Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The X Men First Class review

After waiting for a descent movie to watch (aku kan cerewet bab tgk movie kat cinema), alas it came in the form of X Men prequel : X Men First Class.

The story revolve on 4 main character that will shape the future of mutants and humankind. This is the story of Charles Xavier (Prof. X), Raven (later will be known as Mystique), Eric Lehnsherr (Magneto) & Sebastian Shaw - the man that made Eric turn into Magneto.

The story start with focussing on the pain of Eric when his mum being kill in front of him ordered by Sebastian Shaw. This will be the reason why Eric became so obsess to kill Sebastian Shaw thus his hatred towards humankinds. Then we are introduce to the young & charming Charles who befriend with Raven. Charles uses his gifts to flirt with girls, as well for good things.

As Eric grow older and wiser controlling his power. He take in quest to find Sebastion Shaw ala James Bond. As Shaw are preparing to let two nation fight against themselves and reap benefit from the war, Xavier & Lehnsherr join forces to learn about their power and defeat Shaw evil plan.

Seriously this is a good movie if you are following the x men comic/anime. The best part is when Eric with the help of Charles manage to float the submarine on air, how Eric part way with Charles to set up his own Brotherhood of mutants which Raven follow and of course... How Charles become paralyze.

A great movie to watch. Pity that I cant watch in 3D. I'd give 4/5 stars.

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