Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Movie Review: Transformers 3 : Dark of the moon

VThe most anticipated movie of the year has finally arrived. I was thinking of watching the movie in 3D, but when I think of how Ayra going to watch the movie without the 3D glass... Me & Erma opt to watch in 2D instead.

Recap through TF2, Sam have 'downloaded' prime language accidently which if you remember, he did mention of the arrival of Sentinel Prime crash landed on the moon. The Revenge been killed by Optimus & Megatron who are so badly damaged retreat away cowardly. So basiccally, TF3 is about Sentinel Prime and his capability and will happen to Earth once Autobots being ask to leave planet Earth.

Sentinel Prime was the leader of the Autobots who try to 'save' some kind of Autobots weapons which was the only hope to win the war on Cybertron many years ago. Unfortunetely, Sentinel Prime ship aka The Arc crash landed on the moon.

TF3 exploited this event as the reason why US & Soviet were so keen to see who can send men to the moon first. As Neil Armstrong reach the moon, he have another mission. To report what has crash landed on the moon. He saw the Arc and bring back some evident from it. Soviet, unable to send men to the moon, have another plan. Sending their Lunar 3 & 4 to record sighting on the moon. But it all stop somewhere in the mid '70s without a concrete reason.

As the Autobots & men continue their mission to hunt down Decepticons, an event in Chernobyl trigger a chain reaction on the secret of the moon expedition when Optimus Prime found parts of the Arc engine that has long being sought after.

Feeling betrayed by men, Optimus demand the truth. And of course once the truth reveal, the Autobots flew to the moon and found Sentinel Prime and the 5 pieces of the pillers which is the weapon that can save Cybertron.

After reviving Sentinel Prime using his Matrix of leadership, with the help of Sam & Simmons, Optimus Prime found out why Sentinel Prime crash on the moon and what part left to play for the evil Megatron.
If you think that Sam, Lennox and the rest only have good relationship with the Bots? Think again as human are also have relationship with the Decepticon. Enter Mr. Gary (Patrick Mcdreamy Dempsey) who enhirate the relationship with the Decepticons from his father.

And how can I forgot the love of Sam's life, his new girlfriend - Carly (Rosie Huntington). Carly is Sam's girlfriend in the actual cartoons or anime before. Unfortunetely, I still missing Mikaela. Lol.

The plots were good. Even better than the TF2. But for me, TF2 still the best overall. I do not know whether there will be another TF movie as during the ending, Megatron has died.

A few comment from me about TF3:

1. Autobots look so weak, only Optimus look so strong. By right, there are a lot of strong Autobots. Unfortunetely in TF3, there were 9 Autobots only. While Decepticon have all their resources, they still have.

2. Same plots. Autobots lose first and then won the battle.

So out of 5 stars, I give 4/5. Ive watch in the Platinum suites & 2D. So my mission now is to watch the movie in 3d.
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