Monday, May 30, 2011

BPL Season 2010/2011 in review

Yes... Its finally over. Yg best pasal season ni is MU win the title! Plus recording a new record of 19th title eclipsing the historian Liverpool record.

Tp sebelum tu, lets go back to my preview before the season start....

I wrote that if a team want to be a champion, they need to have 4 criteria:

1. Win against the previous top 5.
2. Win all your home game & dont lost away games.
3. Win all the games against the lauk team.
4. Hit top form when the last 10 games arrive.

Well MU certainly fit the bill firmly. How about my prediction for the top 6?

1. Manchester United.
2. Chelsea.
3. Arsenal.
4. Manchester City.
5. Tottenham Hotspurs.
6. Liverpool.

1. Manchester United.
2. Chelsea.
3. Manchester City.
4. Arsenal.
5. Tottenham Hotspurs.
6. Liverpool

X larik jauh kan? Pandainya aku predict. Nasib je sebenarnya...

Actually aku x expect that MU will win with a big margin of 9 points. Tp semuanya abis bile MU won over Chelsea at OT early May. Lepas tu Chelsea just collapse. Aku gak x expect Arsenal selepas a miserable March bole collapse terok gile. Iyela, dr in the running for quadruple title, bole jadi team hancur lebur. Tp at least all gooners bole seronok sbb dpt beat MU kat emirates.

Habis la season 2010/2011..... Tp harus di ingat yg Copa America plak menjelang tiba. Tp x ramai sebenarnya yg layan Copa. Termasuk aku. Hehe. Jumpa awal season depan utk the next preview of season 2011/2012 plak.

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