Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Malaysia 1st half Automotive Sales for year 2010

As per previous posting, since dah sebok ni...aku jd lembab utk berblogging. Nak update benda ni pon jd lembab. So... for those automotive enthusiaste, here we go...

  • Perodua remain Malaysian favourite car brand.
  • However, Proton Saga has taken the pole position from Myvi. Maybe due to the introduction of Alza, the sales of Myvi has drop due to people splitting on buying Alza or Myvi. Sorry for the photo above yg x clear.
  • Ape cite baru dlm auto world. At last....Savvy will be phasing out somewhere in 1st qtr next year. This model is nice but i guess due to the model code that it use was Proton's failure model - Tiara (Savvy model code TRM or Tiara Replacement Model). So the sales also not so good.
  • Proton also will launch its facelift model for Saga in November. Then...the most anticipated launch of Waja Replacement - based on Mitsubishi Lancer X. The photo? as below.. but not the real photo tho....

  • Proton will launch the new Waja end of this year. With the introduction of the new Waja, the current Waja will phase out in order to make way for the new model. Price? Below than RM100k for 2 variance: 2.0L & 1.8L.

  • Then Perodua also will phase out the current Myvi in order to make way for the full model change of Myvi. Launching date? Not so sure yet but most probably will be end of next year.
  • Proton also will launch the Persona replacement end of next year. This model also will replace the current model definitely.

Ape lagi eh...? Kira2nya our automotive sector are blooming. Ramai rupanya rakyat Msia ni yg membeli kereta baru which mean that our economy is doing better than expected. If not, xkan auto sales ble increase compare to last year? Itu x campur those new grades yg beli their 1st car.

Aku pon harap the auto industry will bloom & better than the year before. Yelah...since aku kan kije dlm auto industry, of coz ar aku nak auto industry and of coz Malaysian economy to improve significantly.

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