Wednesday, October 20, 2010

He's leaving...

I did write a post saying that he is the best player in the world. But now.. It seems like he might be the best player in the world for another team.. Not Manchester United.

Yea.. Im talking about Wayne Rooney.

Fergie.. In his most open statement about Rooney, say that Rooney wont sign the new contract which make him the highest paid player in United history & be a United player for life. And to complicate the matter, this issue has been drag from last year- to be more precise-after the Bayern game in Old Trafford.

So.. It is not a good story at all for us MU fans. Not only that, MU now are facing possibility of becoming an average team compare to Chelsea & Man City if the matter getting out of hand.

I believe the current team know what happening & Fergie will use his vase experience to make sure United wont falter as United is not a 1 player team.. United are a the team.

With or without Rooney, United still can survive the big 4. Only that, it will be more harder to win back the title.

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