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Barcelona 3 - 1 Manchester United : Barca is the best team in the world

Face it.... When we saw that United going to face Barca in the final.... All people are guessing how are United going to stop Barca. All of them forgetting that this United is not the best United team ever assembled. Yet we manage to be the champion of England. So it will definitely be hard for United to beat Barca.

Dlm preview aku, aku ckp United ble menang if they played as I mention. Tp United gagal main as per the game plan.

The line up in the preview was like this

But in the final... This was the 1st xi

Sorry for wrong name for United RB. It should be Fabio instead of Rafael.

There is a few surprise coming from the Barca first XI. Eric Abidal came in left back and Villa switch place with Pedro. With this changes, Guardiola are using the same formation in 08/09 final with Villa replacing Eto'o place and Pedro replace Henry's. United field their expected first XI.

The game start same like 08/09 final with United pressing Barca early & high up front. And again... United unable to maintain their plan and Barca gain from United personal error from Evra & VD Sar.

As Barca start to dominate the game, Fergie had to step in and warn his player that they are playing too deep in midfield & defence. United response immediately with Rooney score the equalizer. As the game continue, it is obvious that Barca has control the match and United.... Well United can only hope for some miracle to happen.

As I mention, 2nd & 3rd goal came from individual error from VD Sar & Carrick. 2nd goal was purely VD Sar fault & the latter was due to Carrick unable to clear the ball quickly thus leaving space in his defensive midfielder position for Villa to swerve a beautiful curler to kill the game.

With Giggs trade place with Park, it leave Alves plenty of place to attack United left field. So the best team won the match. Kudos to Barca as well for not play acting in their dives or tackle reactions. It also worth taking note that United manage to finish the game with 11 player not like other adversary.

So how exactly to stop Barca?

Other than what I mention in my preview, United need to have somebody up front like Benzema or if Rooney to play as the lone striker... Then United need to have Ashley Young or Sneidjer. And another position need to take care off is defensive midfielder. If that is the case.... Then Rodwell will fit in prefectly.

So when Barca is the best team in the world... Which team can beat Barca?

1. Real Madrid - With Mourinho at the helm... Like at Inter... His 2nd season will be the time when finally Real will win title.

2. Manchester United.

3. Others.

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