Sunday, July 04, 2010

WC2010: Sapa ntah akan menang.. Aku tak ble predict!

Will it be the Germans?



Or Uruguay?
How about I give some numbers?
Holland - P-5 W-5 D-0 L-0 GF-8 GA-2 Pt-15
Germany - P-5 W-4 D-0 L-1 GF-13 GA-2 Pt-12
Spain - P-5 W-4 D-0 L-1 GF-6 GA-2 Pt-12
Uruguay - P-5 W-3 D-2 L-0 GF-7 GA-2 Pt-11
*Data from the WC2010 in South Africa.
If taking history of WC into consideration, there is no WC champion lost during the final tourney. So it will make Holland & Uruguay fit the bill.
Then there is another thing to consider, all WC champion never leaks more than 3 goals during the finals tournament. So it still Holland & Uruguay fit the bill.
And last but not least, if history take into consideration again, no European country become WC champion on foreign soil. So it will be Uruguay who will win the WC2010.
If thats become true, Uruguay will create the biggest upset the WC have ever see.
But again...WC2010 has create a lot of surprise. So do not count Uruguay out of the contention just yet. And maybe that WC2010 will create a new history that a European country win on a foreign soil.
Mcm title post ni, aku seriously tak tau sapa yg bakal menjadi juara WC2010. All 4 country got their own pro's & con's. Tp aku rasa la kan, mesti ramai yg dah write off Uruguay awal2. And mesti ramai yg predict the final will be between Germany vs. Holland or Spain vs. Holland. Aku plak rasa Uruguay vs. Spain for the final and Spain will win the WC2010.
Whatever it is, this WC2010 is really facinating to watch. Next post, I will review the star of the tournament selepas any 1 of the 4 country win the cup.
For the time being.....just enjoy the greatest game in the world. May the best team win.

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