Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Fall: 2nd book of The Strain Trilogy review

I've bought the book on 24th Sept 2010. A few days after the worldwide release on 21st Sept 2010. It takes me a few days to finish the book. So how was it compare to the 1st book? Here is the review:

The Fall start from where The Strain left off. After Eph upload the video of 1 of the vampire and what they do onto the internet, it seems like most of the viewers are more sceptical rather to be scared of what they bare witness. So basically nothing changes eventhough trouble are brewing in the New York City.

The Master manage to escape from being killed by Prof Setrakian, Goodweather & Fet in the ray of dawnlight (surprisingly). However his human body has start to fail him. So in Gabriel Bolivar; his first few pioneer, who now become The Master most trusted ally who he will move his soul into him.

Setrakian, Eph, Nora, Fet & Zack need to find way how to stop the vampires from moving from the island of New York City to the mainland (Vampire cannot move on water from 1 plain to another i.e. crossing a river) and they need to find it fast as most of the new yorkers are no longer human anymore.

Another character: Augustin Elizalde @ Gus was being 'approach' by the others: The Ancient who are getting piss off with what The Master has done so far. The Ancient have requested Gus to be their daylight hunter in order to stop the madness from spreading throughout the world. With their endless power and wealth, they will assist Gus to stop the madness. Gus with his new found confidence couple with his grudge to what had happen to his mom, has manage to unite all the gangsters downtown by giving them what they know best: opportunity to kill as well as get whatever that they capture.

All of them finally come together to stop all the vampires before the vampires reach the mainland. Unfortunetely, the Master are not that dumb...

With the help of his slave: Eldritch Palmer, the Master manage to use him to gain control of New York through Palmer's endless wealth by activating the Nuclear Power plant for 1 main purpose. To start the Night Eternal. Not only that, the first incident that created all this, happen again at all major airport around the world; Heathrow, Narita, Munich etc. serving as a sign that the Master have manage to spread his alligience throughout the world.

So how actually to kill the Master, after all known ways to kill a vampire has fail? This is where Occido Lumen: an ancient book that tell where the Master as well as all the Ancients came from, thus telling how to kill the Master. Only that the book came with a very...very high price.

The Fall ends when all the nuclear reactor in the world explodes sending clouds of dusts into the air making the sun no longer able to penetrate through the clouds of dust thus the world no longer see daylight - a perfect epilogue for the third book: The Night Eternal.

The Review: Worth every penny that I spent to buy the book. Eventhough the plot are no longer as fast as the first book, the storyline as well as the prologue in betweenn the story to clarify where the two main character came from; The Master and Prof Abraham Setrakian. Unfortunetely, one of them have to die in the 2nd book making the final book more unbearable to wait for.

I've give 5 out 5 just like the 1st book.

Just my 2 cent.

Enjoy reading the book!


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