) - ITALY - Hungary
1950 - Brazil (S. America) - URUGUAY - Brazil
1954 - Switzerland (Europe) - W. GERMANY - Hungary
1958 - Sweden (Europe) - BRAZIL - Sweden
1962 - Chile (S. America) - BRAZIL - Czech
1966 - England (Europe) - ENGLAND - W. Germany
1970 - Mexico (CONCACAF) - BRAZIL - Italy
1974 - Germany (Europe) - W. GERMANY - Holland
1978 - Argentina (S. America) - ARGENTINA - Holland
1982 - Spain (Europe) - ITALY - W. Germany
1986 - Mexico (CONCACAF) - ARGENTINA - W. Germany
1990 - Italy (Europe) - W. GERMANY - Argentina
1994 - USA (CONCACAF) - BRAZIL - Italy
1998 - France (Europe) - FRANCE - Brazil
2002 - Korea/Japan (Asia) - BRAZIL - Germany
2006 - Germany (Europe) - ITALY - France

Dari list past winner kat atas and of coz the match schedule for WC2010, aku ble buat andaian:

1. If playing outside Europe, it will be either Brazil or Argentina.
2. If playing inside Europe, the winner will be from Europe. Only once, Brazil won the tournament.

So I will say BRAZIL will win the WC2010.

Below are the favourites that aku rasa ader potential ble menang WC2010.


With Del Bosque at helm, byk org letak Spain favourite utk menang this year WC2010 based on how they played, and the current Europe champion will be pressure in order to deliver. Believe or not, if Spain finishing the group stage as group winner, they will be in the final. Against Brazil of course!


Team favourite not becoz they are great, but more becoz of the media coverage, popularity and of coz this time around they got an Italian to make them play more fluid. England is like Hollywood meant for the entertainment to football. Paling jauh bole pegi - Semifinal.


If Guardiola can make Barcelona the best club team probably in the world, then it will be the same with Dunga to Brazil. Mamat nih ble tinggalkan superstar2 mcm Ronaldinho & Diego utk player like Baptista yg Dunga feel can play under his formation that he want to play. Brazil kali ni will be more keras rather than silky skill than before. Probably korg akan dpt tgk Luis Fabiano becoming this year golden boot winner.


They said this Argentina wont pass the 2nd round. Aku rasa diorg salah. Tiap kali team favourite tp media bgtau (& even aku) yg diorg takde harapanlah the most dangerous team. Argentina might be off-form, but they will go far dlm WC2010. Aku expect Argentina to at least reach the semifinal. Argentinian might be hoping that this time, Messi will become the superman for Argentina. As most of us know - Messi play like Clark Kent when playing for Argentina and becoming Superman when playing for Barcelona.

and of fav team for all time. The reigning world champion. Can they repeat the magic of 2006. Susah beb! Although Lippi has come back to coach the world champion, its kinda sad to say that Italy wont win this year WC2010. Aku expect they will lose against USA and finishing the group stage as runners up and paling jauh diorg ble pegi si quarter final.

Itulah prediction aku. But give me a break... Anything can happen in football. Bile group stage abis nnti, aku akan review blk aku punya preview to get better prediction.
Who will you be hoping to lift the cup come July 12? Aku akan tetap sokong Italy. While Erma has decided dia nak sokong Spain. Kita tgk ler nnti sapa yg akan menang.
Whatever it is...lets enjoy the games!
Viva Copa Mundial!

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